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The Succubus Tales Chapter 5

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The Succubus Tales Chapter 5

The five demons, Nahaz, Mordja, Agrinja, Niphon and Samnu entered the throne room with a mixture of fear and lust. They came to a stop in front of the raised dais and trembled with their eyes fixed on the basalt floor and their cocks painfully erect. They were in the presence of the Queen of Succubi, Lilith.

 "Gentlemen. You may look up." came a cold but beautiful voice that vibrated with feminine allure.

The five demons obediently raised their eyes and took in the incredible beauty and sexiness of the Queen of Seductresses. She sat crossed legged on her throne radiating sex appeal. Her long and shapely legs were exposed all the way to her wide and fertile hips which then narrowed into a slim waist and flat belly that just seemed to beg to be impregnated. Her full and breasts defied gravity and were tipped by long, thumb sized nipples that seemed to invite anyone who beheld them to suck on them for all eternity. Above those perfect breasts was a delicate collarbone and a swan like neck and then her face. Oh by Lucifer, that face. Exquisite in gorgeousness, timeless in appeal and terrifying in beauty. Her features from her lush lips, her aquiline nose, her high cheekbones, to her luminous eyes combined to form a face that was irresistibly alluring and seductive yet ice cold and infinitely dangerous.   

 "Gentlemen. I have called you here to give you a mission." began the Queen of Succubi in her rich contralto voice. Lilith shifted in her royal seat and uncrossed her long legs to recross them again.

Samnu made the mistake of letting his eyes be caught by that movement and as Lilith's thighs parted for that split second, he managed to catch a glimpse of her luscious pussy. Samnu who was already sporting a throbbing erection, lost control and ejaculated right there in the throne room. His massive 8 inch cock spasmed on its own accord and streams of white demonic seed gushed out from the tip of his shaft and splattered all over the shining black floor. Lilith watched with a sneer as the demon ejaculated and ejaculated and ejaculated, his demon form trembling with more and more violence until he just dropped to the floor, unconscious and twitching.

The rest of the demons quickly cast their eyes to the polished basalt floor lest they too lose control. The ultra erotic Queen of Temptresses spoke up again.

"What a loser. He is not fit for my purpose." she stated. Then with a snap of her fingers, the demonic shape lying in a pool of cum slowly melted into a bubbling pool of black ooze. The dark puddle suddenly caught fire and then eventually burned up in sickly green flames until all that was left was a dull black ash and a sulfurous stink in the air.

"As I was saying, gentlemen. I have a mission for you. There is a malakaljin asghar about to come of age. She is Lindara-Nimryss, daughter of Lizfalriane and I want you five.. no.. you four.. to see to her preparation for when she goes up to the mortal plane. 

The remaining demons nodded and made the appropriate noises to indicate they understood.

"This is Thomasekiel. He will be the archdemon for Lindara when the time comes."

The hellspawn looked up to see a demon they had not noticed before. He had been there all that time, just that they only had eyes for the Queen of Sirens.

"Yes, Lady Lilith.. we understand." murmured the demons.

"And since Samnu was such a disappointment, I'll let you take one of my personal ogres." Lilith snapped a fingers once more and beside her materialised a huge ogre with a gigantic cock. 

"Grath. These demons are on a mission for me and Thomas. You will obey them and help train an Asghar for life on earth."

The huge ogre grunted in assent.

The Queen of Succubi then turned her attention back to the four hellions.

"Now here is my plan..."


"No no! By Lord Lucifer! No! It's going to kill me!" screamed Lindara-Nimryss as she was picked up by the ogre. The Asghar succubus was so petite and slim that the ogre could wrap one huge hand around her tiny waist to lift her up.

The 15 year old succubus Lindara had spend the last couple of hours being raped by four demons. Her pussy, asshole and mouth had all been used several times over and demonic seed was leaking out of all her holes. While the cocks of these hellions had been big, all at least 8 inches long, they were nothing compared to the size of the ogre's shaft. It had to be the size of a small baseball bat!

"Oh don't worry slut. If you can give birth to a child, you can easily handle old Garth." chuckled Nahaz. "Well, not easily, but it will go in somehow. Your ass might tear a little but you 15 year olds are stretchy!"

The other demons all laughed as Lindara screamed for mercy. They loved to see suffering no matter whether the victim was human, angel or demon. Grath, of course, showed no mercy and he lodged the gigantic bulb at the end of his shaft into the tight folds of Lindara's young pussy. 

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! It hurtssss!!!" screamed the 15 year old succubus.

"It's not even in yet, you whore!" laughed Mordja.

The ogre began to force the tight pussy down onto his raging boner and Lindara shrieked in pain as her tight cunt hole was stretched by the invading pole. 

"No! No! Please! AaaahhhhHHH!!!! Stoppppp!!"

Grath continued to relentlessly force his cock into Lin's petite body, causing her belly to bulge as inch by inch it slowly and painfully went in. The ogre grunted as his cockhead reached the end of Lyn's sex tunnel. His grip around the young succubus' waist tightened as he jammed her up and down, trying to get his cock deeper in.

Nahaz remembered the instructions that Lilith had given and gave orders to the others. 

"Mordja and Niphon. Grab her legs. Agrinja, you know what to do."

The Hellions nodded and moved into position. Two of them grabbed her shapely calves and ankles and stretched her legs out wide and Agrinja stepped up to take Lin's nipples between his fingertips. He then nodded at the ogre.

Grath angled the succubus so that his massive cockhead was positioned at Lindara's cervix and he started the slam the succubus up and down on his cock. Each blow caused the gigantic knob to punch the entrance to Lindara's womb. Nahaz had earlier said that if Lin could fit a baby in her body, she would be able to take Garth's colossal cock and that was true. But a baby would have resided in Lin's uterus, not her vaginal canal. And that was exactly where Garth's enormous phallus was headed!

Lin cried out in pain and arched her back as the gargantuan rod slammed into her cervix again and again, trying to breech that opening to enter her womb. Meanwhile, Mordja and Niphon had her legs spread wide apart to facilitate the abuse while Agrinja toyed with her nipples. He pinched and rolled the nubs between his finger tips and gave them brutal twists. His special mission was to cause Lindara to associate sex with nipple play. Each time the orge's cock rammed against the succubus' cervix on the inward thrust, he would simultaneously pinch and twist her nipples. Nahaz had by this time stepped up between her legs as well and used a fat calloused thumb to rub Lindara's clitoris.

The combined assault on her pussy, cervix, clit and nipples was too much for the 15 year old succubus. Her pussy became gushing wet and pleasure soon mingled with the pain of being raped by a baseball bat sized phallus. Lindara's body was being trained to associate pain with pleasure and her nipples and clit became more and more sensitive. Lin's screams of pain also began to sound more like mewls of pleasure much to the satisfaction of the demons.

Garth continued to pound the slender 15 year old against his cock and the tight cervix deep in her body began to weaken from the sexual stimulation, her spreadeagled legs and the incessant assault of the huge cock. Finally, the cervix gave way and the massive cockhead entered Lindara's uterus. Lindara let out a loud scream of agony and and fainted, still impaled on the ogre's shaft, causing the Hellions to burst out in cruel laughter.  

"I'll snap her out of it." Nahaz said and muttered an incantation. A misty blue cloud surrounded Lindara and she came awake only to discover that her ordeal was not over. She screamed in pain but didn't lose consciousness again. Nahaz's spell would ensure she would be awake to feel everything.

The ogre proceeded to rape her hard, sheathing his entire length into her slender body, filling up her womb and causing her belly to bulge as if she were already carrying a child. Agrinja continued to brutalise her nipples to make them more and more sensitive. 

"Grahhhh! Grath gonna cum!" growled the ogre. 

"Do it Grath!" commanded Nahaz. "Agrinja! Harder!" 

Nahaz rubbed Lin's clit furiously and cast a spell of binding as the ogre erupted and a fountain of hell sperm flooded Lindara's uterus. Agrinja twisted Lin's nipples as hard as he could, simultaneously pulling at them so the light brown nubs stretched away from her petite body.

The 15 year old succubus was once again overwhelmed by the sexual stimulation and this time she orgasmed hard. The spell settled over her as she climaxed powerfully, locking in the sensations and heightening her orgasm. From now on, Lindara would involuntarily climax if someone ejaculated into her womb. The young Lindara came and came, her slim body shaking while still stuck on Grath's pole and a deep blackness began to build in her consciousness until it became a towering tsunami of darkness. That gargantuan black wave crested over her then smashed down and the 15 year old blacked out from the force of her orgasm. 


Lindara awoke to find herself naked at the doorstep of a luxurious mansion. She looked dazedly at the frightened house goblins nearby.

"Is this your mansion, Lindara?" asked Nahaz.

The young succubus turned to see that the four demons and ogre were still next to her. She swallowed and nodded.

"Well, aren't you going to invite us in?"

Lindara's eyes opened wide as she considered the implications. A demon's mansion was his or her personal space and provided safety and refuge from enemies. Only demons invited in by name could be granted entry. If she invited Nahaz and the others, that would mean that they could appear at any time to rape her and abuse her holes. It would be like giving them a spare key each! The succubus shook her head. No way was she going to invite them in.

Nahaz laughed. "It is 5 minutes to the twelfth hour and Grath has not fucked your asshole yet. Do you really think that Grath will cum in your ass within 5 minutes? What will happen if you don't claim your mansion by the stroke of 12?"

Lindara gasped in horror. If she didn't claim her mansion in time, she would have no shelter. For the rest of her 300 years in Hell, any demon or hell creature strong enough to take her down would do so and rape her. She would not even have a place to sleep! She would be nothing but a homeless rape slave for the next 285 years!

"This is Mordja, this is Agrinja, this is Niphon, the ogre is Grath and I am Nahaz." said Nahaz when he saw the realisation in Lindara's eyes.

The young succubus swallowed hard and in a resigned voice she whispered, "Mordja, Agrinja, Niphon, Grath and Nahaz, I invite you into my home..."


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The Succubus Tales Chapter 4

The Succubus Tales Chapter 4

Earlier, the Asghar succubus Lindara-Nimryss had been on her way to her new mansion when she was grabbed and dragged into an alley by four demons and an ogre. They had stripped her and molested her and had fingered all the holes of her young body. The succubus was only only 15 years old and had come of age that day. She could no longer live in her childhood abode and was no longer protected from abuse. Now she was surrounded by 5 other naked Hellions who were about to violate her virgin holes.

"No.. no .. please.. let me go.." Lindara pleaded trying to get out of the circle that had formed around her.

"Grab her and bend her over guys." Nahaz ordered.

The demons caught hold of Lindara and forced the naked 15 year old to bend at the waist as Nahaz took his position behind her. The demon kicked her high heeled feet apart and rubbed his bulbous cockhead against her smooth and wet pussy lips.

"No! My lord Lucifer.. no! Please!" Lin begged.

Mordja stepped up to her face and forced his own fat cockhead past her pink lips. "Shut up bitch and take some cock. Maybe you'll complain less with some prime demon dong gagging you eh?"

"Mmpphh.. ifth too bfighh!" the virgin succubus said, her mouth stuffed with Mordja's thick cock.

As if they did a countdown, the two demons pushed their huge shafts into Lindara's sexy young body at the same time. The hot little demoness screamed in pain but that only allowed the cock in her mouth to plunge past her tonsils and deep into her throat. Lin was in absolute agony as her hymen was ripped apart by Nahaz's big shaft and her throat was stretched wide by Mordja's invading tool.

The two demons began to fuck the young succubus, spitting her like a hog on their cocks. They were totally uncaring of any pain they caused her. Immortals like demons and angels healed quickly. Even if they didn't, the demonic rapists didn't give a fuck either. Nahaz and Mordja slammed their massive cocks into Lindara's petite body, stretching her holes and grunting in pleasure while the other two demons stepped in to have their fun too. Agrinja had a major fetish for breasts and nipples and he squatted down below Lin to abuse her mammaries, twisting and pulling at her nipples so hard that even through the pain in her pussy and throat, she could feel the tips of her breasts almost being torn off. Niphon took up the other available hole. Whispering a small incantation, a big dildo materialised in his hand and he began to force it into the Asghar's anus.

Scholars of the arcane disagree on many things about the malakaljin asghar but one thing they seem to have a common understanding on is that Asghar succubi got wet very easily. Based on the research of countless medieval grimoires, it seemed that the moment these succubi were threatened with rape or any other form of sexual assault, their pussies would start to moisten and become soaked within seconds. Once touched by men in a sexual manner, they would nearly drip with lubrication and in a prolonged build up to penetration, it was not uncommon to see Asghar love juices flow down their long slender legs.

This was absolutely true and the reason was very simple. From the age of 15 till the age of 300 when a demon was allowed up onto the mortal plane to hunt, Asghar succubi were raped regularly, sometimes several times a day. That was 285 years of forced sex. The penises and other appendages (such as tentacles) of hellspawn tended to be far larger than the average sized human cock. If an Asghar succubus did not get very very wet, she would probably not survive nearly 3 centuries of brutal violation.

Lindara was sobbing in humiliation and pain as she was defiled by the demons and her body began to respond. Her pussy from being wet earlier just from being fingered, was now soaked with her sweet lubricating juices, easing the passage of the huge shaft mercilessly impaling her again and again. Her anus too began to lubricate itself and while she initially gagged at the cock lodged in her throat, she began to get used to being throat-fucked. 

"Come on. Let's swap over. I want to fuck her cunt too!" exclaimed Mordja. 

"Okay. I'm gonna do her ass. Let's triple fuck the slut." said Niphon callously yanking out the dildo stretching Lin's anus.

The brutalised succubus could hardly believe her ears. How were three cocks of that size going to fit inside of her small body? Before she could even voice another protest, she was lifted up by Niphon who roughly forced his cock into her ass, causing her to scream out in shock and pain. As Niphon lay back with Lindara on top of him, Mordja moved in and pushed her legs open roughly and just as roughly fed his demon meat into Asghar's deflowered pussy. Lin screamed out again as the two demons began to move, simultaneously raping her pussy and asshole. Nahaz had been waiting for that. When Lin tilted her head back in her pain-induced scream, he grabbed her head and thrust his rod into her mouth and forcibly pushed it down her throat. Agrinja meanwhile continued to abuse her nipples, pinching and twisting them and stretching the hard little nubs.

Normally when demons had sex, it was not consensual. Demons loved to subjugate others, humans, angels and also their own kind. They would use spells, incantations, magical traps, or invocations to overpower their prey. When a victim was overpowered magically in this manner, only the assailant could take pleasure in the sex. The victim was just a tool for the assailant to get off. While the victor had an orgasm, the victim did not. Added to the victim's humiliation of being overpowered, was that wretched feeling of having sex but not being allowed to cum. Both genders of demons did this. Male demons would rape female demons and climax while their victim would remain unsatisfied and female demons would lower themselves onto a male victim's erection and fuck themselves to an orgasm, while the male demon below them was left with an aching hard-on.

Lindara however had not been overpowered magically but had instead been physically overwhelmed and the cocks plunging in and out of her slender young holes soon caused her body to respond in an unfamiliar way. The incessant pounding of her pussy, anus and mouth became gradually became pleasurable and even the abuse of her nipples changed from pain to ecstasy. Linara moaned loudly even with Nahaz's cockmeat lodged in her throat.

"Haha! Listen to the slut moan! She likes it!"

"These Asghars are all horny. They say no no no, but they want it just like all the human sluts."

"What is there not to like? Three big cocks using her hot body. I'm sure it is every slut's fantasy!"

"She shouldn't be allowed to feel any pleasure. Shall I zap her now so she feels nothing but agony?"

"Nah.. let's give her her first orgasm. It's her birthday after all!"

The demons laughed uproariously at their own banter while Lindara felt absolutely humiliated even as she was impaled on their cocks over and over again. To her shame, an orgasm built up and despite her efforts to fight it off, she was soon overcome by a strong climax. Her slender young body quivered and writhed as she orgasmed for the first time in her life while the demons laughed even harder. 

"Okay.. switch over."

The Hellions fucked her over and over again, each cumming a few times and filling her belly, her bowels and her womb with their demonic seed. The teenaged succubus also climaxed several times during this time and by the time they were done with her, she lay dazed and cross-eyed on the hard black igneous rock street with their cum oozing out of all her holes.

The demons looked down at their handiwork with sadistic glee, knowing they had totally destroyed the young succubus. Nahaz spoke up. "There is still time before the 12th hour. Let's continue to play."

Lindara looked up helplessly from the ground at the demons, she licked her lips and swallowed some saliva. Her mouth had been dry from all her moaning though it was coated with demon seed. "W..what? It's not over?"

Nahaz nodded to the ogre who had been standing and watching all this time. Lin turned slowly to see what the demon had indicated and her eyes grew as big as saucers as she took in the sight of the gigantic ogre. Her eyes widened even further as they drifted down and caught sight of his erection. It was the size of a baseball bat! "No.. oh lord Lucifer.. no..." she whispered.

"Yes, my dear Asghar.. old Grath here has not had his fun with you yet."

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The Succubus Tales Chapter 3

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The Succubus Tales Chapter 3

They say that Hell is hot. Like burning sulfur hot. But that is not actually true. Hell could be freezing cold or burning hot or somewhere in between. It's only the places where the mortal souls condemned to eternal punishment that tended to be blisteringly hot.

That day was a cooler than usual day, it being Autumn in Hell. Lindara-Nimryss' nipples tightened in the cold air and seemed about to poke out of the wispy thin material of her white crop top. The 15 year old succubus blushed knowing that the way she looked, demonspawn of all types would want to grab her and do all kinds of nasty things to her body, especially her tight teenaged holes. As if to mock how little her clothes covered her slim figure, a gust of wind blew down the street and lifted the panels of her sorry excuse of a skirt to expose her hairless slit and bare bottom. Lindara shivered and she was not sure if it was from the chill air blowing over her bare skin or fear of what there was to come.  She bit her lip and hurried towards her new mansion.

The young succubus had only traveled about 50 metres down the street when a clawed hand shot out from an alleyway and grabbed her arm. Lindara shrieked in fright as she was dragged into the dark alley where she found herself surrounded by 4 demons and an ogre. Lin stared up at the demons towering over her petite form, her eyes wide in fear. "Whh..what do you guys want?" she stammered.

One of the demons, Nahaz looked blatantly at her nearly naked body, causing Lin to quickly cross her arms over her breasts. Nahaz smirked as he licked his lips with a forked tongue. "You know what we want Asghar.." he replied in a voice that sounded like stone grating on stone.

"Please.. please let me go.." Lindara pleaded, "I need to go claim my mansi..." The young demoness caught herself too late and she grimaced prettily at her slip up.

"Oh ho!" crowed another of the demons. "We have a piece of fresh meat down here, boys. She hasn't even claimed her mansion yet.. anyone feel like taking a succubus' virginity?" Mordja asked with an unpleasant laugh.

Niphon, the third demon had been ready to cast an immobilising spell on Lindara but he let the crackling energy dissipate from his fingertips. "Look at all that she is wearing.. she doesn't even have enough power to cover herself with more fabric" he chuckled. "Good thing I didn't waste any energy casting my attack spell!"

The demon who had grabbed her was called Agrinja and he now walked around her, his glowing red eyes looking her up and down. "Oh yeah.." he said lifting up the back panel of her skirt to reveal her pert rounded bottom, "this outfit is really skimpy!" he laughed.

Lindara blushed and quickly reached behind her to press her skirt down and that gave the opportunity for Nahaz to flip up the front of her skirt so that her pantiless sex was exposed.

"Hey! Stop that! Leave me alone!" Lin protested, pressing down her skirt both in front and behind. 

Mordja stepped in and hooked a clawed finger under her flimsy crop and lifted it so the teenage succubus' nipples came into view. "I don't think you have enough hands to cover up all your bits, Asghar.." he said ominously as he he groped her firm young breasts.

"Hey stop!" Lindara cried, batting away Mordja's hand. She then squealed as Agrinja roughly groped her ass. "Hey! you stop too!" she objected only to have Nahaz start to rub her pussy.

The demons could have overpowered her easily and within 2 seconds but they sadistically toyed with her, flipping up her skirt, fondling her, pinching her nipples as she tried to fend off their exploring hands. Each time she pushed a hand away, another would take its place, soiling her fair and pristine skin.

"Damn.. she's fine.."

"Oh yeah.. such smooth skin.."

"Come feel her ass, so firm!"

"Okay, you come grope her tits.. her nipples are like rocks!"

"I think she likes it, the succubus slut, her cunt is getting wet!"

"Really? Let me feel!"

Lindara was totally humiliated by their words and to her horror and shame, she could feel her vagina really start moistening. Her nipples were excited by the unwanted touches and had stiffened and lengthened and her breathing got heavier both from the exertion of fending them off as well as the mounting sexual tension. Suddenly she cried out in pain as the demon who was rubbing her pussy pushed a finger in. "Oh my lord! Owwww!! Take it out!" she cried.

"Damn! She IS wet!" Niphon said as he forced his finger in and out of Lin's tight virgin hole. Lindara had her tiny hands around his thick wrist, trying to push his hand away from between her soft thighs. 

"Are you sure you want me to take out my finger, Ashgar?" Niphon teased. "If I do, I'll replace it with something much thicker!"

Lin's pretty lips parted as her mouth formed an 'O'. She most certainly did not want anything thicker than his finger inside her body. The young succubus blushed and relaxed the pressure on Niphon's wrist and by that action consented to him finger fucking her.

"That's a good girl.." Niphon crooned, sliding his finger in and out of her pussy. "We'll finger you then let you go claim your mansion, okay?"

Lin had no choice but to nod. The alternative was far worse. A succubus' body was designed to be sexually appealing so that they could tempt mortal men into sexual liaisons with the purpose of drawing on their life energy. Such energy made a succubus more powerful and strengthened the abilities she had. Sex with demons was another matter. When a higher order demon overpowered a succubus, he could draw on her energy and all the life energy she had taken from mortals. Indeed that is how it worked up in the mortal plane. Succubi would seduce men and take their life-force and later, the archdemon they reported to on earth would fuck them and take this energy for himself. It was a different case for lower order demons like the ones tormenting her now. They could not draw power from her, so they were only abusing her lithe body for lust and sadistic pleasure.

The four demons now crowded around Lindara, their massive bodies towering over the petite succubus. Clawed hands roughly explored her body, groping, pinching, twisting, pulling, stroking and fondling every inch of her flawless body. Lindara could do nothing but close her eyes in shame as she was molested. But suddenly her eyes popped open when a finger was inserted into her anus. 

"Oh my lord! Not there!" she screamed but the finger in her ass only responded by forcefully going in deeper.

"Oh yeah.. fuck her ass with your finger, Mordja.." Nahaz laughed as he stuck a finger into Lin's sexy mouth. "Suck my finger, slut, or I'll make you suck my cock!"

Lindara's eyes widened in fear and she quickly started to suckle on the demon's thick finger.

Agrinja had been fondling Lin's perky breasts and suddenly her grabbed hold of the front of her top. "I'm gonna show you what happens to an Asghar up on earth. You can thank me later for giving you some experience. Men like to do this to women on the mortal plane..." he said then ripped her thin white crop top off her body, totally exposing her now from waist up. Lindara screamed when he did this then screamed even louder when the demon grabbed both her nipples in his hands and viciously twisted the little nubs. Lin could not help but arch her back in pain and this action caused her breasts to lift up towards Agrinja as if she was offering him her young body.

Lin spent the next few minutes being sexually abused. The demons fingered her pussy, her asshole, her rosebud mouth and tortured her nipples then swapped over again and again so that each of her tormentors had violated each of her holes and mistreated her perfect breasts.

"Okay guys. I guess it's time to fuck her now."

Lindara's mouth opened in shock. "B..bu..but you said.."

Niphon only laughed and asked Agrinja, "What is it they always ask? How do you tell when a demon is lying?"

Agrinja smirked as he answered, "Their lips are moving!"

All the demons chortled with mirth as they tore her skirt off and slid their fingers out of Lin's holes. With a small buzz of power, all the demons made their clothes vanish and stood there in their naked and fearsome glory, their massive cocks standing ready to desecrate the virgin succubus.

"No! No! By Lucifer, those cocks are too big for me! You'll kill me!" Lin sobbed.

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The Succubus Tales Chapter 2

The Succubus Tales Chapter 2

Lindara stood in front of the mirror totally naked. Her gravity defying breasts were what would be considered on earth as full B cups and were tipped by a pair of light brown, perpetually erect nipples. Her petite torso tapered down to a narrow waist and a flat, trim belly and then flared slightly out into nubile hips. Her hips then gave way to a pair of gloriously long slender legs that had the sexiest thigh gap even when her feet were together. She was the perfect image of lolita hotness.

Today was her 15th birthday and it was the day that all protections on her were off. It was the day that she would fend for herself against the minions of Hell. The denizens of the underworld were a strange lot. They were into all kinds of depravity, kinks, sins and other atrocities. They took pleasure in the flesh of all manner of beings from captured angels to strange creatures that the human race had never seen. Yet, for some strange reason, they left the succubi alone, unmolested and virginal till they came of age at 15. It was almost as if by unspoken consent that 15 years of chastity, innocence and sheltered living only made their eventual defilement all the more satisfying. Demons were unkind. Even to their own.

"Okay Lin. Go ahead and dress yourself. You've practised this before.." came the voice of her oldest half-sister Melissandraith who was the daughter of their mother Lizfalriane and the demon prince Beelzebub. Mel was the classic succubus. All dangerous curves and smoking looks. Dressed in skin tight black leather hot shorts and matching bustier, she had a lush body that all living creatures and even undead ones lusted after. However, being the first born succubus of Lizfalraine and the right hand demon of Lucifer himself, she had the power to deny any hellspawn who wanted to use her hourglass body for their filthy desires. She was not the type to be hunted but to hunt.

"Yes Lin.. go ahead and dress yourself, sweetie. But apply your make up first. Make up always comes first!" Victorialyss said mischievously while beside her Mel rolled her large luminous eyes. Vic was the 3rd born of the family and was nowhere near as powerful as her brother Aljutimotiel and her elder sister Mel but she made up for it with cunning. Her figure was very much like Lindara's though she was slightly taller and curvier. She was dressed in an extremely short black satin skirt that barely hide her pantiless vagina and ass. Her top was nothing more than a lacy black quarter cup bra from which her stiff nipples were totally exposed. While that might seem like she was inviting the lustful attention of Hellions, her father Carnivale was a Prince of Powers who tempted men into obscenity and shamelessness. Vic would lure other hellspawn into her range then defeat her unsuspecting victims with clever spells before fucking them.

Lindara nodded her head submissively, used to following instructions from her half sisters. "Okay.. make up first.." she acknowledged in her soft voice and concentrated for a moment. Like magic, her already gorgeously cute face was transformed into a breathtaking beautiful visage with artfully applied blush, eye shadow, and lipstick.

"Add some eyeliner, Lin." instructed Vic.

Lin dutifully did so as Mel rolled her eyes again .

"Eyelashes a bit longer and fuller.."

Again Lin complied while Mel elbowed Vic in the side. Vic just winked at Mel.

"Okay Lin, you look stunning. Now for your clothes." Mel spoke up, putting an end to Vic's shenanigans.

One would think that since succubi were the targets of sexual assault from any and every Hellion who could take one down, they would spend less effort on making themselves attractive. However, it simply was not in their demonic genetic make up. To a succubus, looking like a tempting morsel was as natural as breathing. They could no more make themselves look ugly than a happy dog could stop wagging its tail or a fish could stop swimming.

So there Lindara stood, breathtakingly gorgeous and totally naked as her sisters looked on.

"Try that white A line skirt and spaghetti strap crop top you look so nice in, Lin." Mel suggested.

Lindara nodded and concentrated but to her dismay, Vic's plan had worked to perfection and Lin had used up too much of her power on her make up. All that appeared to cover Lin's incredible nude body was a white gauzy top that came down only low enough to cover her hard nipples and her skirt materialised only to be no more than a minuscule square to cover her pussy and another tiny square to cover her ass crack - both panels were only joined by the flimsiest of threads.

"By Lucifer!" Lindara exclaimed. "I can't go out in this! The other demons will be all over me!"

Vic stifled a giggle. "Try squeezing out a bit more power, Lin. If not, when you walk, your nipples are going to come into view!"

Lindara grimaced and tried her best to draw on more of her naturally pathetic levels of demonic power. The fifteen year old demoness only succeeding in making the threads holding the two panels of her skirt a little thicker and her top come down another centimeter or so. She couldn't even muster up enough power to make her outfit opaque and certainly did not have enough to conjure up a pair of panties!

"Oh my lord.." Lindara breathed, looking at her image in the mirror. The outfit was obscenely scanty and the material was so lightweight that it seemed little more sturdy than cobwebs. A hard sneeze would probably rip them off from her svelte body.

Mel looked at her sister in a mix of familial sympathy and demonic schadenfreude. "Well, if that's the best you can do, then it's the best you can do. You just have to live with it."

"But, I can't leave the house like this. I'm 15 and I am no longer protected!"

Mel shook her head firmly. "You know that you can't stay here anymore now that you are of age. Your own mansion has been prepared for you and you have to claim it before the 12th hour.

Lin looked at the lava clock on the wall. "I still have 4 hours.. I can wait a while more till I regain some power.." she said in a small voice.

"Lin..." Victorialyss spoke up, "you are Asghar.. that 15 minute walk to your new place is not going to take you 15 minutes. You know that."

Lindara blushed furiously. Malakaljin asghar were the favourite playthings of the denizens of Hell. Other than the true lowlife of Hell; the minor goblins, the lesser imps, house elves, and such, any demon spawn could take down an Asghar who had not been up to earth yet. What for risk being defeated by a Masnin succubus when the Asghar were such easy prey? Lindara had grown up walking beside her mother on the streets of Hell and seeing other older Asghar being raped in public. Those Asghar could have been on the way to classes, worship (of Lucifer) sessions, banquets, dances and so on, but they always took longer than expected to reach their destinations.

"You better go now, Lin." Melissandraith said. "If you can't claim your mansion, you'll be in even more trouble.

Lindara swallowed and nodded. At age 15, all demons were considered of age, were no longer allowed to live in their childhood abodes and were given their own mansion staffed by house elves and lesser goblins. It was some form of protection against enemies and a buffer against the chaos of Hell where every demon just as enthusiastically conspired against fellow hellspawn as he did against mortals and angels. There had been frightening stories of Asghar who could not claim their mansions in time and were left out on the streets. These Asghar were said to have suffered terribly from all types of abuse until they were 300 years old and were allowed up onto the mortal plane to hunt.

"Yeah Lin. You better go," echoed Vic. "Oh wait! Tim got you a present!" The second sister added, pulling out a pair of white shoes with 4 inch heels.

Lindara gasped. "Wow! Real heels! I don't even need any power to conjure up footwear! Tim is such a sweetheart!"

"Oh yeah. These are Salvatore Ferragamos too!"

"Oh wow! How did he get those?" Lin asked in amazement. 

"He had a friend up on earth send them down by courier." Mel answered with a smile. "Special delivery for his favourite sister, he said."

Aljutimotiel or Tim as he was known to his family and friends was a real charmer. Stunningly handsome and incredibly powerful, he was a son of Asmodeus and he dated all the similar aged succubi in Hell. For him, there was no need to defeat any succubi nor be defeated. The girls all willingly slept with him to enjoy his talented lips and hands on their flesh and his even more talented cock plunging into their writhing bodies. He had somehow managed to get one of his older sex partners who had gone up to the mortal plane to send him that exquisite pair of heels.

Lindara tried on the heels which unsurprisingly fitted perfectly and had the effect of accentuating her long slender legs even more, making her even more sexualised than she already was.

After a few more minutes when the girls exclaimed over how beautiful the heels were, Lindara-Nimryss reluctantly conceded that she had to go.

Her two older sisters watched her walk out of their childhood residence, her hips swaying in a seductively nubile way and her heels clicking on the black lava street. Mel turned to Vic and said, "You know that no matter what she wears, she is going to get fucked senseless, don't you?"

Vic giggled. "Of course! But it's just fun to mess with her. I can't wait till we all get up to earth together."

Melissandraith smirked and nodded slowly. "Yeah.. earth will be fun for sure."

The Succubus Tales Chapter 1

Hi readers! I've recently picked up a book called Succubus Blues by an author called Richelle Mead in the category of Urban Fantasy. The book has some very interesting ideas and I thought of doing a spin off the Lindamichelle, Melissa, Victoria and Tim series along the theme of succubi and urban fantasy. 

Let me know what you think of the first instalment in the comments below!


The Succubus Tales Chapter 1

Everyone knows what a succubus is. Or at least they think they do. When people hear the word succubus, they conjure up images of big breasted, hourglass shaped female demons who have horns, glowing eyes, a forked tail and are totally naked. They would tell you that a succubus would seduce a man and in having sex with the man, suck out his life essence and leave him as a withered husk of dried flesh.

Well, such people are not entirely wrong as you will discover in due course, but they are describing the malakaljin masnin. These are the elder succubus, the sexual predators that all of the world knows.

However, there is another class of succubi that only scholars of the arcane know about, the malakaljin asghar. It is not surprising that few know of these succubi because there are so few of them.

You see, a succubus can give birth to four offspring during her infernal existence. Not all of the succubi actually have offspring as they would need to be inseminated by a demon prince. When they did have offspring, some of them were incubi, the male version of succubi. And if a succubus gave birth to her maximum of four demonic children, the youngest born, always female, was a malakaljin asghar

What is the difference you might ask, between the succubi? Well, the elder succubi are far more powerful. They are the natural predators of men. As the legends go, they are the ones who proactively seek out men, seduce them, fuck them and consume their life force. They tend to appear more curvy, with big breasts and wide hips and often take the form of a woman in her sexual prime.

Besides the common succubus ability to shape-shift, and feed by drawing on human life energy, they have the ability to go invisible, hide their aura and cast both offensive and defensive spells. In the chaotic demon against demon underworld, the Masnin can hold their own against most other Hellions and can only be defeated by the higher order demons.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the youngest of the succubi, the Asghar. They can shape-shift and can draw on human life-force but are very weak in both physical and arcane abilities. They have no predatory instincts unlike their older sisters but make up for it by being the most beautiful of the succubi. The youngest of the succubi tended to be slim, nubile and youthful looking. Their natural appearance was one that resembled a girl in her mid to late teens, about 16 or 17 years old. They had smaller breasts and narrower hips than their older sisters, had no pubic hair and tended towards lolita cute facial features.

The Asghars' lack of combat abilities and their inability to hide their auras or go invisible combined with their attractiveness made them prime targets for sexual violence from other hellspawn.

All succubi knew of this weakness of their youngest daughters and most tried their best not to give birth to a fourth demonic child. Most succubi would "Stop at three" so to speak, further reducing the chances of an Asghar being born. However, demons being demons, the princes of hell enjoyed causing suffering and humiliation and they would overpower reluctant succubi and forcibly impregnate them so that this weak but beautiful youngest child could be brought into a world of lust.

Lindara-Nimryss was one such malakaljin asghar. Her mother Lizfalriane had already birthed a very powerful incubus called Aljutimotiel, her first born succubus, Melissandraith and her third demonic offspring, another succubus called Victorialyss. Knowing this, Gressil, the third Prince of Thrones, a powerful  demon prince, overpowered Lizfalriane and raped her. He impregnated her and she gave birth to her youngest and loveliest daughter, Lindara.

Lindara's birth was greeted in Hell with much glee and everyone knew that when she reached 15 years old, she would be raped by all types of Hellions, from the greater imps to the multi-tentacled monsters which lurked in Hell.

There were no clothes in Hell. The natural form of demons was nudity but demons like their angelic counterparts in heaven, were supernatural beings who could will their garments into existence. Succubi, having a shape-shifting ability, could also do this, shifting their form to appear as if they were clothed, even when they were not.

However, in order to shape-shift, a succubus needed power. The more a succubus shifted from her original form, the more power she used. If she wanted to change her hairstyle in an instant, for example, it would take far less power than to shift her form into that of a man. If she wanted to shift her form into that of an animal, it would use up staggering amounts of power. 

Lindara as we all know by now, was the weakest of her sisters and did not have much power. She would only be able to gain power beyond her natural levels when she started to feed on human life energy but that would not be till she was 300 years old and would then be considered mature enough to go up into the world of humans to hunt. Until then, all she had to protect herself for the next 285 years was her natural levels of power. 

The Year 1736.

While up in the world of humans, the Russians and the Turks were waging war, the Spanish and Portuguese were in conflict and the Miao people of South-western China were rebelling against the Qing dynasty, things in Hell would be no less brutal, especially for our young 15 year old Lindara.


Thursday, 30 April 2020

The stories continue!

Hey readers

As you know the blog has stopped having story and photo updates since my relationship status changed. 

But stories continue in a safer and more discrete way for me on Secondlife. 

Have a look at this blog to stay in touch!



Saturday, 16 November 2019

At the Bus Stop.

Linda waved goodbye to Mr. Lee her neighbour and walked off to the bus stop, the mild breeze causing her skirt to dance about at the very top of her thighs.

Linda thought back to the day she told her daddy what Mr. Lee did to her every time they were in the lift together alone.

"Darling," her daddy had replied, "you have beautiful breasts that you shouldn't be ashamed of."

"It's only natural for people to want to look at them or touch them. After all, that's why we spend quality time massaging them every day don't we? So that they will never sag and will always remain perky and you won't ever have to wear those ugly bras. If anyone wants to touch your breasts, you should let them."

Linda had nodded at her father's wisdom, happy that he did not have a problem with Mr. Lee touching her tits, after all, it did feel pretty good.

"But Daddy," Linda asked, "what if he wanted to touch me in other places too?"

"Sweetie, every part of your body is as beautiful as your breasts. Inevitably, men and women alike will want to touch you. Just remember the two golden rules; they musn't look up your skirt and they will have to have your permission before touching your pussy or asshole."

"So Daddy, I just push them away and tell them off if they tried?"

" That's right Darling." Linda's father had confirmed.

Linda was so caught up in her recollections that she did not notice that her skirt was flying up as she walked along to the bus stop. Drivers speeding past, turned to stare at the luscious girl, wondering if that was a bare pussy they saw or just some skin coloured panties.

Linda reached the bus stop before she finally realised what the wind was doing to her outfit. She blushed slightly and held her super short skirt down demurely. She cast her eyes about to see if anyone had noticed and she saw a young man in office wear staring at her legs and skirt, as if willing it to fly up again.

"Oops, I guess he did look up my skirt!" Linda thought to herself, mentally counting off "1".

Linda's mind went back to the past again as she remembered her daddy's first golden rule.

"Darling," he had said, "You must always do your best not to let any man or boy look up your skirt, it's terribly rude. If they look up your skirt, they will be able to see your panties. However, there is a proviso to that rule; your knees must never touch, whether you are standing, sitting or lying down."

"But Daddy," LindaMichelle had replied, "my skirts are so short! It'll be so difficult to prevent myself from being exposed!"

"Sweetie, that's the challenge. It's not the results that matter, it's the trying. You just do your best and don't make it too easy for them."

Linda smiled at the memory and continued to hold down her 10 inch long skirt against the playful breezes that morning.

The office worker looked at the incredibly sexy body in front of him and thought;

"Fucking tease! You want to dress like a slut and still want to hold down your skirt like a virgin? I'll fuck you one day! I'll tear that fucking short skirt off and fuck that hot pussy of yours!"

The man looked up from the skirt and at LindaMichelle's thin white blouse.

"Fuck man, she's not wearing a bra either! What a fucking slut! Check out those nipples man!"

His eyes rose further up to contemplate her face.

"Wah laaan... fucking chio lahhh." (My dick! She's damned pretty) "Fucking hot man! Perfect body, perfect legs, perfect cunt, perfect tits AND a perfect face!" "Why the hell can't I get a girl like that?"

As the feeder bus approached, Linda took her hands off her skirt to take out her EZ-link card and the lightweight material of her skirt flipped up again. She quickly held it down with one hand.

The office man's eyes narrowed; "A real fucking tease, want to hold down then dun wear so short lah!" he thought to himself.

Suddenly an idea formed in his head and he quickly took out his mobile phone and switched it to video mode.

The feeder bus came whooshing to a stop, causing Linda's hot pink skirt to expose her firm bottom, although she gamely held down the front.

The office guy quickly took up position behind her as the bus door opened and he placed his mobile phone at the best angle to film up her tiny skirt.

Totally innocent and unaware that guys were capable of such antics, Linda took a big step up to the bus, her pussy lips parting as she did so.

Later, the office guy would review his video and masturbate to the wonderfully hot image of her hairless slit.

The bus door closed and the bus moved off to the regional interchange where Linda would catch a connecting bus to her university.