Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blog Revamp and The Plot to take LindaMichelle

Dear fans,

I will be revamping the blog to make it look a bit more modern and up to date. So if you see that the blog is down or the layout looks funny, just relax cos it is under construction! If all goes well, a new look blog will be up by end of Jan.

And to reward everyone for their patience, I want to share one of the best Fan Fictions I have read so far by Cab T, entitled "The Plot to Take LindaMichelle".


Ever since Victoria had seduced her netball coach, Mr Tay, in his car along the expressway, they had continued their very sexual relationship in and out of school. With Mr Tay living so close to Victoria and giving her a ride to school every morning, Victoria had gotten used to eagerly drinking her morning protein shake in Mr Tay’s car, with his hard cock and full balls more than able to supply her with her daily dose. 

For her part, the barely legal sixteen year old liked nothing more than leaning over to the driver’s seat and wrapping her full red lips around her netball coach’s red-hot penis, feeling the large head throbbing in her mouth while her soft creamy butt, revealed by her short skirt riding up to be clad in nothing but a g-string, was pressed up against the window for other motorists to ogle. 

After netball training, Victoria would always be the volunteer to help pack the balls, giving her and Mr Tay lots of time in the equipment room where Mr Tay would throw her roughly onto the large string bags of netballs, flip up her short skirt to reveal her skimpy, translucent g-string and tear it off with his teeth leaving her cleanly shaved, steaming hot pussy lips to drip her sweet liquid all over the netballs.

If she had been good that day, Mr Tay would lower his face to her pussy and run his tongue over her swollen clitoris, which was urgently waiting for a rough tongue-fucking. Combined with Mr Tay’s extremely well-trained fingers, which were always able to find her g-spot, Victoria had no problems reaching orgasm in minutes, squiring her pussy juice all over the netball equipment which would then be used by the girls the next training. Since the equipment room had air vents connected to the main corridor, passersby were often treated to Victoria’s muffled screams as Mr Tay’s talented tongue brought her to multiple orgasms.

If Victoria had been a bad girl, Mr Tay would tie her hands with a netball bib, flip her onto her stomach and give her a rough doggy style fucking session while spanking her well tanned butt till it was red with his firm handprints. With her mouth gagged by her panties, Victoria could only release muffled moans as Mr Tay’s thick cock rammed in and out of her youthful teenage slit. In this position, the netball equipment got soaked with Mr Tay’s semen dripping out of Victoria’s pussy instead. It was no wonder that the girls were always complaining about the smell of the cum-soaked netball bibs that they had to wear during training, while only Victoria and Mr Tay knew about their dirty little secret!

Although he was very satisfied with Victoria, Mr Tay could not keep his thoughts off the hottest netballer in his team, LindaMichelle. Tall and slim, with curves in exactly the right places, Linda was undoubtedly the belle of the netball team. Her silky black hair cascaded over her back like a waterfall and her large, limpid eyes and slightly pouted lips made men turn to check her out wherever she walked. Of course, this could also have been because of her dressing – LindaMichelle was restricted to wearing only the shortest skirts and skimpiest tops because of her skin condition, leaving her slender legs exposed to the top of her thighs and almost to the curves of her pert bum.

In her position as goalscorer, LindaMichelle often needed to jump to shoot for her team, causing her short pleated skirt to float upwards to reveal a taut, shapely bum with her barely there thong panties disappearing seductively between her cheeks. Because Linda was so easily turned on, her creamy upper thighs were often glistening with the fluids leaking from her wet pussy, leaving Mr Tay with an uncontrollable hardon as he squatted down beside her in order to observe her shooting form. The view was even more alluring from the front, as Linda’s large, natural bosom heaved with every shot she took. The lack of a bra caused her exquisitely shaped nipples and areolas to rub against the rough fabric of her top, leaving her in a perpetual state of arousal. Her nipples strained to get free from her top and spectators were sometimes rewarded with a flash of pink as she landed after scoring a goal.

However, Mr Tay appreciated the view of her wet hairless slit the most. Linda’s translucent g-string did nothing to hide her swollen pink lips and would disappear in between them the more she jumped around. The juices soaking Linda’s panties ensured that they stayed transparent and adhered to her teenage pussy like a second skin, giving Mr Tay a perfect view of every single fold of her labia and clitoris as he knelt down in front of her. The icing on the cherry was LindaMichelle’s total unawareness of her allure and her desire to preserve her modesty, giving her both a seductive yet adorable charm. Yes, Mr Tay was smitten by the sweet sixteen year old on his netball team, but was unable to get his hands on her as she looked up to her coach and unlike Victoria, would have thought it was totally inappropriate to make out with him.

As Mr Tay grew more and more entranced by LindaMichelle, his arousal finally reached a tipping point and he cooked up a cunning plan to lure the guileless Linda onto his needy cock without her even knowing that she was being tricked. However, for his plan to succeed, he would need Victoria’s help. As Victoria and Melissa, the team captain, were often the perpetrators behind exposing Linda, he knew that getting Victoria to fall in with his diabolical plan would not be difficult. He outlined his plan to Victoria one day after training, after tying her spreadeagle to two netball posts and denying her an orgasm for half an hour. With his mouth sucking on one of Victoria’s nipples and his fingers buried in her dripping pussy, she was soon writhing and straining to be given an orgasm and would have agreed to anything. Needless to say, she was soon begging her coach to be able to join in the plan to seduce LindaMichelle.


LindaMichelle and Victoria were just leaving the hall. LindaMichelle had enjoyed a hot shower in the time it had taken Victoria to help Mr Tay pack up the equipment, and the rest of the girls had left earlier.

What a nice teammate Victoria is, Linda thought, always helping out around the team and packing up after us. Linda resolved to help Mr Tay out more often in the future – little did she know that she would soon be doing just that! With the netball finals over, and the senior girls about to graduate, they mainly showed up to help train the younger girls for next year. Linda, who was an outstanding goal scorer, wanted to keep in shape for when they went to JC, so that she would be able to make it to the first team. She was proud of her netball skills and wanted to do well in the future.

Mr Tay appeared out of the PE office and called out to them, “Vic, would you mind staying back for a little while? I would like to talk to you about your shooting training”

“Sure Mr Tay, I’ll be ‘cumming’ soon” Victoria replied with a cheeky wink, having practiced this speech with her coach the day before. “You go ahead first Lin, this could take a while”

“Shooting training? Vic, you play goal defence, why are you training your shooting?” Linda asked curiously.
“Oh, I’m thinking of going for goal scorer when I get to JC. I asked Mr Tay about it and he said I really have potential! Mr Tay’s training me with all the tactics that he learnt from watching you play this season when we reached the finals, like how you reached your best performance. I made some pretty good improvement! Exciting, right?” Victoria gushed exuberantly.

A little hurt at not being asked to join in the training or consulted, Linda replied as cheerily as she could “Of course! I think you’ll make a great goalscorer Vic. I’m going home first, see you tomorrow!” Deep inside, however, Linda was wondering why neither Victoria nor Mr Tay had mentioned it to her. After all, Victoria was once of her best friends, and Mr Tay knew that she was the best goalscorer on the team. She would have appreciated some extra training to make sure that she could do her best on the netball trials in JC.

As Victoria bounced off to meet their coach, LindaMichelle turned and shuffled off down the corridor, downcast. Suddenly, she looked up, a pout of determination on her pretty lips. If Victoria could get extra training, she surely could ask Mr Tay to train her as well. After all, she could even help Vic, with her greater experience. She turned around and headed back to the hall with conviction in her step. However, as she got closer, she hesitated – what if Vic had wanted this to be a personal, one-on-one training so that she could focus? If anything, LindaMichelle was a considerate friend and would put her friendship before anything else, even her own training. In the end, Linda decided to hide in the men’s bathroom and spy on what Vic and Mr Tay were doing before she interrupted their training. The bathrooms were located at the back of the hall where netball training was held, and there was a convenient peephole in the wall where someone could stand inside the bathroom and look at people in the hall. Although the hole was small and you could only see certain parts of the hall, the boys sometimes used this to check out the netball and volleyball girls training there. Since it was quite late and all the sports people had left, Linda assumed that although it was risky, she would be safe hiding in the men’s bathroom.

No one was in the hall when Linda got there. They must still be in the office, she thought to herself, and quickly dashed into the men’s bathroom to position herself at the peephole. She checked the cubicles and shower to make sure there were no boys around. Unknown to her, the whole scene was a setup. Victoria and Mr Tay were carefully hidden on the second floor gallery of the hall, watching as she hid herself in the bathroom. Victoria knew that Linda would use the peephole to watch, and had positioned a chair and netball post strategically such that the chair but not the netball post could be seen. Also, a camera had been set up in the bathroom to record LindaMichelle’s reaction.

As the amorous pair watched LindaMichelle walk into the hall, both felt a surge of arousal that their plan was working. Mr Tay’s cock began to swell in his underwear and Victoria felt wetness trickle out of her pussy. Despite having already been finger-fucked to orgasm once in the equipment room, the teenage slut hungered for more. The exhibitionist streak in her also made her look forward to putting on a show for LindaMichelle with her hunky coach. As Linda walked into the toilet and the light from the peephole disappeared, Victoria felt Mr Tay’s naughty fingers slide into her thong and run over her slippery lips. “It’s showtime, my little slut” Mr Tay whispered into Victoria’s ear. Victoria moaned hungrily in reply.


The peephole was located at the height of Linda’s flat, toned tummy, forcing her to bend over to look through it. She spread her gorgeous legs to just over a shoulder width apart and bent gracefully at the waist, arching her back and thrusting her pert bum into the air. As Mr Tay watched the live stream feed from the perfectly positioned camera on his phone, Linda’s tiny pink skirt inched its way from her upper thighs, past the curve of her butt cheeks finally resting on the top of her bum. Along the way, Linda’s engorged pussy lips, always glistening with innocent arousal, were also revealed in between her obscenely wide spread legs. Linda had chosen to go without panties on the way home, to allow herself to cool down after the tiring training, and so the pink insides of her smooth, hairless cunt were totally revealed to the camera. After this, Mr Tay would often stroke his cock to the video of his favorite netballer’s unknowing exposure. LindaMichelle knew she was being indecently exposed and her hands involuntarily went to cover her bum, but eventually reassured herself that there was no one in the toilet and relaxed her hands. “Besides, the only alternative is squatting down, and I can’t do that because the skin on my thighs and calves would touch, giving me terrible rashes” she reasoned to herself. Always careful to follow her father’s instructions, the nubile teenager had no idea that in trying to prevent her rashes, she inadvertently put her sexy body into the most compromising and attractive positions. Linda was indeed a teenage dream as she arched her back like a cat, bent over, and tilted her sweet chin upwards to peek through the hole.

As she watched, Victoria walked past clad in her netball uniform, her pleated skirt gracefully swaying on her hips. Linda was surprised that Victoria was wearing white tights – the netball girls usually played with the minimum of underwear to protect their modesty. Victoria was followed by Mr Tay, who stood next to the chair so that Linda could see him. Mr Tay was a well built man for his age, with rock hard abs and bulging biceps. Clad in a tight fitting dry-fit shirt and spandex tights that showed off his crotch with great definition, Linda felt a small uncontrollable surge of arousal as she beheld the figure of authority that stood before her. Of course, being a good girl, she would never voluntarily be turned on by her coach, but her body betrayed her, as it always did.

“Okay Vic, you have 30 seconds, go!” Mr Tay announced. From the sounds of netballs bouncing off the net and floor, Linda guessed that Victoria was doing a time trial, trying to sink as many shots as possible.

Time was up and Victoria had only put in two shots. Linda felt frustrated on her friend’s behalf as the typical goal scorer could do much better, and felt that Mr Tay was giving Victoria false hopes.

“That’s okay Vic” Mr Tay consoled Victoria as she came back to the chair, acting as though she was disappointed. “You’ll do much better in the next set. Remember, we’re trying out an experiment here to see how your attire affects your performance just like Linda’s did.” Victoria nodded her pretty head as she slumped on the chair, gazing up at her coach with puppy-dog eyes. Her top fell open and Mr Tay feasted his eyes on her beautiful breasts which heaved as Victoria panted from the exertion. Immediately, his cock began to swell, which Linda could clearly see from her vantage point. As his cock head began to be defined on the tight spandex, Linda felt her nipples tighten at this awesome sight. “Focus, Linda! You can’t afford to be aroused right now. You have to keep alert, what if some guy walks into the bathroom right now? You will be totally on display!” Linda cajoled herself.

“Okay Vic, why don’t you take those tights off and have another go?” Mr Tay suggested once the cooldown time was over.

“Sure, Mr Tay” the ever obedient Victoria wiggled her hips as the tights fell to her ankles. Mr Tay picked them up and placed them on the chair, marveling at the skimpy thong that now encased Victoria’s teenage mound. Victoria walked out of LindaMichelle’s sight and began to shoot again. This time, she managed to score four goals! Pleased with her improvement, Victoria cheered up as she came back to Mr Tay. “Well done Vic! Just like we expected from Lin’s performance, the less underwear you’re wearing, the cooler your body is and the more accurate your shooting is. This is a great strategy we stumbled on!” Mr Tay was deliberately referring to the netball semifinals where LindaMichelle’s underwear had dissolved, allowing her to score enough goals and dump out the defending champions. This was one of Linda’s proudest moments and by mentioning it, Mr Tay was trying to make Linda jealous that the strategies that she had learnt by sacrificing her modesty were being used to improve Victoria instead. Indeed, the strategy was working – although Linda dearly loved her friend, she could not help feeling hurt and disappointed that she was being left out although it had been her great sacrifice for her team that had led to this knowledge.

As Linda watched, Victoria did several more time trials, her score increasing to five as her sports bra came off, and exponentially increasing to nine as her thong was stripped off! Of course, this was just a show put on for Linda. As the netball post was not visible from the peephole, Victoria was only pretending to shoot and score. Linda’s frustration only increased as Victoria achieved better results – nine goals in thirty seconds was almost as good as Linda herself could manage! Linda’s body flushed with consternation, her butt cheeks turning bright pink, which was faithfully captured by the hidden camera.

“Great job Vic! You’re almost up to Lin’s standard – it’ll be no problem for you when you go to JC netball tryouts!” Mr Tay congratulated Victoria. “However, there are still a few more strategies I have thought of to cool you down even more. First, why don’t you take off your top?” Linda gasped at this bold strategy. Victoria’s large breasts would be totally exposed to her coach and if someone walked into the hall, they could easily be caught! Victoria also acted as though she was shy, blushing and hesitating as she slowly peeled her top off. Mr Tay held his breath as Victoria’s boobs came into view. He was living out his fantasies, watching one netballer strip for him in the school hall as the other watched eagerly from the bathroom! Mr Tay’s cock was now fully erect and throbbing, unconsciously, LindaMichelle felt her arousal seep from her pussy and trickle down her leg at this sight. Mr Tay then took a bottle of water and totally drenched Victoria from head to toe! With the water cascading over her shoulders and breasts, sparkling in the lights, Victoria looked like a swimsuit model. The cold water made the goosebumps stand out on her skin, and her nipples stood proud and taut, at attention.

“Oh Mr Tay, that feels so cool and refreshing! I’m sure I’ll be able to do even better now! What a great strategy this is, you’re a wonderful coach!” Victoria used her cutest voice to turn Mr Tay on even more.

This time, Victoria managed eleven goals! Jumping around in excitement, with her perfect breasts moving and flicking water all over the place, Victoria yelled in excitement “Eleven goals in thirty seconds! Lin has never done that before! Mr Tay, you’re the greatest coach ever!” The two devious minds had conspired perfectly to make LindaMichelle jealous, as she totally felt hurt by her friend’s competitive remark. Truthfully, Victoria was feeling a little guilty for making Linda go through this, but her own arousal had made her go through with Mr Tay’s plan. Being a generous girl at heart, Victoria also wanted to share Mr Tay with her friend but did not know how – letting Linda think that she had overcome her inhibitions by herself was the only way Linda would open up to Mr Tay.

Mr Tay almost blew his load as he watched Victoria prance around in excitement, but with the greatest self-control, managed to hold it in. He couldn’t help leaking some pre-cum, which soaked the top of his spandex tights. The frustration, coupled with unknowing arousal, manifested itself as Linda’s hands involuntarily begin to squeeze her perfectly shaped teenage breasts, pinching and twisting her pink nipples and pushing her sizeable cleavage together. However, her internal indecision at turning herself on while watching her coach and friend quickly stopped her, although her body was still flushed from her arousal.

Surreptitiously checking Linda out on his phone, Mr Tay noticed that Linda had begun to fondle her breasts, but she suddenly stopped. He realized that she was on the verge of giving in and asking for the extra training for herself, but still needed that slight push to tip her over the edge and offer her young body to her coach. With that, Mr Tay decided to go the next step – a step that even Victoria had not anticipated.

“Vic, do you remember that time when Lin got cramps in her thigh and I massaged her right in front of everyone?”
“Yes Mr Tay, that was the time where Lin finally gave her best performance. Do you know why she suddenly became so energized?” Victoria questioned.
“Well, while I was massaging her thigh, I could see her, ahem, lady parts…” Mr Tay pretended to be slightly embarrassed. “Although she quickly covered herself up, being a modest girl, I did notice that she was very aroused. I’m very sure that that was why she started playing so much harder and faster!”

“Ohhh…I see.” Victoria was confused now, this was not part of the scene that they had rehearsed.
“Vic, come over here, spread your legs, and lift up your skirt” Mr Tay said in a commanding tone. Unsure of what to do, Victoria followed his order obediently, exposing her soft pink lips and clitoris to the seated Mr Tay. Although Victoria enjoyed some exhibitionism, being topless and spreading her pussy in the school hall was pushing her limit a little. However, the mists of arousal clouded her mind and she blindly obeyed the coach, who was so authoritative.

LindaMichelle saw Victoria step up to her coach and spread her legs – the chair was facing the peephole and so all she could see was Victoria’s bum. However, she could clearly see Mr Tay’s large cock straining to burst free from the spandex, with the dark stain of precum right at the tip. As she watched, Mr Tay looked deep into Victoria’s eyes and ran his finger down her stomach till it reached her swollen clitoris. Oh my god, is he going to touch her right here? Linda thought in shock. True to her thoughts, Mr Tay plunged two fingers into Victoria’s tight little cunt! Upon feeling the invasion of her most private area, Victoria’s legs buckled and her back arched as throes of passion rushed through her. She moaned loudly enough for Linda to hear, and inexplicably Linda was turned on, imagining herself standing there in Victoria’s place. From the squishing sounds that came from Victoria’s pussy, it was definitely clear that Victoria was quickly reaching the point of no return. All of a sudden, Mr Tay stopped and said “Vic, you’re almost at the stage where Linda was! Now go and score some goals!” With a disappointed whine at being denied her orgasm, Victoria went over to the goalpost and sulkily began to pretend to score goals again.

“Thirteen goals Vic! That’s your best performance so far! Now it’s time for the last part of your training. I will have to ejaculate inside you in order to fully hydrate your body!” Mr Tay announced.

Both Linda and Victoria’s jaws dropped in amazement. Mr Tay was proposing that he fuck Victoria’s teenage slit right in the middle of the school hall!

Mr Tay continued before Victoria had a chance to protest, “Of course, you will not be allowed to have an orgasm yourself, since we have proven so far that being aroused makes you play better” Mr Tay stood up and peeled his spandex tights off in one quick motion. Immediately his angry, red cock head pointed itself to the ceiling and his big balls filled with cum bounced beneath it. Having anticipated a horny audience, Mr Tay had shaved his crotch, making his cock look even bigger than it already was. “Well Vic, let’s finish up the last set before you get too tired!” Mr Tay sat back onto the chair while his cock curved upwards to leave droplets of pre cum glistening on his six-pack abs, patting his muscular, toned thighs as though motioning for Victoria to straddle him.

Linda watched as Victoria walked over slowly, her juices dripping from her wanton pussy. Lost in the mists of her own arousal, Victoria straddled Mr Tay, used her fingers to spread her pussy lips, and plunged her tight teenage pussy onto Mr Tay’s hard cock! The slickness of her cunt made it easy for Mr Tay’s cock to slide in until it hit her cervix. Both of them moaned with pleasure and Victoria, being used to this position, began to pump up and down, pulling up till Mr Tay’s cock head almost emerged from her pussy, and then pumping down till she bottomed out, using the full length of his thick cock to pleasure herself. Mr Tay was quickly reaching orgasm, but looking at Victoria’s face and body posture, he knew from experience that she was going to come before him, having already been stimulated by his fingers. Quickly, he lifted her off his cock and motioned to her to turn around to a reverse cowgirl position. LindaMichelle was now treated to a perfect view of her friend’s luscious pussy being split in half by her coach’s thick cock! The squishing sounds of Victoria’s pussy and the sound of her butt slapping on to Mr Tay’s washboard abs added to the visual feast as well. The crazy mix of emotions that Linda had been subjected to – hurt, disappointment, shock swirling around in her mind – now culminated in her total and complete arousal. Despite not being touched, LindaMichelle was now panting heavily and she could barely keep her hands from roaming over her body. Her pussy was furiously leaking juices that flowed freely down her thighs and soaked her cute pink socks. Goosebumps stood out all over body and her porcelain skin was flushed pink as hot blood coursed through her veins. She was now battling the need to cum, and cum hard. Mr Tay was now at the point of no return and with a muffled groan, he pumped into Victoria’s pussy several times quickly as his balls contracted, sending spurts of thick white semen deep into her. To make sure that Victoria did not come, Mr Tay lifted her off his cock, letting his cum gush out of her in a thick white stream.

Victoria was now thoroughly angry at being denied an orgasm twice in a row and huffily went off to score goals. Afraid that she would storm off and spoil the plan, Mr Tay gave her an encouraging and apologetic smile. Mr Tay hurriedly checked the camera feed and was pleasantly surprised to see Linda in a state of arousal. Her trembling hands were clutching the wall and she was panting heavily, giving him indications that she was almost on the verge of an orgasm. This was going much better than he had expected! Both the netballers were now practically beholden to him.

Victoria had finished her set and now stood bashfully in front of her coach. “Mr Tay, sorry for being angry and doubting you. I scored fifteen in this set! I’m sure with this strategy, I’ll have no problem making it to the first team. Thank you!” and with that she sprang forward and gave Mr Tay a long hug, causing his cock to quickly stand to attention again. With all the attention from the sex-starved young schoolgirl, Mr Tay’s stamina had improved greatly recently.

“That’s all right Vic. I was happy to be of help. Great job! I think you deserve a reward, what would you like?” Mr Tay offered, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Well Mr Tay, I’m still quite turned on and I haven’t had an orgasm yet. Maybe you could…” Victoria was still acting as the bashful schoolgirl.

“Well…” Mr Tay pretended to consider. “You know that the earlier part was purely to improve your goal scoring. However, I suppose you have worked hard today and deserve some enjoyment. Why don’t you bend over and hold on to the chair?”

As Linda watched, Mr Tay stepped up to her friend and proceeded to slide his cock right up her pussy, fucking her in a standing doggystyle. The hunky coach, whose body had been checked out by all the girls at some point or another, wrapped his muscle clad torso around the slim young teenager, his tanned biceps encircling her soft breasts. Victoria gripped the chair hard as the sensations emanated from her cunt and tingled their way all over her body, running over the curve of her bum and up her back, running down her legs till she clenched her toes in ecstasy, all the way up her neck and prickling over her head, making her moan uncontrollably. Her breasts swung in rhythm with Mr Tay’s hard strokes as he pounded her from the back. Victoria must have been really close for within a few thrusts Mr Tay felt her pussy spasm and grip his cock as Victoria screamed in pleasure, her massive orgasm coursing through her body as she finally came after the many denied orgasms that she had had that afternoon.

“Oh my god, Mr Tay, fuck me, fuck that little pussy, I want your cock, I want more…I’m comingggg…” Victoria squealed out loud for everyone to hear. Victoria came so hard that she passed out on the chair, slumping over with her butt crack and pussy spread and pointing into the air like the slut she was. With her hair messed up, pussy juices leaking all over her butt and legs and her pink lips open and panting, Mr Tay couldn’t help but use his phone and snap some pictures of her in such a compromising position right in the middle of the school hall. He particularly liked the picture where he had squatted down and aimed his camera such that Victoria’s gaping pussy was positioned right beneath the large school crest that was hung on the second floor – the contrast between her lewdly spread legs and the word “respectability” on the school crest made for some delicious irony! Mr Tay then stood up, his cock throbbing and coated with pussy juices, and walked towards the male bathroom for the final act of the play…


Meanwhile in the toilet, LindaMichelle was in serious trouble. Her mind was so confused with everything she had seen that day that it had reverted to her subconscious sexual urges, everything seemed to move in slow motion as she watched her respected coach step up to her best friend, position his large red cock head against her juicy pussy and slowly push it in. Vicariously, it felt as though Mr Tay was fucking her instead, she could almost feel his cock pushing into her own pussy. Betrayed by her body, which was conditioned to respond to almost any physical stimulation, it seemed that this intense psychological stimulation was working as well, causing her to scoot her legs further apart, arch her back that much more, and bite her lower lip in anticipation of an imminent orgasm. “Yes Mr Tay, please fuck me, please fuck me…” LindaMichelle chanted softly, repeating Victoria’s words over and over again.

Standing at the doorway, Mr Tay felt a rush of victory – with the camera capturing LindaMichelle moaning and begging to be fucked by her coach, he was now perfectly justified in violating the young netballer which had occupied his (wet) dreams for so long! He stepped up to her and began to gently caress and fondle her ample breasts, also taking the time to pinch and twist her exquisite nipples which were now stiff with arousal. Feeling her breasts squeezed, Linda’s body reacted as it always would, flushing all over as hot blood pumped through her veins.

“Ohhhhh….” Linda moaned as Mr Tay gently slipped her top off, loosened the catch on her skirt and deftly stripped her naked!

For LindaMichelle, everything was now happening as though it was a dream. In her fevered imagination, her respected coach was standing next to her lovingly taking her clothes off for her own good, so that she would be able to be a better sportswoman. The kind Mr Tay was even fondling her breasts to turn her on so that her performance would improve. She felt his fingers working their way down her back, running over her smooth skin, reaching over the curve of her bum till they reached her swollen, dripping slit. She felt the exquisite sensations of his finger parting the folds of her pussy, moving still further up till they found her little hidden pearl. As Mr Tay’s index finger began to draw slow, seductive circles around Linda’s clitoris, he gently inserted his thumb into her pussy, feeling his way along the top of her vagina until he reached Linda’s g-spot. Using his thumb to gently massage her g-spot, he was rewarded as Linda moaned extra loud and began to thrust her hips into his hand. With his right hand buried in her pussy and his left hand fondling her breast, Mr Tay’s cock was now dangling right beside Linda’s head – any closer and it would start brushing her face!

“Lin, do you want to be the best netballer ever?” Mr Tay whispered into her ear. Linda nodded eagerly with her eyes closed.

“Well…I think I might have to put my penis into you, you’re not aroused enough right now. Will you make this sacrifice for the team?” Mr Tay appealed to Linda’s kind and generous nature.

“Yes Mr Tay, of course…I would do anything for you and the team!” Linda assured him. She felt a sudden outpouring of gratitude for the coach who was willing to do so much for her, and turning her head, she looked up into Mr Tay’s kind, smiling face. She desperately wanted to do something to help him help her, and seeing his cock right in front of her face, her reflexes kicked in and she immediately grabbed Mr Tay’s penis and thrust it right into her hot and eager mouth! Trying to make sure that Mr Tay’s cock was all ready to slide into her, she licked and sucked for all she was worth, sometimes sucking both of Mr Tay’s balls into her mouth and massaging them with her tongue, or running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

Looking down at Linda’s innocent face with her large, limpid eyes and her petite lips, Mr Tay could hardly believe that he was face-fucking her! As Linda’s talented tongue wreaked havoc on his cock, Mr Tay moved the hand in her pussy in circles, making her ass gyrate obscenely for the camera as her pussy followed his hand hungrily. LindaMichelle’s subservient pose, her body totally submitted to her coach and practically begging for stimulation, almost drove Mr Tay to the edge. Indeed, as she slurped hungrily on his cock and even attempted to deepthroat him, it took all his determination not to blow his load all over her perfect skin. However, he was still determined to accomplish his goal of fucking Linda’s pussy today.

“Lin, I think I’m ready. Why don’t you sit on one of the locker room benches and spread your legs?” Linda sashayed over, obediently lay down on a bench, spread her slim legs as far as they would go, and then used her fingers to spread her engorged labia. “I’m ready for you, Mr Tay” Linda said invitingly.

At the sight of LindaMichelle totally at his mercy, Mr Tay triumphantly stepped up and positioned himself between Linda’s thighs. Savoring the moment, Mr Tay ran his eyes over Linda – her smooth, glistening hair falling over her bare shoulders like waterfalls, her cute eyes, small nose and petite lips in an adorable pout, her perfectly shaped breasts topped with pink areolas and nipples just begging to be pinched, her flat stomach and flaring hips that framed a perfect pussy mound swollen with arousal, her slim fingers spreading her pussy lips and finally those long, graceful legs that were now obscenely splayed open in the men’s bathroom. Mr Tay took a good long look and knew that he would never forget this sight.

With one swift motion, Mr Tay plunged his cock into LindaMichelle’s pussy. The raw sensations of genitalia rubbing on each other caused both of them to gasp, LindaMichelle due to the sheer heat of Mr Tay’s cock as it forced her lips apart and penetrated her vagina, and Mr Tay due to the intense tightness of Linda’s pussy as it immediately gripped and massaged his penis. Linda’s back immediately arched up and she involuntarily thrust her hips up, pushing Mr Tay’s cock as deep as it would go. Holding there for a moment to savour the sensation, Mr Tay then withdrew his cock slowly, his the edge of his cock head rubbing against the intimate folds of Linda’s love canal, bumping against her g-spot and eliciting a moan. Pulling out till his cockhead almost left her pussy lips, Mr Tay then savagely thrust in again until his balls slapped onto Linda’s pink rosebud anus. As his arousal grew, Mr Tay thrust faster and faster, grunting with the effort. Linda was truly receiving a royal fucking as Mr Tay withdrew as far as he could and then plunged all the way in again, Linda’s adorable little moans and gasps coinciding with the slapping of Mr Tay’s balls on her butt.

However, Mr Tay was thrusting too fast! Within a minute, Linda could already feel the familiar mist of arousal clouding her mind. Her eyelids fluttered as she felt herself rapidly reaching the point of no return and moaned in despair “No Mr Tay, please stop, it’s too much, I’m coming…”. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembered that she had to be aroused only to the edge of coming, but could not have an orgasm or the entire afternoon’s work would be wasted. Unfortunately, Mr Tay had fucked her so hard and fast that she could not hold back and Linda’s body ultimately betrayed her for the final time as her orgasm hit her with the force of a tsunami.

LindaMichelle’s eyes rolled back and her fingers gripped Mr Tay’s forearm with such force that her fingernails dug into his muscles. “I’m COMINGGG….” Linda screamed as the intense waves of pleasure emanated from her pussy and washed over her body. She thrust her nipples into the air to meet the willing hands of Mr Tay, who squeezed and kneaded them in conjunction with her orgasm. Her hips thrust wildly upwards as she wantonly impaled herself on Mr Tay’s cock, her pussy walls relentlessly squeezing Mr Tay’s cock trying to milk it dry. Linda’s pussy squirted streams of clear liquid as Mr Tay’s cock probed and nuzzled her g-spot and the slurping sounds echoed across the room. Reaching around with one hand, Mr Tay lubricated his finger with her juices and thrust it into her virgin asshole! At this sudden intrusion into her most private place, LindaMichelle screamed with both humiliation and delight, and her body spasmed with intense pleasure. Linda’s white-hot orgasm lasted minutes as Mr Tay’s stimulation of all her most intimate spots – one hand rubbing her clitoris, the other buried finger deep in her ass and his cock pushing at her g-spot – continued to bring her to higher and higher levels of pleasure than she had ever thought possible. As orgasm after orgasm hit her, Linda’s mind grew ever more dazed as she finally passed out from the intensity of her orgasms.

Mr Tay had been eagerly awaiting for this moment. With one swift motion he pulled out his penis, lifted Linda’s legs above her head and thrust his cock right into her virgin asshole! Despite being passed out, LindaMichelle’s body was still totally responsive to the treatment. Her body jolted at the sudden invasion and her ass sphincter could barely accommodate the thickness of Mr Tay’s cock. Her eyebrows frowned and her lips clamped together in a cute pout as her body attempted to reject this unwelcome intrusion. Unfortunately for her, she was totally defenseless, and Mr Tay’s cockhead eventually slid past her asshole and all the way in as he grunted and pushed as hard as he could! Linda’s virgin asshole was the tightest thing the coach had ever felt gripping his dick in his whole life – even with the steady flow of lubrication that was still flowing copiously from LindaMichelle’s ravaged pussy, Mr Tay could feel it contacting and gripping every part of his cock, from the throbbing head all the way down the vein-covered shaft. Within a few thrusts, Mr Tay felt the urge to cum building up in his balls and he quickly pulled out and made his way to Linda’s head. Despite already ravaging Linda in all three holes, he wanted to defile her even more, and forced his cum-stained, ass-fucked cock down Linda’s throat! Without a gag reflex, Linda could not resist and swallowed her coach’s cock. With a groan, Mr Tay finally emptied his semen into LindaMichelle’s throat and she rapidly gulped it down. Still, Mr Tay’s massive balls had been so filled with cum that even Linda could not handle the sheer volume. Streams of white cream leaked out from the corners of her mouth and flowed all over her face and neck, truly marking her like the innocent slut she was. Passed out and violated in all three holes, cum covering her face and neck and spread-eagled with everything on display in the men’s bathroom, Linda had well and truly been taken advantage of.

Exhausted, Mr Tay heaved a satisfied sigh as he surveyed the scene of wanton sexual activities, faithfully captured on camera for him to enjoy in the future. With two well-fucked, passed out schoolgirls, it had certainly been an awesome day for the coach. Mr Tay would certainly be around when Linda woke up, to admonish her for coming too soon and wasting his effort! With Linda being such an innocent slut, he looked forward to taking advantage of her many times again in the future.

Fan Fiction 4 - The Dilemma of Tom

Hey there readers! This Fan Fiction story by "TY" is about Linda's father "selling" her to get out of financial trouble. Naturally, the theme may be hot to some readers and repugnant to others. Do leave your comments and thoughts below!


Tom is sitting at his table trying very hard to balance the account. Times are bad now. Not easy to keep the business going with prices of everything going up.

Being a single parent with a daughter is not easy. Lucky she's all grown up and in University already. Due to her skin condition, he can at least save some money on the lingerie. Lingerie can be really expensive nowadays.

Mr Lim the supplier has told Tom that prices of goods are rising, he can't keep them at the old price anymore. If Tom doesn't pay up for last month's supply, he'll have to stop giving supply for this month. Even Ah Seng the 24 yr old driver has made his intention of quitting of he doesn't get his pay owed to him by end of the month.

Tom thought for a long time and couldn't think of a way to come up with the money...If only they would allow give another month of extension. The client is pretty happy doing business with Tom but the payment will have to be next month as per agreed.

Finally, Tom remembered what Lim hinted to him a few weeks back. Lim has seen LindaMichelle around the office. Always in heels, short skirt and baby T. Always without a bra. Never failed to give him a hard on every time. Lim wanted a chance to see LindaMichelle naked and maybe give her firm breasts a nice grope. Tom is thinking maybe he can arrange so that Lim can see LindaMichelle naked and he would agree to giving him an extension.

Finally he thought of a solution! he told the idea to Tom and Ah Seng. Both of them agreed they would give another month of extension if they get to see LindaMichelle naked right in front of their own eye. Tom agreed but gave them only 1 condition. Can do anything that LindaMichelle allows except fuck her.

Tom told LindaMichelle that Lim and Ah Seng would be coming to the house to watch a football game that night. To make it not so suspicious, Tom invited Mr Teo too; a close neighbor and an old friend.

Linda came back as usual from her class. The guys were already in the living room, but no one was paying attention to the game. All eyes were fixed on her when she came home. Wearing a tight pink shirt and short flare skirt with red heels, she went and greeted her dad with kiss. Then she greeted all of them. Tom asked Linda to get each of them a beer from the fridge.

Linda happily agreed and went to the kitchen. Opened the fridge door a blast of cold air came out. Making her nipples more erect than usual. The beers are at the bottom shelves and she bend down to grab them. Not knowing to her, her skirt lifted up at the back and all the guys had an eyeful of her bare clean pussy. Ah Seng being the youngest had an instant hard on.

Linda came out and gave everyone a can of beer. Excused herself to clean up. Being her usual self, she went into her room without closing the door and started taking off her clothes. Off came her top and her skirt. She's still wearing her heels when she posed for the mirror to check herself out before grabbing the towel and disappearing to shower.

All 3 men couldn't believe their eyes and kept staring at the toilet door for a whole minute. After a while, Linda was all clean and came out of the bathroom to dry herself. Tom thought this is a good time to keep to his part of the promise, "See Linda naked in front of their own eyes". He called out to Linda to get some tit bits for them to watch the game.

Linda quickly dried her hair and came out of the room naked, without a strand of thread on her perfect young lady body. She came out to serve the guys some chips Tom had bought earlier on. Standing at barely 1 feet in front of Lim, he just swallowed hard his saliva. Unable to believe this beautiful lady is standing naked in front of him serving him chips! Ah Seng couldn't take it anymore and boldly reach out his hands and grab Linda's full breasts. Then gave her erect nipples a twitch.
Linda's body automatic reaction was to moan in excitement. Hearing her sexy moan, Teo also couldn't help but reach out to grab her nice round ass. Linda at this moment was quite excited and her 1st reaction was to grab Ah Seng's hard cock. Mr Lim joined in the fun after watching Linda was such a whore. Ah Seng dropped his pants and Linda was sucking on it like a pro. The sound of wet blow job was drowning out the sound from the TV.

Soon all 3 men had their cock out and Linda was kneeling down in front of them. Expertly giving everyone a turn of blow job while each of her hands were giving the other 2 a hand job. Ah Seng couldn't take Linda's powerful sucking and told her he's cumming. He blow a big load on her nice pair of breasts. His thick and warm cum on her body made her even more horny and she gave Mr Teo the best blow job he ever had. He too couldn't last long from that experience and blew his load right on Linda's face. Linda just loved the smell of hot cum on her face.

Lim, being an ass lover, told Linda to bend over the sofa while he enjoyed her nice round ass. Giving her a spank or two while he masturbated. Soon Lim felt a pressure build up at the base of his cock and stroke faster. He too blew his load all over Linda's bum. Ah Seng being the 1st to cum was resting while watching the other 2 came all over Linda. By the time Lim had cum, Ah Seng was all hard again. He asked Linda to give him another blow job. Linda being and obedient girl suck on his cock without asking any question.

Ah Seng pinched on Linda's erect nipples and this made her harder to concentrate on the task at hand! She was half moaning and half sucking. Mr Lim saw Linda's love juice has been flowing down to her knees while she's blowing Ah Seng decided to pleasure back Linda. He inserted 2 fingers into Linda's pussy. It's all wet and slippery and had no problem going in. Linda yelped in pleasure. Ah Seng was getting frustrated that Linda keep forgetting to blow him decided to pinch her nipples harder to remind her. Linda was jolted back from all her pleasures and started to lick Ah Seng's balls sending him to high heaven.

Soon, Linda was half begging for Mr Lim to finger fuck her harder as she's cumming and half giving Ah Seng a blow job. Suddenly Linda arched her back as she orgasmed. Unable to control her pleasure, Linda got light headed and black out. Ah Seng had to finish up the job himself. He bend down to Linda,s limp body and opened her mouth. He shot his 2nd load of cum into her mouth.
While Linda was lying on the floor with cum all over her body, all 3 men went to wipe themselves up. They thanked Tom. Lim told Tom that he would be writing off any debts that Tom owed him so far and Ah Seng agreed too that he would not bother about the 2 months salary owed to him. Tom felt relieved hearing that. He cleaned Linda up and brought her back to her room to rest on the bed.