Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blog Revamp and The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 7

Dear fans,

Thank you so much for your patience! Here is the final revamp of the blog featuring new graphics and a Twitter feed! Also a new chapter of The Jailbait Chronicles to mark the relaunch of the blog!

Hugs and kisses,



*Ring ring*

"Hey babe! What's up?"

"Hey Tim. I need a favour, can you help?"

"Of course babe. What do you need? A date for your graduation ball?"

"No! Girls' schools don't have graduation balls, we have boring ceremonies.. in any case, we are all too stressed about the O Level results to think of any type of party.."

"What a shame, I have just the right dress in mind for you. Okay, so what do you need help with?"

"I was thinking that my blog layout is getting a bit outdated and boring. Do you know anyone who might be able to help with a design overhaul?"

"Hmm... you need a website designer is it?"

"No.. it's just a blogger blogsite. I don't think I need a website designer, just someone who can help update the layout."

"Oh okay. I think I know just the guy. I pass him your number and I'll ask him to give you a call?"

"OK Tim! Thanks a bunch!"


*Ring ring*

"Hello Tim! Whassssup?"

"HS, need a favour bro. You know my cousin Linda?"

"The super hot one on your Facebook?"

"Yups. She wants to redo her blog layout and needs some help. Keen to give her a hand?"

"Hell yeah! Who doesn't want a chance to hang out with such a hottie?"

Tim laughed, "Okay great. I'll pass you her number and you give her a call okay?"

"Got it!"


*Ring ring*


"Hi! Is this Linda?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Hey there, this is HS. Your cousin Tim said you needed some help with your blog?"

"Oh yeah! Hi HS! It's so nice of you to help me! So what do I need to do?"

"Hmm.. I'm free tomorrow afternoon, you want to come over to my place and we do up your blog?"

"OK sure!"


Putting down the phone, HS surfed to Tim's Facebook page and stroked his cock as he looked at photos of Tim's super sexy cousin. As he studied the images, he noticed that in every picture, Linda did not seem to wear a bra, her nipples could quite clearly be seen poking out against the fabric of her top and on occasion, the material was thin enough or light coloured enough to see hint at the colour of her nipples. He clicked further back in the gallery's time line and gasped, what kind of school girl didn't wear a bra, even when in uniform?

From the pictures it was also pretty obvious to the 23 year old IT specialist that there was no occasion that Linda was not wearing a very short skirt, in fact, he could not find a single photo of her wearing shorts or pants, except for a few pictures of her in PE uniform. As HS perved the photos, his mind began to conceive of a plan for the following day.

HS took his motorcycle down to Sim Lim Square and bought a set of wireless spy cameras to secretly film Linda when she came. He went home and installed them, testing them and smiling to himself.


*Ding dong*

The door bell chimed and HS went to get it. Immediately his cock stirred in his pants. There in front of him was an image of teenage perfection.

Linda was dressed in a sexy cream coloured dress that exposed plenty of her lovely cleavage. The neckline was low enough that many guys would have easily been able to look down at her breasts on her way to HS's place in Serangoon. HS could not help but lick his lips as his eyes took in her hard nipples poking out of the thin material though the top did not allow him to to see the colour of her areolas. His eyes drifted down to her super short skirt and his cock hardened even more as the sunlight from behind silhouetted her legs perfectly, sharply defining her slender thighs and pussy.

Linda blushed as HS checked her out  and she hoped that her outfit did not make her look too fat and unconsciously she spread her legs wider to present herself a little better.

"Hi there, you must be HS?" Linda asked in her sweet musical voice.

HS recovered from his staring and hastily stammered out a reply, "Oh yes, yes! You must be Linda! Please, come inside!"

Linda smiled and carefully took off her heels, treating HS to another extended silhouette show as she stood balancing in the light of the doorway. HS's eyes flickered to the camera he had positioned secretly in a shoe and smiled as he knew that he had gotten a good angle up her skirt.

HS then led Linda to the computer in the living room and bade her sit down at the work station. Linda thanked him and gracefully slid into the seat provided, the skirt riding up to display even more of her long satin smooth legs.

"Here Linda," HS began, standing beside her and taking the opportunity to look down her blouse, "just log on to your blogger account while I go get a drink for you."

"Oh thank you... a drink would be lovely.. it is *such* a hot day outside!" Linda breathed.

HS smiled and disappeared into his room thinking that it was a pretty hot day inside the house too. He flicked on his personal computer's screen and whistled as the image came up on screen.

"Holy shit! She isn't wearing panties!" HS swore and started rubbing his cock. Linda had opted to go without panties as it had been a really hot day and now she was sitting in her usual position with thighs sexily parted, totally unaware that she was exposing herself to a second camera installed under the computer table.

After a minute or two, HS managed to stop rubbing his crotch and quickly grabbed two packets of green tea from his bar fridge and headed back out to Linda. He handed a packet to her then dragged a chair to sit beside the hot 16 year old.

The two worked on the blog site for about half hour, with HS really enjoying being so close to the beautiful teenager. The computer geek happily tapped away at the keyboard, setting up the new blog layout and sneaking peeks at Linda's lovely face and incredible body.

"Nearly done..." HS said, adjusting the position of the last few widgets.

"Wow HS! It looks really good!" Linda gushed delightedly. "Oh! I need to go to the ladies, may I use your toilet, HS?"

"Yeah, of course. Just down there in the kitchen." HS replied, smiling to himself again.

Linda nodded and headed off to the toilet and HS quickly ran back to his room and powered up the screen again.

He watched as Linda entered the toilet and locked the door. Then his eyes opened in disbelief as the teenager started to strip. Linda unzipped the back of her dress and wriggled out of it, exposing her totally naked body to the camera hidden up at the water pipes, before carefully hanging up her dress on an available hook.

"Fucking hell...why is she taking off her clothes?" HS wondered with his jaw hanging half open in amazement and excitement.

Without a stitch of clothing on her body she sat down on the toilet seat and HS quickly hit a button to change cameras. The tiny camera fixed to the underside of the toilet seat powered up and the perverted IT nerd began recording a close up video of LindaMichelle's perfectly smooth pussy, anus and seconds later, a stream of light golden urine tinkling into the porcelain bowl.

HS took out his cock and starting masturbating furiously to the golden shower. He groaned and ejaculated all over the screen when his eyes saw Linda's hand go between her thighs to wipe herself clean with some toilet tissue. Still stroking his cock, he switched views and watched the sexy 16 year old flush the toilet and wriggle back into her dress. The IT sicko then quickly tucked his cock back in the pants and when Linda came back to the living room computer, he smiled at her and presented her the finished blog.

"Tadahh!" he said with a broad grin.

"Oh! That really is wonderful... I love how you helped me install my twitter feed too!" Linda clapped her hands and bounced about, her firm but braless breasts jiggling about in her cream dress. "How can I repay you?"

"Well," HS replied, "maybe we can go watch a movie together?"

Linda stopped bouncing and touched a slim finger to her soft kissable lips, "Ummm.. a movie?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yeah... just a simple movie.. I heard that Inception is really good!"

Linda thought about the suggestion then smiled as she looked at the completed blog layout again. "Okay then... a movie it shall be.. I haven't watched Inception yet either."


*Ring ring*

"Yo HS! How was it?"

"Tim my man... it was fucking crazy lah"

"Huh? What do you mean? You fucked her?"

"Nonono! I wish I did man.. I mean she was super hot and all but do you know, she took a pee in my toilet naked?"

Tim laughed, "Yeah... she takes off her clothes when she uses the toilet, her daddy said to do that so her clothes don't get dirtied by any germs on the toilet bowl.... anyway.. how the hell do you know that?"

It was HS's turn to laugh, "I stuck a camera in the toilet!"

"You are a sick freak lah, HS. Make sure you send me a copy of the videos, you asshole."

HS laughed again, "Will do man.. will do. Oh, as a  reward for doing her blog, we are going to watch Inception tomorrow night!"

"A movie huh? Well done man... make sure she takes off her top."


Tim laughed, "You'll know what I mean."


HS stopped his bike under LindaMichelle's block in Woodlands and sent her a text saying that he had arrived. A couple of minutes later, Linda appeared dressed in a cute baby pink blouse that bared her shoulders and a micro mini denim skirt and matching pink heels.

HS smiled at the gorgeous sight in front of him, "Ever ridden a bike?"

"Hi HS, yeah.. Daddy used to have one before he decided it was safer to drive instead of ride..."

Linda took the spare helmet from HS and gracefully climbed up the bike, settling into the pillion seat, but not before treating HS to a nice view of her tiny pink lace g-sting as she mounted the two wheeler.

"Ready? HS asked. "Here we go!"

Linda squealed as HS sped off and she hugged him tightly, her braless breasts mashed against HS's back, delighting him with the feeling of soft breasts and hard nipples as they made their way down to town.


Linda and HS walked into the cinema and the cold air of the theatre immediately made Linda's nipples stiffen and poke out even more of her blouse, adding to HS's viewing pleasure as he guided her into a couple seat at the back of the cinema hall. They sat there chatting and laughing about the trailers of upcoming movies as the cinema darkened. Then just as the show began, to HS's surprise, Linda reached over to him, lay her head on his shoulder and started to fondle his semi erect cock through his jeans.

HS's cock hardened immediately and he bent his head down and started kissing LindaMichelle who parted her sweet lips quite readily as his tongue pushed against her mouth. He continued kissing her and groaned as she unzipped his pants and began stroking his erection with her left hand. HS fondled her breasts through her pink blouse as he began to kiss the 16 year old schoolgirl more passionately and she responded by increasing the speed of her handjob. Soon HS started playing with Linda's sensitive nipples causing her to moan into the French kisses.

When HS's cock was super hard, Linda broke off the kiss and tucked her hair behind her ear before bending down and taking HS into her warm wet mouth. Linda's soft lips stretched over HS's shaft and she bobbed her head up and down, going lower and lower till the cockhead was pushing past her tonsils.

HS groaned as he was pleasured then remembered Tim's words, "Take off your top, Lin." he commanded her in a hoarse whisper.

LindaMichelle blushed in the dark of the theatre but obediently stripped off her top, to the wide eyed amazement of the pair in the couple seat next to theirs. She bent down again and resumed her blowjob and HS fondled her firm breasts as she thought back to an evening 2 years ago.


"Okay Linda, the cinema lights are off. Take out my cock." the 17 year old Timothy said.

"Here? In the cinema?" Timothy's 14 year old cousin asked, her eyes wide.

"That's right, Lin. You see, blowjobs in cinemas are a standard. It's a basic thing that girls do in cinemas." Tim replied confidently.

The innocent 14 year old nodded, trusting her older and dearest cousin explicitly, not even turning to look at what other girls were doing as she fished out Tim's erection from his pants. It was the first time Tim brought her out to a movie and she wanted to make sure the experience was perfect, so she readily complied with Tim's instructions to kiss him and stroke his cock as he fondled her.

After a couple of minutes of kissing and playing with her breasts, Tim broke off the kiss and leaned in to whisper into Linda's ear. "Now, all blowjobs must be done topless, it is a rule. While you are sucking on a guy's cock, you must allow him to play with your tits, understand babe?"

The 14 year old secondary two student's eyes widened again, but she nodded and obediently wriggled out of her tight tank top, exposing her firm breasts to the cold cinema environment.

"Now blow me.." Tim said as he resumed fondling his cousin's hot nubile body. Linda giggled, a little thrilled to be topless in public and lowered her head to engulf Tim's cock in her soft mouth. She bobbed her head up and down and gently cupped and massaged her cousin's balls as he continued to instruct her.

"That's right... lower, all the way down..." he said quietly, "You see Lin, in future, each time a guy invites you for a movie, this is what you must do. It is expected of all girls. The boy buys the movie tickets and the girl pleasures him during the movie, understand?"

Linda nodded and lowered her head till Tim's cock was deep in her throat.

"Getting to fondle your tits is part of the package and you don't want to have your top interfering with his enjoyment do you?" he asked, giving her nipples a good twist and pinch

Linda moaned as she came up for air and shook her head before proceeding to lick her cousin's shaft up and down, making sure his balls received her tongue's attention as well.

"Ideally, he should have access to your whole body," Tim continued expounding, pushing aside her thong and inserting a finger into her pussy to illustrate his point. "He may even fuck you right here in the cinema hall.

Linda mewled in pleasure and resumed deep throating her cousin.

"and in those circumstances, you'd have to be totally nude in the cinema, understand?" he asked, emphasizing his question with a burst of rapid finger fucking.

Linda thrust back against his hand and nodded earnestly to show her comprehension, her face buried in Tim's lap with his cockhead pushing back and forth past her tonsils.

"But unless you know the guy very well, a blowjob is good enough for each movie." he pronounced, withdrawing his fingers from her pussy.

Linda wriggled her ass in need as his fingers exited her body. Her mouth and hands increased their tempo and soon Tim groaned and shot his load down his 14 year old cousin's throat. The schoolgirl then carefully licked the cock clean before she was allowed to put her blouse back on.


Back in the cinema, HS couldn't believe he was being blown by a 16 year old hottie, topless, in a cinema! It was mind blowing, more than his fantasies ever imagined. He mauled Linda's breasts roughly and pinched her nipples until she was mewling on his cock. Linda's response was to suck him harder and faster and within minutes, she had a nice tummy full of HS's cum.

Linda continued to suck him till he was soft then tucked him back into his pants before asking permission to put her top back on again. HS just nodded in amazement and she slipped her thin blouse back on before leaning her head back on HS's shoulder and allowing him to continue fondling her breasts.

To this day, HS still has not watched Inception.