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Monday, 6 September 2021

At the Bus Stop.

Linda waved goodbye to Mr. Lee her neighbour and walked off to the bus stop, the mild breeze causing her skirt to dance about at the very top of her thighs.

Linda thought back to the day she told her daddy what Mr. Lee did to her every time they were in the lift together alone.

"Darling," her daddy had replied, "you have beautiful breasts that you shouldn't be ashamed of."

"It's only natural for people to want to look at them or touch them. After all, that's why we spend quality time massaging them every day don't we? So that they will never sag and will always remain perky and you won't ever have to wear those ugly bras. If anyone wants to touch your breasts, you should let them."

Linda had nodded at her father's wisdom, happy that he did not have a problem with Mr. Lee touching her tits, after all, it did feel pretty good.

"But Daddy," Linda asked, "what if he wanted to touch me in other places too?"

"Sweetie, every part of your body is as beautiful as your breasts. Inevitably, men and women alike will want to touch you. Just remember the two golden rules; they musn't look up your skirt and they will have to have your permission before touching your pussy or asshole."

"So Daddy, I just push them away and tell them off if they tried?"

"That's right Darling." Linda's father had confirmed.

Linda was so caught up in her recollections that she did not notice that her skirt was flying up as she walked along to the bus stop. Drivers speeding past, turned to stare at the luscious girl, wondering if that was a bare pussy they saw or just some skin coloured panties.

Linda reached the bus stop before she finally realised what the wind was doing to her outfit. She blushed slightly and held her super short skirt down demurely. She cast her eyes about to see if anyone had noticed and she saw a young man in office wear staring at her legs and skirt, as if willing it to fly up again.

"Oops, I guess he did look up my skirt!" Linda thought to herself, mentally counting off "1".

Linda's mind went back to the past again as she remembered her daddy's first golden rule.

"Darling," he had said, "You must always do your best not to let any man or boy look up your skirt, it's terribly rude. If they look up your skirt, they will be able to see your panties. However, there is a proviso to that rule; your knees must never touch, whether you are standing, sitting or lying down."

"But Daddy," LindaMichelle had replied, "my skirts are so short! It'll be so difficult to prevent myself from being exposed!"

"Sweetie, that's the challenge. It's not the results that matter, it's the trying. You just do your best and don't make it too easy for them."

Linda smiled at the memory and continued to hold down her 10 inch long skirt against the playful breezes that morning.

The office worker looked at the incredibly sexy body in front of him and thought;

"Fucking tease! You want to dress like a slut and still want to hold down your skirt like a virgin? I'll fuck you one day! I'll tear that fucking short skirt off and fuck that hot pussy of yours!"

The man looked up from the skirt and at LindaMichelle's thin white blouse.

"Fuck man, she's not wearing a bra either! What a fucking slut! Check out those nipples man!"

His eyes rose further up to contemplate her face.

"Wah laaan... fucking chio lahhh." (My dick! She's damned pretty) "Fucking hot man! Perfect body, perfect legs, perfect cunt, perfect tits AND a perfect face!" "Why the hell can't I get a girl like that?"

As the feeder bus approached, Linda took her hands off her skirt to take out her EZ-link card and the lightweight material of her skirt flipped up again. She quickly held it down with one hand.

The office man's eyes narrowed; "A real fucking tease, want to hold down then dun wear so short lah!" he thought to himself.

Suddenly an idea formed in his head and he quickly took out his mobile phone and switched it to video mode.

The feeder bus came whooshing to a stop, causing Linda's hot pink skirt to expose her firm bottom, although she gamely held down the front.

The office guy quickly took up position behind her as the bus door opened and he placed his mobile phone at the best angle to film up her tiny skirt.

Totally innocent and unaware that guys were capable of such antics, Linda took a big step up to the bus, her pussy lips parting as she did so.

Later, the office guy would review his video and masturbate to the wonderfully hot image of her hairless slit.

The bus door closed and the bus moved off to the regional interchange where Linda would catch a connecting bus to her university.

Mr. Lee the Neighbour

As Linda left her house, her neighbour Mr. Teo quickly looked up from his morning newspapers. Every morning, he'd position himself on his sofa with the front door wide open, presumably to let in the morning breeze.

Mr. Teo was not disappointed this morning as he caught an eyeful of bare delectable ass as LindaMichelle spun on her heels after locking her door of her 5 room flat in Clementi. He craned his neck to watch her incredibly sexy legs and swaying bottom as she strutted down the common corridor to the lift. Mr. Teo sighed and rearranged his stiff cock, returning to his papers but imagining himself fucking that delicious piece of ass.

Another neighbour eagerly anticipating Linda's daily flesh parade was Mr. Lee, a 55 year old taxi driver. Mr Lee had known Linda since she moved into the block of flats when she was 15, then already incredibly sexy and full of promise.

As it happened back in 2016, Mr Lee and Linda shared the same lift many times as they set off for work and school respectively as similar times. Mr. Lee would surreptitiously glance at her stiff nipples poking out of her school uniform and would wonder how her father could allow her out of the house like that. He also wondered how she got away with so blatantly showing off her then already defined buxom (in that thin white school blouse) at her secondary school.

Mr. Lee would chat with LindaMichelle as they descended in the lift and he would offer to send her to school in his taxi. Linda would always give him the sweetest smile and politely decline saying that her school was only a few bus stops away. Mr. Lee would wave goodbye to her and watch her walk gracefully away in her modified school skirt (which was way shorter than school guidelines permitted) and shake his head in wonder...

Then in 2018, Mr. Lee was driving along River Valley Road one night when he slowed down to stare at a hot young lady in a light yellow blouse and super short flared canary yellow skirt. As he got closer, he admired the long slim perfectly tanned legs in the mini skirt and high heels. To his pleasure, the girl turned at the sound of his taxi and flagged it down.

Mr. Lee cheered in the silence of his mind, eagerly anticipating the girl to give him a good zaogeng view up her skirt as she entered his cab.

The girl opened the door and clambered into the taxi, exposing her perfectly hairless pussy as she did so, too drunk to even notice that the perverted taxi driver was staring right into her crotch.

The girl slammed the door, extinguishing the cabin lights, Mr Lee sighed and fixed the image of those legs and cunt in his mind, hardly able to wait till she reached her destination and the lights could come on so that he could have another glimpse to masturbate by later that night.

"Uncle, Clementi Ave 5 please" came a familiar voice.

Mr. Lee sat stunned for a few moments, not believing his ears.

"Uncle, Clementi Ave 5 please, you know how to go or not?" the familiar voice slurred slightly.

Mr. Lee turned about to peer at the hot babe seated in the dimness of the rear cabin.

"Linda? Is that you?" he asked, his eyes taking in whatever details he could in the low light.

"Mr. Lee? Haha! What a surprise! " Linda giggled. "Take me home Mr. Lee, you know where!"

Mr. Lee nodded and started the taxi on its way, adjusting the rear view mirror to see if Linda was ok.

"Aren't you a little too young to drink Linda?" Mr. Lee asked.

"Oh Mr. Lee, I just turned 16 today, my friends brought me to Mohd. Sultan to celebrate! The bouncers didn't even ask for my ID."

(Author's note: 16 is the age of sexual consent in Singapore and Mohammed Sultan Road is a strip of popular discos and pubs in the island city)

"Not surprising considering how sluttily you are dressed, the bouncers would have been falling over themselves to let you in!" Mr. Lee thought to himself.

"Why didn't your friends send you home?" Mr. Lee asked aloud.

But there was no response as LindaMichelle had fallen asleep, overcome by the alcohol. Mr. Lee adjusted his rear view mirror again, glancing at her stiff nipples and slightly parted legs everytime a street light illuminated her body.

When the taxi reached Linda's apartment block in Clementi, Mr. Lee parked the cab and opened the rear door to wake up the sleeping beauty. He shook her gently, calling her name, but she was knocked out cold.

As he shook her arm harder, her blouse which had been gaping open fell away to reveal her braless tits and long stiff nipples. Mr. Lee paused for awhile, gazing at the incredibly sexy sight in front of him.

"My goodness! No bra and no panties! In such revealing attire! She's fortunate she flagged me down before she got raped!" Mr. Lee thought to himself.

"Linda, wake up!" Mr. Lee tried again, shaking the sexy young thing again, causing her firm teenage tits to move invitingly. Still no response.

Mr. Lee looked at the babe again, unable to believe that all his taxi driver fantasies could come true that very night. He stopped himself, reminding himself that she was underage.

"Wait a minute, what was that she said just now? Oh! She's already 16!" Mr. Lee recalled.

Just then Linda sighed slightly in her stupor and shifted her position, causing both her boobs to become visible, both her pretty light brown nipples seeming to beg for attention.

Mr. Lee lost his self control at that point at started to fondle the breasts of the 16 year old darling in the back of his taxi cab. He massaged her tits, unable to believe his luck. He grabbed the deliciously tanned flesh and moulded it with his calloused hands. When he lightly grabbed her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, Linda sighed and opened her pretty pink lips.

"Damn! I'd like to fuck that mouth!" Mr. Lee said to himself, his cock rock hard.

He continued fondling her tits and twisting her nipples, observing how her legs would spread further and further apart, every time he played with her nipples. Her skirt by then was almost up to her waist, her pussy was glistening wet and her legs were splayed out wide.

Mr. Lee jumped slightly in shock when suddenly Linda's sleepy voice sounded. "Mmmm.. that feels good Mr. Lee..."

Mr. Lee quickly pulled his hands away and said; "Oh you are awake, come let's get you home."

LindaMichelle nodded sleepily and allowed her neighbour to help her out of the cab, not noticing that his eyes were staring at various exposed parts of her lithe teenage body.

In the lift, Linda staggered and collapsed against Mr. Lee and he quickly carried her in both arms, one hand around her torso and on her right boob and the other supporting her firm naked bottom.

Mr. Lee could not resist feeling her up as he carried the slim girl back to her flat, where he set her down and rang the doorbell.

Linda's father Tom, opened the door and raised an eyebrow at the sight of his neighbour and his dishevelled daughter. "Thanks for bringing her home, Lee."

Mr. Lee nodded, wondering if Tom knew what he had seen that night. "Probably..." he thought.

The next morning, Mr. Lee and Linda shared the same lift again, travelling down from their homes on the 17th storey.

"Daddy told me that you brought me home last night Mr. Lee..." Linda ventured. "But I don't remember anything..."

Mr. Lee could never understand why he did what he did that day, but he reached out his hands and started to fondle LindaMichelle's braless tits through her thin school uniform and asked; "Do you remember this?"

Linda's eyes went wide, looking adorably vulnerable as he continued to fondle her firm breasts. She swallowed hard but did not resist him as he roughly pawed at her buxom till the lift reached the first floor. Mr. Lee turned and walked out of the lift as the door opened, leaving Linda with her pretty mouth and eyes opened wide and her chest heaving.

Back to the present.

As Linda waited for the lift to ascend to the 17th floor, she felt Mr Lee's rough hands grab her breasts from behind.

"Good Morning Linda."

"Good Morning Mr. Lee." Linda replied.

Mr. Lee continued to feel her tits and as the lift reached their level, even yanked open the blouse to pinch her braless nipples.

Linda gasped in pain and pleasure and her pretty pink lips parted sexily.

Mr. Lee shoved her into the lift and continued to squeeze her boobs and tug on her nipples, her blouse opened wide. Despite his fetish with her breasts, Mr. Lee never once touched her anywhere else although she had her legs parted invitingly wide. It seemed to be some line he was unwilling to cross, despite 3 years of almost daily fondling in the lift.

As the lift's chime announced the first floor, Mr Lee smiled as Linda rearranged her blouse to hide her painfully erect nipples and rearranged her skirt. He bade her a good day and she sashayed her way out of the lift, unconsciously waggling her ass as she walked.

"Fuck that skirt is short!" Mr. Lee thought as he watched her walk gracefully to the bus stop, marvelling at how she could be so unaware of her incredible sexuality...

Getting ready for school

 The alarm rang at 7am and Linda sleepily hit the snooze button. When the alarm sounded again, she hit the "off" button and lazed for a few minutes in her soft cotton sheets.

As she lay there, she absently toyed with her sensitive nipples, bringing them erect to their full length. Her pussy spasmed at the gentle tugs and tweeks on her nipples and her legs spread naturally apart...

Linda allowed her left hand to drift down between her legs to rub her hard little clit while she continued to pinch and twist her nipples with her right. Her slutty body immediately responded to the erotically lewd touches and her lithe tight teenage body was soon on the edge of an orgasm...

As she felt herself approaching the edge, Linda gave her nipples a good hard pinch and twist and her legs spread apart as far as they could go and she allowed herself to climax. She bit her lower lip to stifle her moans as wave after waves of pleasure washed over her and washed away the last vestiges of sleep...

Feeling fully awake, she hopped out of bed and sashayed to the shower, her firm B cup tits bouncing softly.

After her shower, she put on a pair of pink 3inch heels and walked naked out into the dining room where her father was having breakfast.

"Good morning Daddy!" Linda sang in her musical voice.

Linda's father, Tom looked up from his newspapers at his precious daughter and his face lit up in a smile as his eyes took in her unblemished naked beauty and physical perfection.

"Good morning to you too, sweetheart!", he replied, "Some cereal?"

"No thanks Daddy, I'll grab a bite later in school."

Linda hopped into her daddy's lap to give him an open mouthed kiss as he fondled her firm teenage boobs the way he did every morning since she was 13.

Linda sat with her back against her daddy's chest as he expertly massaged her breasts, he toyed with her nipples, rolling them about between his fingertips, causing her to arch her back and thrust out her boobs.

LindaMichelle closed her eyes and savoured the sensation of those large, rough and strong hands on her sensitive breasts. As if they were somehow connected, each pull, pinch, or twist of her nipples caused her long slim legs to spread further and further apart.

Tom looked down over his daughter's shoulder and heaving bosom at her perfectly smooth cunt and wondered who would be lucky enough to have a glimpse of it today. As if suddenly remembering something, he gave her nipples one last hard twist that caused her to stifle a yelp and said;

"Ok sweetheart, that's enough for today",

Linda gave her daddy another open mouthed kiss and climbed off his lap.

Her father patted her pert bottom saying, "Now why don't you change and show daddy what you'll be wearing to school today?"

Linda happily agreed and with her heels clicking on the parquet floor, she skipped off to her room where she had laid out her sexy outfit for the day.

Linda put on some light makeup onto her breath-takingly beautiful face then walked to her bed.

"I'm sure daddy would love this skirt," she thought to herself as she picked the tiny piece of pink fabric up from the bed, "he always loves the way my legs look in such skirts!"

Linda carefully stepped into the skirt and pulled it up her long slim legs and zipped it up around her tiny waist. The light-weight flared skirt was a soft pink that was slightly translucent in the right light and was no more than 10inches long. From below that insanely short skirt, her perfectly tanned and slim legs glowed with satin smoothness.

Linda did a twirl in front of her full length mirror and noted how the skirt would fly up to expose her naturally hairless pussy,

"Oops! I better be careful today with this skirt!"

She then slipped on a sleeveless blouse made of thin white cotton that clearly showed her hard brown nipples beneath. The blouse's style was short and ended just below Linda's rib cage to show off her firm stomach and tiny waist. Linda then buttoned 2 out of 4 buttons (her daddy said she could do a maximum of two buttons on any article of clothing), exposing a generous amount of her beautiful cleavage.

Linda looked at herself critically in the mirror and shook her shoulders slightly to see if her tits would pop out of her top. No, it wouldn't be too easy to expose herself in this top. "Unlike some others..." she thought to herself, pouting.

Linda dressed in her thin white top, super short flared pink skirt and pink 3 inch heels and nothing else, sasahyed out to the dining room to show her father her outfit for the day.

Tom looked up again at his daughter as he heard the clicking heels announce her approach.

He smiled as he noted how the skirt flipped up to afford occasional glimpses of her bare pussy and how her firm braless breasts jiggled ever so slightly in her sleeveless top. Tom nodded approvingly at how his daugther never failed to stick to his "Only 2 articles of clothing" rule, ever since she entered university.

"Well daddy? How do I look? You like my outfit?" Linda spun around for her father's judgement.

Tom's eyes opened slightly wide as he saw how easily that skirt could flare in the lightest breeze and how easily his daughter could expose herself today.

"Turn around and bend over." Linda's daddy instructed.

LindaMichelle obediently bent at the waist and touched her toes.

Her daddy noted how her ass and pussy were totally on display in that position and smiled. He walked around to the front and looked at her firm breasts which had spilt out of her blouse. He gave her exposed nipples a quick tweak and said,

"Ok darling, very very nice outfit. Perfect." "The skirt flares quite easily so remember to be careful not to let anyone look up your skirt."

"Ok daddy!" Linda replied, happy that her father approved of her dressing choice. "I'm off to school then!"

"Have a good day Sweetie!" her daddy said smiling fondly.

Linda grabbed her purse and happily left the house, not before flashing her father again as she closed the front door.

The Wedding Dinner

 When LindaMichelle and her cousin Timothy arrived at their table, she realised that she had a bit of a problem.

The skirt that she wore was very short and furthermore, it was designed in such a way that the sides of the dress were longer than the centre, and when she sat down, the flowy sides of the dress fell away and the centre part rode up.

LindaMichelle's entire satin smooth pussy was on display and the way the dress was made, there was simply not enough material in the right places to cover it at all.

To make matters worse, Linda's father had made a rule that her knees must never touch. So there she sat, with her knees a hand's width apart and the centre part of her hemline nearly at her waist, exposed for anybody close by to see.

Linda gasped loudly as she looked down and saw how much was on display. Tim who was seated next to her, looked down between her legs and clearly saw the pretty silver clit chain draped just nicely between her hairless pussy lips and his cock twitched in his pants.

"There goes the 'Don't let anyone look up your skirt' rule!" thought Tim.

Linda's eyes were opened vulnerably wide and her sexy lips were slightly parted as she looked up at her cousin and blushed.

Before she could reach for the table napkin to cover herself, another of Linda's cousins, seated to her left, looked down and saw the totally lewd display.

"Gawd Linda, you're such a fucking SLUT!" Allison said rather loudly.

"I'm not a slut! How dare you call me a slut!" Linda whispered back furiously.

"What else but a slut would so shamelessly display her fucking cunt for the whole world to see?! You not even wearing fucking underwear, you whore!" Allison retorted.

"Girls, keep it down! Allison, leave Linda alone! That's just the way she is!" Tim said warningly.

"Look, the fucking tramp can't even keep her legs together!" Allison appealed to Timothy. "Don't you ever cross your legs, you slut?"

"It's not my fault that I don't cross my legs!" Linda spun to face Allison, her dress opening up to flash her right nipple and the fact that she was wearing a nipple chain.

"Look at that! You don't wear bras and you have a chain linking your nipples together and you're telling me you are not a slut?" Allison sneered. "You probably flashed a billion people on the way here!"

"Gawd Allison, you're such a total BITCH! You just can't handle it that I'm prettier than YOU!" retorted Linda, barely able to keep her voice down.

"That does it!" fumed Allison. She turned to address the rest of the cousins seated at their table, "Everyone come check this out! Linda isn't wearing any panties, she isn't wearing a bra and she's just flashed me her nipple AND clit piercings and she tells me she's not a slut!"

To Linda's intense embarrassment, the other 5 cousins at her table, 4 guys and 1 girl, got up and came over to inspect Allison's claim.

Linda quickly covered her lap with a napkin but she could do nothing to hide the fact that her stiff, erect and braless nipples were trying to poke their way out of the thin black satin of her dress.

"Don't cover up like some virgin, Linda! Everyone knows what a whore you are!" Allison whipped away the napkin that stood between Linda's tight pussy and 5 pairs of very interested eyes.

The male cousins at the table had always secretly harboured sexual feelings for their fantastically hot cousin and eagerly stared between her legs at her suddenly exposed cunt.

"I don't really see anything.." one cousin quipped.

"C'mon Lin, spread those legs and give us a clear view!" said another.

Linda, red with embarrassment, closed her eyes and shook her head.

Just then the third female cousin at the table grabbed hold of Linda's nipple chain and tugged rather spitefully at it, "Is this really connected to your tits, Lin?"

The sudden tugging of her nipples by the chain had two effects:

First, the two straps that were already barely covering Linda's luscious breasts, shifted position and slid off to the sides, exposing her twin nipple piercings clearly to the awed cousins.

Secondly, Linda's natural (and uncontrollable) reaction to nipple stimulation was to spread her legs. The tug at her nipples sent a nearly electric signal down to her legs and she had to fight hard to keep from opening them.

The female cousin noticed this and slyly tugged at the nipple chain again and again.

Linda bit her lips to prevent a sexy moan from escaping but she could not prevent her long satin smooth legs from springing apart!

All the male cousins at the table nearly fainted at the incredible sight of Linda's perfectly smooth pussy lips, now parted and dripping wet and the delicate silver chain nestled between, all so obscenely framed by Linda's sexily spread-eagled legs.

"Guys!" Tim whispered urgently, noticing that some adults were beginning to wonder what was going on at their table. "This is Angie's big night! Let's not spoil it for her!"

The cousins reluctantly agreed and took their places, but not before one of the boys said, "Allison, you're right, Lin does dress like a slut. But Lin is even more correct, cos you REALLY ARE a bitch!"

Allison blushed in humiliation and anger and she stormed away from the table.


The wedding dinner progressed quite smoothly thereafter, with the cousins all talking quite happily even though Allison still had not returned to the table.

When the obligatory course of steamed fish arrived, LindaMichelle who wasn't fond of garoupa, announced that she was off to the ladies and left the banquet hall.

One of the wedding banquet waiters, by the name of Kevin, reached into his pocket, rubbed the two crisp $50 bills that he had received earlier that evening and quietly left the banquet hall too.


Linda had just entered one of the spacious Regent Hotel toilet cubicles and was about to lock it, when someone pushed open the door.

"I'm sorry this cubicle is t...." Linda didn't finish her sentence when she realised that the person who had just entered her cubicle was a man!

Before Linda could utter a scream, Kevin reached out and grabbed hold of her nipple chain and yanked on it.

Pain suddenly washed over Linda's hot body and she drew a sharp intake of breath. The waiter kept up the pressure on the stunning teenager's breasts even as the thin black satin covering them slid off again.

Within moments, Linda's slut body totally gave way to the stimulation on her nipples and each of Kevin's tugs on the chain drew soft moans from the half naked girl in front of him.

Kevin pulled the chain downwards like a leash and snarled, "Suck my cock, you whore!"

Linda, totally controlled by her nipples now, slid down to her knees and unzipped the waiter's pants to free his raging hard-on.

Linda's sexy red lips parted and Kevin's cock slid in smoothly. Before long, Kevin's balls were slapping away at Linda's chin as he face-fucked her brutally. Linda's slutty body did not have a gorge reflex and she took the entire length into her throat without any discomfort.

The abusive waiter then dragged Linda to her feet by her nipple chain and turned her around to face away from him.

Kevin lifted the skirt that barely covered Linda's perfectly firm ass and cursed as he saw the beautiful sliver chain dangling from between her slender thighs.

"Fucking chee bye (local slang for cunt)!" he snarled, admiring how sexy her pussy looked with the jewelery.

Kevin reached around and pulled at the nipple chain till Linda was bent over at her waist, then he slid his saliva lubricated cock into Linda's tight wet pussy.

The waiter groaned as Linda's hot cunt enveloped his dick and he started to fuck her hard and fast.

Linda couldn't help herself and moaned loudly as the fat cock stretched her pussy wide. Her vagina naturally contracted and squeezed tighter in response to the cock thrusting in and out of her.

Before long, this 'milking effect' of Linda pussy drove Kevin over the edge and he emptied his balls to the last drop, filling Linda's womb with sperm.

Linda orgasmed automatically when the sperm flooded her cunt and she trembled as Kevin thrust into her a few more times.

Kevin zipped up his pants and said, "You want to dress like a whore, you get treated like one!". He quickly left the ladies toilet and returned to his serving station before the banquet supervisor could notice.


Linda gently massaged her sensitive nipples that had just been so brutally abused.

"My nipples always betray me," she thought to herself. "How many times have I been this situation because someone managed to get hold of my nipples?"

Linda sighed and rearranged her dress. She tidied herself up in front of the mirror before heading back to the dinner, her pussy leaking the dirty waiter's cumm.


Allison was back at the table by the time LindaMichelle got back, still slightly flushed from her toilet adventure.

"What took you so long Lin?" Timothy asked.

"You know her Tim," Allison replied. "She probably couldn't even sit through one dinner without getting her nasty cunt filled with cumm! Why, I'll bet the little slut went outside, found some waiter and fucked him!"

"Allison!" the other cousins all admonished her, shocked by the venom in her voice. "Surely Linda did no such thing!"

Linda blushed, wondering how Allison managed to get so close to the truth of what happened. Tim noticed a trail of sticky white cumm running down LindaMichelle's left thigh as she retook her seat, and he glared fiercely at Allison so that she would not take it any further.

Back at home later that night, Linda told Tim over the phone what had really happened in the toilet. Tim commiserated with her and silently promised himself that Allison would one day pay the price for so cold-heartedly organising her own cousin's raping.

The Wedding Dinner: The Reception

 LindaMichelle arrived at her cousin Angie's wedding wearing the beautifully sexy black dress that Timothy had picked out for her.

The top half the dress had a plunging neck line that was little more than two straps that started at Linda's waist and joined behind her neck. The narrow strips of cloth exposed Linda's perfect breasts both in the front and at the sides, showing off the hot 18 year old's proud cleavage. The material was also thin enough to clearly outline the two rock hard nipples that tipped Linda's firm tanned boobs.

The bottom half of the dress was a very short flirty skirt that was cut so that the centre part of the hemline, both in front and behind, were slightly shorter than the sides. This meant that when viewed from the side, Linda had a very short dress on but when seen from the front or back, the hemline was only centimetres below her bare pussy and she was in real danger of exposing her charms to the world, and certainly so if she were to sit down or climb some stairs.

As LindaMichelle entered the lobby of the Regent Hotel, there was a sudden drop in volume of the reception area chatter. Men stopped in mid sentence to stare at the epitome of sex on legs, sashaying her way to the reception table.

"Fucking shit! That girl is damned hot man! Look at those tits! Fucking skirt is damned short..." A middle aged man began to strip LindaMichelle in his mind, then blushing he recognised who she was. "Wait a minute, that's Linda my niece..."

Boon Tat was a cousin of the groom. He was manning the reception table, checking through one of the guest lists when he smelt a very feminine perfume, he looked up right into the eyes of one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

In life there are girls who are blessed with good looks and they know it, the faces of these kinds of girls tend to be marked with certain trace of arrogance. On the other hand, there are also girls who are incredibly attractive, but not aware of it. These girls have a certain innocence to their beauty that make people desire them all the more.

Boon Tat was stunned speechless as he gazed into a face of porn quality Lolita innocence and his dick twitched in his pants.

LindaMichelle looked at him with some concern and asked, "Are you okay?"

Boon Tat was vaguely aware that the angel in front of him had said something but he did not hear it. He dropped his gaze down from her exquisite face and his dick went rock hard when he saw her incredible clevage.

Boon Tat's eyes roamed all over LindaMichelle's breasts, noting how perfectly tanned it was, how smooth and soft the skin looked, how the firm mounds of flesh were just the right distance from each other, forming a perfect longkang (lit. drain). He marvelled at how the dress revealed those fuck-worthy tits in the front and also allowed the side curves of the breasts to be admired.

"Hello!? Are you alright? You look abit dazed"

Boon Tat's eyes then went to LindaMichelle's nipples which seemed to be trying to get out of her miniscule dress. His eyes widened even further as he noticed a silver chain danging from between the two perfectly firm and obviously braless boobs.

Linda bent forward to wave her hands in front of the young man's face, her top accidentally fell forward to reveal her entire breasts to the stunned Boon Tat.

Boon Tat's nose nearly started bleeding as the angel in front of him bent down to show off her tits to him. His mouth went bone dry as he realised the fine silver chain was not there to prevent the blouse from opening up as he originally thought but rather it was attached by two silver rings to the teenager's erect nipples...

"Fucking hell... she has a nipple chain...", he whispered in awe.

LindaMichelle followed his glazed eyes to her chest and blushed as she realised that she had just exposed her hard nipples and nipple piercings to the young man at the reception table. She quickly covered her overexposure with her hand and stood up.

Finally Boon Tat snapped out of his reverie and stammered, "Excuse me miss, are you a friend of the bride or groom?"

Linda went through the rest of the reception process and accidentally flashed Boon Tat her nipples and chain again as she bent forward to sign the guest book.

Just as she finished her signature with a flourish, a pair of hands encircled her waist from behind, causing the hemline of her skirt to rise.

"Hello Tim," Linda greeted her cousin with a kiss on the mouth, "you may want to register at the other side, this lane very slow."

Boon Tat eye's were glued to the hemline of LindaMichelle's skirt as it rose up and he saw a single silver chain peek out from under the dress...

"The dress looks great on you Cuz, not too short is it?" Tim replied, lifting the the skirt up a bit more.

A drop of blood ran out of Boon Tat's nose as the hemline rose up to reveal a perfectly smooth pussy and an erect clit with a silver ring piercing and that delicate silver chain that he had just seen...

Boon Tat pushed his chair back and stumbled to the toilet to clean his pants where he had just ejaculated.

"I don't think he's feeling well, Tim" Linda said watching the young man push his way to through the crowded lobby.

Timothy just smiled.


Earlier that week:

"Primitive Art?" "What are we doing here?"

"Just trust me..." LindaMichelle's cousin grabbed her by the hand and led her into the dimly lit store.

A Eurasian man sat behind the counter and his face lit up as he saw Tim and Linda enter.

"Hey David, my cousin here wants Package X!" Tim greeted his friend.

David smiled with pleasure... "Sure.. I'll even give you a good price!"

Before long, Linda found herself lying on a doctor's examination table, her short skirt bunched up around her waist, her long slim legs spread wide open and her dainty feet held in place by gynaecologist stirrups.

David took in a sharp intake of breath as he realised that this slut had been walking around town with absolutely nothing on under her super short skirt. His dick hardened immediately...

Linda blushed a pretty pink as she watched David stare hard between her legs but relaxed as her cousin squeezed her hand reassuringly...

"I think I'll start with the nipples," David said, pulling down the top of LindaMichelle's dress to expose her tanned and perfect boobs.

Despite having years of experience and priding himself as a professional, David found himself extremely horny at the sight of this teenager's hot body.

"Your nipples need to be erect for this to work," David explained, massaging and fondling Linda's firm breasts... he watched in appreciation as the sexy girl's nipples hardened and grew even longer.

David couldn't help himself and started to pinch and twist LindaMichelle's sensitive nipples. Linda's slut body instinctively reacted to the stimulation of her nipples and she bit her lips to stifle a moan, her long legs spread open even wider...

David bent his head and took her left nipple into his mouth and started to expertly lick and suck and nibble on it, Linda arched her back in pleasure and her breasts rose up as if an offering to David.

Linda was nearly approaching an orgasm from the nipple play when David took away his mouth, expertly pierced her left nipple and quickly put his mouth back over it again...

Linda felt a slight shock of pain as if David had nibbled her a bit too hard and she threw her head back as she orgasmed from the stimulation.

Feeling her sexy little body tremble in the throes of pleasure, David quickly pierced the other nipple and sucked on that tit too.

Linda's hard breathing slowed and she came down from her orgasm induced high and she looked down at the two silver rings that now adorned her erect nipples.

"Hey, when did you do those?" She looked in puzzlement at David, "I didn't even feel anything!"

David laughed, "I told you I was good!"

David moved around to stand between her obscenely spread legs and announced, "I'm going to do your clit now!" before bending down and licking her little clitoris.

Linda's sexy mouth opened as she moaned in pleasure, David's skilful ministrations on her pussy causing her hips to buck, forcing his tongue deeper into her wet cunt.

Linda's cousin Tim watched in admiration as David smoothly replaced his tongue with his cock as he unerringly drove the entire length of his shaft deep into LindaMichelle's tight pussy.

Linda's hot body writhed in pleasure as her insides were stretched and filled with David's fat cock. David watched his dick disappearing inch by inch into the gorgeous teenager's wet cunt and he could almost feel his dick swell in size.

David began to slowly but surely bring Linda to another massive orgasm as he drove hard into her with long and steady strokes.

Just as Linda was about to cumm again, David gave her hard little clit a quick pinch and she went over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm. She didn't even feel the instrument as it pierced her erect clit and left behind another pretty silver ring.

David was so turned on by Linda's incredible body and the fact that he was fucking her, that he too needed to cumm. He quickly withdrew from her and pointed his throbbing dick at her pretty face and let it all go.

Ropes of hot cumm sprayed from David's cock and splattered all over LindaMichelle's exquisite features, David grunted in pleasure as he wiped his spent cock against the cheek of a now unconscious Linda.

"Is she ok?" David asked Timothy with some concern.

"Yeah, she sometimes faints from the force of her orgasm...", her cousin replied, "usually when she gets well fucked... so well done!", he grinned at David.

When Linda woke up, she looked in the mirror at her matching nipple and clit piercings, "Wowww, these are so sexy!!!", she cooed.

"And they are free too! The rings and piercing service are on the house, it was my pleasure to be of service to you!" David smiled.

Linda blushed prettily as David's words reminded her that she had just been fucked hard and given a "facial" by a nearly complete stranger.

"Thanks, I think you did a great job!," Linda said shyly, before blushing again.


Back at the wedding reception:

Timothy reached under his cousin's super short and sexy skirt and ran his fingertips quickly over her smooth slit.

Linda gave a little yelp and jumped in shock.

"Tim! What in the world are you doing?", she whispered, "There are people here you know!"

Her cousin laughed... "Just teasing you, babe"

Linda pretended to be angry, "You're always trying to expose me in public, ni zhen de hen huai (you're terrible)!"

Tim wrapped his arm around Linda's beautifully slim waist and kissed her soft upturned lips, "Come, let's go in, the dinner is about to start..."


Cousin Tim and Shopping for a Dress

LindaMichelle opened up her wardrobe and sighed in exasperation. She had absolutely nothing to wear for her cousin Angie's wedding.

Linda who was dressed in a tiny flared apple green skirt and a thin white spaghetti strap top, grabbed her handphone and walked over to her soft pink-themed bed and lay down on it.

Linda pressed the speed-dial to call her cousin Timothy.

"Ring ring"

"Hey babe! What's up with you? Are you going to Angie's wedding?", Tim's deep voice sounded over the phone.

"Hey Tim, yeah! I am! In fact, that's the reason I called you. Can you help me go shopping for something suitable to wear? I haven't got a thing in my wardrobe!", Linda replied.

"Sure thing babe! I'll come over to your place in about an hour's?"

"Sounds wonderful Tim, see ya soon then!"


Of all her cousins, LindaMichelle was closest to Timothy, the son of her father's sister. They had grown up together and Tim often slept over at Linda's place when his parents were out of town.

Being a firm believer that putting two boys in the same room was a recipe for homosexuality, Linda's father let his nephew sleep in the same room as his daughter.

Despite being first cousins, things naturally developed between the two hot bodied teenagers and a mutual attraction led to them becoming fuck buddies.

In fact, it was not uncommon for Timothy to come over to Linda's place just to get his rocks off. There were times that Linda's father would open the front door to see the his nephew and daughter in the midst of a good hard fuck.

It was totally natural to Linda's father and the two teenagers grew up thinking nothing of it.

In fact, just a month ago, Linda's father came home and found Linda sitting on Tim's lap with her her back against her cousin's chest, her legs spread obscenely wide open and his long thick cock stuffing her tight satin smooth teenage pussy.

Tim was fondling LindaMichelle's breasts and nipples while she sat there impaled on his cock.

"Hey kids, what are you all up to?", Linda's father Tom asked.

"Hi Uncle Tom, we're just watching TV and I'm giving Lin's tits a massage too.", Timothy replied.

Linda did not reply, she had her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations of a cock up her cunt and her tits being played with.

"I need to check something on TV, mind if I change the channels?", Tom asked.

"Go ahead Uncle Tom!", Timothy smiled, continuing his twisting of his cousin's nipples, Linda gasping softly in pain and pleasure.

After a few more minutes of fondling her breasts, Timothy lifted Linda up and placed her doggy style over the coffee table and fucked his cousin right in front of his uncle.

Linda squealed in pleasure as her cousin's long thick cock pistoned in and out of her tight cunt, her firm B sized teenage tits swaying in time to the ramming that she was receiving.

Her father did not blink an eye at the lewd scene in front of him and even reached over to tweak her nipples.

"Don't forget her tits, Tim.", Linda's father reminded his nephew.

Timothy grinned at his uncle and grabbed two handfuls of soft breast before increasing his tempo and cumming deep into the womb of his cousin.

Linda already on the edge of an orgasm, from all the earlier stimulation, felt the hot cummm hit her insides and climaxed so hard that she blacked out.

Timothy kept fucking his unconscious cousin until his dick went soft. He then gently laid her on the sofa, noticing that quite a lot of his sperm was oozing out her incredibly sexy pussy.

"I gotta go Uncle Tom, headed home for dinner." Timothy apologised.

"Ok see you Tim, say hi to your Mom and Dad for me." Linda's father smiled.


“Ding Dong”

LindaMichelle peeked out of the security viewer and then opened the door for her cousin Tim.

“Hey Babe...” Tim greeted his sexy 18 year old cousin, giving her braless tits and quick fondle and her stiff nipples a quick pinch, “Ready to go shopping?” he asked.

Linda had changed from her morning white and apple green ensemble into a sexy white one piece dress.

She gave her cousin an open mouthed kiss and a hug around his neck, causing the short hemline of her skirt to rise and expose her pantiless ass. "Yeah I'm ready... where are you bringing me?"

Tim gave Linda a wink and replied "It's a surprise!"

Linda gave a delighted squeal, "Yay! I love surprises!!".


The two hot-bodied teenagers arrived about 45mins later at Far East Plaza, a shopping centre popular among the youth of Singapore, right in the heart of the famous Orchard Road shopping district.

While the shopping centre was already filled with sweet, young and pretty girls dressed to impress, there was almost a collective hush as Linda sashayed into the mall.

The thin white material of Linda's dress did little to hide the fact that her firm teenage breasts were totally unhindered by any bra. They jiggled and bounced with mesmerising sexiness.

The few people there who were able to tear their eyes away from her beautiful tits would have noticed that when the light was just right, her ass and pussy could be discerned from behind the short short hemline of her tiny dress.

This stunning vision of a body that screamed "SEX!!!" was matched with a face that combined incredible beauty with an aching innocence, driving minds crazy with imagination.

The bian tai shu shus or perverted uncles who were at the mall to satisfy their lolita urges by sneaking glances at sexily dressed teenagers nearly had nosebleeds when they saw LindaMichelle.

Linda being the innocent that she was did not notice a sudden flurry of activity as men and boys positioned themselves to either follow her or intercept her path.

Tim was well aware of such antics however and he took special care to lead her up and down a few flights of escalators to ensure the erect cocks viewing from below got really hard.

Linda's cousin even put his hand under her skirt to fondle her bare ass on one occasion, lifting up the back of her skirt to the delight of a man standing just below. Linda good naturedly pushed his hand away, admonishing Tim that they were in a public place and reminding him that "your uncle Tom would be very cross if anyone were to have looked up my skirt". Tim just smiled in reply as he noticed out of the corner of his eye, that same man positioning his handphone just under his beautiful cousin's indecently short skirt.

The two teenagers went into several shops to select a suitable dress for their cousin's wedding and Tim made use of the opportunity to further expose his cousin.

Besides opening the curtains of the changing cubicles several times as Linda was naked, he made sure that the curtains were not fully closed again. On another occasion, when the changing room was full, he positioned his hot cousin in front of a mirror and stood right behind her and cupped her boobs from behind.

"That dress you are holding will show these off quite well," he said squeezing her braless tits, "Come, hold it up over your breasts..."

Tim then yanked down her top to expose her incredibly perfect boobs and Linda blushed and hurriedly covered herself with the dress, but not before at least 8 people caught sight of her hard nipples.

"See... the dress shows off your tits very nicely", Tim observed as LindaMichhele draped the satin over her buxom.

"But my nipples are so visible through this top" Linda complained.

"Uncle Tom says your tits are there to be appreciated remember?"

"Oh yeah, I guess that's true..."

Finally Tim led Linda into a nice little shop called Lola Apparels on the first floor and they tried on this beautifully sexy black dress that fitted Linda perfectly.

The top half had a plunging neck line that was little more than two straps that joined behind Linda's neck. The narrow strips of cloth exposed Linda's mesmerising breasts both in the front and at the sides, showing off the hot 18 year old's proud cleavage. The material was also thin enough to clearly outline the two rock hard nipples that tipped Linda's firm tanned boobs.

The bottom half of the dress was a very short flirty skirt that was cut so that the centre part of the hemline, both in front and behind, were slightly shorter than the sides. This meant that when viewed from the side, Linda had a very short dress on but when seen from the front or back, she was in real danger of exposing her charms to the world, and certainly so if she were to sit down or climb some stairs.

"Does this dress made me look slutty, Tim?" Linda asked, admiring the reflection in the mirror.

"Of course not babe, you never look slutty, only sexy and sophisticated", her cousin assured her, noting the indecent amount of skin that was exposed.

"Yeah, this dress does look nice on me", Linda replied, twirling about and exposing her smooth ass and cunt, "let's buy it..."

As they paid, the cashier smiled at the couple and told Linda how lucky she was that her boyfriend would buy her such a nice dress.

"Oh we're cousins", Tim replied before giving Linda a deep French Kiss in front of the stunned sales girl.

Tim laughed as he led his blushing cousin out of the little boutique leaving behind an open-mouthed sales assistant.

"Where are we going Tim? Are we going to buy some accessories?" asked Linda as they went up the escalators, innocently unaware of the eyes looking up her figure hugging dress.

"It's a surprise, but I'm gonna make sure that you will be the most memorable of all the guests at Angie's wedding! Would you like to be the belle of the ball?"

Linda giggled, "Yeah that would be nice... but not too flashy, I don't want to upstage Angie!"

"After I'm done with you, we'll have Sam wishing he's marrying you instead of Angie!"

Linda giggled and punched Tim playfully, "You're so bad!! Angie is super beautiful and hot can? There's no way I can compare to her!"

Tim smiled fondly at his cousin, thinking how wonderfully innocent and clueless she was about her own stunning beauty.

The couple soon reached the fourth floor and stood in front of a shop decorated with bright neon lights.

"Primitive Art...", Linda looked up at the signboard, "what are we doing here....?"