Sunday, June 28, 2015

Commencement Day and Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 8

Hey everyone!

I've finally graduated! Now it's time to join the working world and maybe write some stories about the working life to come!

Here is a short story and some pics to mark the occasion! As always, the XXX blog has more pics!




Linda and her friends were gathered at the University Cultural Centre for their Commencement 2013 ceremony. The girls were so excited to have finally graduated and were busy waving their degree scrolls around and posing for pictures with their friends and family.

Mr Chan, Melissa's father looked over at the bouncing girls and his eyes lingered on LindaMichelle. She was beautiful as always and especially so today. Mr Chan smiled as he took in the sight of her smiling face and the sound of her happy laughter. His eyes roamed over her body, obscured by the voluminous graduation gown but yet her slender perfect body could still be discerned from beneath the heavy fabric.

Eventually the girls stopped their photo taking and went to get some tidbits from the tables of light refreshments that were provided.

"Hey Mr Chan! Enjoying your food?" Linda asked with a big smile.

Mr Chan looked down at the gorgeous young woman with a grin, "Absolutely! Congratulations on your graduation Linda."

"Thanks Mr Chan... I do wish these gowns weren't as ugly though... they are so hot and stuffy too!" While Linda has altered her graduation gown to be shorter than anyone else's, the fact still remained that it was far more than what she normally wore to her classes at university.

Mr Chan gave Linda a naughty smile, "Melissa tells me you girls are totally naked under those gowns, is that true?"

LindaMichelle blushed prettily. The girls *did* arrange to go nude under the gowns as they all agreed that it was far too warm in June to be dressed formally under their graduation wear.

"Umm... yeah Mr Chan..." she replied softly, her cheeks pink.

Mr Chan chuckled, "Follow me Linda." he ordered her. To the rest of the party, he announced, "Linda and I are going to get more drinks, be back in a while!"


"Mel? My dad is going overseas for work tomorrow and Tim is away in camp. Can I stay over at your place till Friday?" Linda asked her best friend after class one Monday afternoon.

"Oh! I'm sure my folks wouldn't mind. You can't stay at home alone?" Melissa asked.

"My daddy says it's safer if I were to stay over at a friend's house and Vic's place is too small."

"Well, shouldn't be a problem. Pack your bags and we can go straight to my place after Netball practice tomorrow!" the Netball team captain said.

"Okay! Set! Thanks Mel!" Linda smiled with relief.


The two 15 year old netballers arrived at Melissa's house on Tuesday evening after practice and plunked their bags down.

"Hey Dad!" Melissa greeted her father.

"Hi Mr Chan!" Linda called out too in her musical voice.

"Had a good practice, girls?" Mr Chan asked, his eyes roaming over the body of his daughter's hot friend.

The girls both laughed and replied in the affirmative then went off to wash up.

A few minutes later, Linda appeared in the living room where Mr Chan was watching TV. Melissa's father looked up and his eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw the beautiful teenager standing there totally nude, drying her long silky hair with a towel. His daughter had warned him that Linda was used to being dressed rather scantily at home and he was eagerly looking forward to seeing the sexy 15 year old in FBT shorts or something, but he had not expected her to be naked right there in front of him.

Mr Chan's eyes took in her slender body with her lovely firm B cup breasts and super erect nipples and his cock hardened. His gaze drifted downwards, past her flat tummy and narrow waist to the satin smooth skin of her long slim legs. When she shifted position, his eyes caught sight of her perfectly hairless teenage pussy and his jaw dropped open.

Linda noticed Mr Chan staring at her and she blushed, "Oh.. I don't usually wear clothes after I shower, Mr Chan.. I hope you don't mind..."

Melissa's father managed to compose himself after a few moments and shook his head.. "Oh no.. that is perfectly fine. I just.. didn't expect you to look so good..." he managed to stammer out.

LindaMichelle blushed prettily again, "You're so sweet Mr Chan!" she responded before joining him on the sofa in front of the TV.

Melissa finished her shower soon after and joined them in the living room, giggling to herself at the embarrassed look on her father's face. Linda's best friend had tried to make her more comfortable by dressing more skimpily than she usually did at home and her big C cups breasts were braless under her tee shirt and her nipples were protruding quite clearly from the thin fabric. She also donned a pair of tiny FBT shorts and Mr Chan had an even harder time figuring out where to keep his eyes, much to his daughter's amusement.

"Is Mum working late today Dad?" she asked.

"Yes, Mel. She's on night shift." her father replied. "She left dinner in the kitchen already."

"Okay great! I'm famished and so is Linda!"

Mr Chan didn't eat much at dinner that night, his eyes kept drifting to Linda's firm breasts that were visible above the wooden top of their dining table. Occasionally when bending down to eat, her B cups would rest on the table or her nipples would brush the edge of the table and Mr Chan would have to adjust his cock under the table surreptiously.

Once during the meal, LindaMichelle reached over the table to get some chilli sauce and Mr Chan got an incredible view of her teenage breasts super close to his face and he nearly came in his pants.


Mr Chan relaxed in his armchair with a glass of whiskey after watching the 11pm news bulletin on BBC and slowly rubbed his crotch thinking of his daughter's incredibly hot friend. He couldn't quite believe that Linda was so comfortable with nudity that she would dare to be naked in front of near strangers. He closed his eyes and thought about how to explain Linda's dressing, or rather lack of to his wife.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice.

"Mr Chan?"

"Linda? Aren't you supposed to be in bed already?"

"I couldn't sleep Mr Chan" Linda explained as she walked totally naked to his side.

"Why? The bed too hard? Melissa kicked you in her sleep?" Mr Chan chuckled.

"I.. ummm.. well..." Linda hesitated.

"Tell me Linda, what's wrong?" Melissa's father asked with some concern, his eyes drinking in the sight of her perfect body and his cock stirring again.

"Well, Mr Chan... you see..." Linda blushed, "my daddy usually plays with my breasts before I sleep and .... well... he didn't do that tonight..."

Mr Chan's jaw dropped open again and he was speechless to reply.

Linda looked very embarrassed but she really could not sleep so she ventured her next question very softly, "Mr Chan, could you please play with my breasts? Please?"

Mr Chan was totally dumbfounded and he nodded slowly, his mouth still agape.

Linda smiled happily in relief, "Oh thank you Mr Chan!" she squealed quietly.

The naked 15 year old girl then climbed onto Mr Chan and straddled his lap facing him. Melissa's father looked down at the teenager's obscenely spread legs and hairless pussy and his cock went rock hard, the shaft pressing up against Linda's naked slit. Slowly, he began to fondle Linda's gorgeous breasts and watched her beautiful face as she closed her eyes and exhaled softly.

Linda's nipples were perpetually erect but the massaging of her soft breasts caused them to become really hard and before long, Mr Chan was tweaking her nipples as well as fondling her globes. Naturally Linda's legs parted wider and she moaned as her hips began to rock against Mr Chan's penis.

After about a minute of stimulation, Linda opened her pretty eyes and apologised, "Mr Chan... I'm sorry, but I get so wet when my breasts get played with... am I making a mess of your pants?"

Mr Chan shook his head and told Linda that it was okay with him but Linda insisted that she shouldn't be dirtying his pants.

"My cousin Tim sometimes doesn't want me to dirty his pants so he takes them off." she explained and Mr Chan just sat there astounded as she helped him take off his pants, exposing his raging erection. Linda clambered onto his lap again and as he resumed his fondling of her breasts and nipples, she rocked her hips and rubbed her tight pussy against his now naked cock.

Suddenly Mr Chan realised what an opportunity he had in front of him and all caution was thrown out of the window.

"Linda, you are really very wet. You are dripping onto my armchair too. We'll have to plug up your pussy." he announced grabbing his boner "with this."

Linda gasped, her sexy lips forming an "O" and her eyes widening at his suggestion.

"Don't you think it will solve the problem?" he pressed.

Linda bit her lower lip and nodded, her cousin Tim regularly fucked her when he played with her breasts so it made a lot of sense to her.

Mr Chan lifted the lithe 15 year old easily and lowered her tight pussy onto his erection. Linda gasped as she was stretched open and before long she was riding her best friend's father out in the living room.

Mr Chan could not quite believe he was fucking his daughter's best friend but his cock had taken over and there was no going back. He lowered his mouth to her nipples and was rewarded with louder moans which Linda quickly stifled with her hand.

Before long, Mr Chan's fondling became a rough mauling of Linda's breasts and when he approached an orgasm, he lifted her up and carried her over to the dining table where he laid her down and began ramming her young pussy as fast as he could. Linda held onto his arm with one hand and covered her mouth with the other as he grabbed a double handful of her breasts and ejaculated into her teenage pussy.

As her 15 year old womb filled with his hot seed, Linda cried out and orgasmed hard, her hips bucking against Mr Chan's rock hard cock, milking his balls of every last drop of cumm before she passed out from the strength of her orgasm.

Mr Chan slumped down on top of her panting, totally spent. He stroked her pretty face gently, marvelling as how pretty and relaxed she looked in her sleep and carried her naked and dripping with his cum back to his daughter's room.

As chance would have it, Mr Chan's wife had to work night shift for the rest of the week and he enjoyed fucking his daughter's best friend for the next few nights, all the while telling himself he was only helping her to sleep better.

Mr Chan pulled open the door of the disabled toilet and led LindaMichelle inside.

"Are you really naked under that gown?"

"Yes Mr Chan.." Linda meekly replied.

"Show me." he ordered.

Linda blushed as she obediently stripped of her graduation gown, exposing her gloriously naked body to the lustful gaze of Mr Chan.

Mr Chan stepped forward and grabbed Linda by her slender waist and kissed her hard. Linda gasped but her natural instinct was to kiss back and soon Mr Chan's tongue was deep in her mouth. Linda gasped again when Mr Chan's hand reached between her legs and shoved a thick finger into her hairless pussy.

After a minute of finger fucking the young woman, Mr Chan pushed her down to her knees and freed his cock.

"Suck it, slut." he growled.

Linda looked up at him with eyes opened vulnerably wide but took his erection into her mouth and started sucking and licking his rock hard penis. Mr Chan grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth, overcome with lust. Fortunately, LindaMichelle had no gag reflex and she did not choke when his cockhead pushed into her throat time and time again.

"That's right, suck it, you little slut." he cursed.

Linda blushed at his words but obediently continued to pleasure him.

"Get up now, I'm going to fuck your slutty little cunt now!" Mr Chan's normally mild demenor was totally overtaken by lust now. He turned her around and pressed her over the sink and entered her from behind and started to fuck her wildly.

Linda bit her lip to stifle her moans and held on to the sink and Mr Chan fucked her nearly senseless from behind.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, Mr Chan emptied his balls with a loud groan into Linda's pussy for the first time since that time she stayed over at his house. His seed filled her womb again as he swore.

"Yeah.. take it slut, take it deep into you cunt, you little whore."

His pulsating cock and hot cumm flooding her insides tipped Linda over the edge and she too orgasmed hard, collapsing over the sink then sliding onto the floor.

When Linda regained consciousness, Mr Chan helped the embarrassed young woman to put on her gown again but not before fondling her braless breasts again.

"Come stay over again soon." he chuckled before exiting the toilet.

Linda went back to the group a few minutes later, her cheeks flushed and her pussy again dripping with Mr Chan's cumm.

It had certainly been a memorable commencement.