Friday, October 10, 2014

The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 5

"Ok girls, the last item on our agenda is the School Safety Swimming Programme," Miss Ong announced towards the end of their Home Period.

"Singapore Sports Council and MOE have decided that all students in Singapore must be able to swim by the time they graduate from secondary school. So for post "O" Level exam activities, those who can't swim will have to attend compulsory swimming clases," she continued.

Miss Ong looked around at her graduating form class,"Who in the class cannot swim?"

A couple of girls put up their hands and after a moment's hesitation Linda raised her hand as well.

Melissa and Victoria looked to Linda incredulously and asked, "You can't swim!?"

Linda blushed prettily, "I never had a chance to learn," she admitted. "But I can doggie paddle a bit at the shallow end though."

Victoria laughed, "That's not counted as swimming!"

Melissa frowned a little, "Hey! We can't let Lin go for swimming classes on her own, we're sisters!"

Victoria agreed and both girls quickly put up their hands as well.

Miss Ong waited a few more moments to see if any one else would respond then started to pass out some forms.

"Alright, get your parents to complete this consent form and hand it up on Monday..."


Linda came out of the shower, dripping wet and carefully dried her slender 16 year old body and firm B cup breasts with a soft terry cloth towel. The fibres of the towel easily absorbed the water from her flawless satin smooth skin and she rubbed it past her flat tummy down to her long slim legs. After drying herself, the 16 year old slipped into a pair of white 3 inch heels and walked out totally naked into the living room.

"Oh Daddy, you're home! I was in the shower."

Mr Ling smiled as he took in his daughter's perfect body and angelic face glowing with teenage radiance. He smiled as his eyes roamed from her flat stomach and her slim waist then to her round and firm breasts and long erect nipples then down to her incredibly long and slender legs.

"Hi Darling, all ready for bed I see," Linda's father replied noting her nudity.

"Yeah," Linda nodded, spreading her gorgeous legs wide and straddling her father, her pussy mound rubbing against his cock as she pressed her breasts against his chest. She opened her mouth and kissed her father, as was their way of greeting each other, her tongue playfully toying with his.

"Eww... Daddy, have you been drinking?" Linda asked catching the alcohol on his breath.

"Only one beer with a client," he smiled, his hands reaching up to fondle his daughter's lovely breasts.

"Daddy, school says I must go for swimming lessons before graduation..." she stopped and moaned as her father started to thumb her super sensitive nipples with a light circular motion. Involuntarily, her hips began to rock and she ground her pussy against her father's crotch.

Mr Ling's cock stiffened as his lovely daughter's body responded to his skillful hands and he kept up the attention on her nipples, teasing them; pinching, tugging, flicking and twisting them until she orgasmed and soaked his pants with her juices.

"Swimming lessons huh?" Linda father said.

"Yeah," she replied breathlessly, "there's a consent form you need to sign."


Miss Kong, the Head of Physical Education gathered the girls for a briefing.

"Now as your form teachers have mentioned, this is a compulsory course for those who can't swim and to pass, each girl will have to swim 200m in any recognised stroke and be able to tread water for at least 5 minutes. The classes with PE teachers who are qualified swimming instructors will report to them, while the others will have an external instructor from SSC to take them. If there are no questions, please get changed."

Fifteen minutes later, the girls from 4/5 emerged from the changing room and gathered in front of their PE teacher Mr Tay.

Most of the girls were wearing conservative one piece swimsuits in black or dark blue as they had known they would be instructed by a male teacher but the 3 netballers were not so inhibited. Melissa wore a beige one piece outfit that exposed plenty of flesh and showed off her large breasts and from a distance she looked like she was in the nude. Victoria also wore a one piece but it was yellow and slightly see through when wet. Both girls had removed the inner lining so Mr Tay had an immediate erection when he saw their nipples outlined by their swimsuits.

Linda was the only girl who wore a bikini which was in a light shade of pink. While it was not as skimpy as the swimsuits she would wear later in life, the French cut bottoms and unlined top were definitely very risqué for a school swimming programme. To make matters worse, the bikini panties seemed too small for the teenager and were so tight against Linda's crotch that it clearly outlined her pussy lips. Miss Kong noticed this and queried LindaMichelle, much to her embarrassment.

"Linda, your swimsuit is exposing too much, don't you have a one piece swimsuit?"

"Sorry Miss Kong," Linda blushed. "I only have two piece swimwear. I've never worn a one piece before."

"Not even when you were younger?"

"No, Miss Kong."

The Head of PE remembered the memo from the Principal regarding Linda's dress and decided not to pursue the matter. Nodding briefly, she headed off to her own class.

Mr Tay breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Miss Kong might have forced Linda to change. He let him eyes roam over the incredible body of the virtually naked LindaMichelle and discreetly adjusted his cock before leading the girls into the water.

"Okay girls, the simplest swimming stroke to learn is the breast stroke. Who here knows the breast stroke?"

Melissa who was standing behind Linda in chest deep water piped up.

"I do!" and giggling, she reached around Linda and started massaging her friend's breasts.

"Like this right?"

Mr Tay's eyes nearly popped out of his head at the lewd display while Linda gasped and quickly crossed her arms over her chest.

"Mel! Stop!" Linda blushed.

Mr Tay swallowed hard and remembering his job, restored order and began teaching the girls the rudiments of the breast stroke.

Mr Tay had a constant erection that day in the pool. Not only was he surrounded by slim and pretty 16 year olds in swimming attire but he also had the treat of seeing the 3 hottest girls in school splashing around, the water droplets glistening on their exposed skin and their nipples hard in the cold water.

But what was really cock- hardening was Linda reaction to the lesson. While she was quite comfortable in the shallow end splashing water with her classmates, she was adorably afraid when she had to execute a proper stroke in deeper water. Each time she tried, she would panic and cling on to Mr Tay, her sexy body rubbing against his many times that morning.

Mr Tay thus had to spend more time with the hot bodied netballer. He went through the arm stroke with her numerous times, enjoying watching her breasts, wetly plastered by thin pink spandex, rise and fall as she practiced coordinating her breathing with her arm action.

However, Linda's weakest point was her leg action, she simply could not get her body horizontal in the water and her legs kept sinking down. Mr Tay had to make her hold on to the side of the pool and stand behind her, guiding her feet to do a proper frog kick. This of course gave the PE teacher an excellent view of Linda's pussy and as she practiced, the French cut bikini panties rode up between her ass cheeks, exposing the firm and succulent flesh of her teenage ass to him.Mr Tay groaned and his cock got rock hard as Linda's gorgeous legs spread out wide, closed and spread apart again and again, the thin pink spandex getting caught between the teenager's pussy lips in a perfect cameltoe.

Later that afternoon, Mr Tay went to the staff toilet and stroked his cock. How he wished he could fuck Linda and her hot friends, but it was a surefire way of losing his job so all he could do was to fantasize about that morning.

He closed his eyes and began masturbating...

"Who here knows the breast stroke?"

Melissa, who was standing behind Linda in chest deep water piped up.

"I do!" She then reached around Linda and pulled away the small triangles of her friend's bikini to expose her tits and nipples and proceeded to fondle the luscious globes of firm boob flesh.

"Melissa, you naughty girl. Come here." Mr Tay ordered.

Giggling, Melissa waded over to Mr Tay. The teacher looked at her sternly.

"You like to expose other people right?" He demanded as he reached out and took the Netball Captain's swimsuit in his firm grip. Looking into her wide and suddenly terrified eyes, he ripped open the top to reveal her assets to everyone at the pool. Melissa large but firm teenage breasts sprang free from their tight encasement and her nipples perked up immediately.

Melissa yelped and before she could cover herself up, Mr Tay grabbed two handfuls of her C cups and roughly squeezed and fondled them. Melissa tried to struggle from his strong grip but couldn't help moaning.

"You like this huh, slut!? Your big tits are just begging to be squeezed right?"

The voluptuous teen bit her lower lip and shook her head but moaned somemore.

Mr Tay then took out his long thick cock and pushed it between Melissa's huge mounds.

"Give me a titty fuck, you whore," the teacher growled.

The exposed teenager obediently complied and squeezed her boobs around his raging shaft before moving them up and down, titty fucking her PE teacher in full view of everyone at the pool.

"Suck it at the same time, slut." Mr Tay pushed down Melissa's head so that her pretty face and pouty mouth were mashed up against his swollen cockhead.

Melissa opened her soft pink lips and took the teachers cock head into her mouth and titty fucked her teachers rod even faster.

Mr Tay groaned in pleasure and he played with her erect and exposed nipples as the curvy teenager serviced him. The PE teacher felt an orgasm building and he picked up Melissa easily and dumped her on the side of the pool and forced her legs apart.

"Please Mr Tay, no! Please don't fuck me, everyone is watching!" Melissa pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Mr Tay grunted as he pushed his middle finger against the beige spandex between her legs and ripped a hole in the crotch of her swimsuit. 

"You should have thought about that before you exposed other people, you whore."

Melissa cried out as Mr Tay placed his cockhead at the entrance of her cunt and she tried to push him away.

"No! Please Mr Tay! Stop! No!" Her entreaties were cut off as the educator brutally shoved his cock into her unwilling hole and began fucking her hard and mercilessly.

Melissa moaned as she was publicly raped in the pool and her large natural breasts wobbled about from the forceful thrusts of her teacher. Seeing the amazing globes of teenage tit swaying in front of him, Mr Tay grabbed them and roughly mauled them, eliciting another set of loud moans from the busty 16 year old.

Mr Tay's orgasm built again, this time not to be denied and he withdrew from her tight slit. He grabbed Melissa by the hair and brought her face close to crotch again. The PE teacher furiously stroked his cock over the half naked girl beneath him and just as his balls contracted, he forced his long cock past her sultry lips.

Back in the toilet, Mr Tay sped up his stroking and imagined pumping buckets of cumm into the curvaceous 16 year old's mouth before spraying the rest onto the Netball Captain's deliciously big tits.

Mr Tay's cock pulsed and stifling a loud moan, he shot off his load onto a picture of Melissa he had printed out from the School's CCA page.

"Yeah, you like that don't you, bitch?" he muttered as his cock softened and he saved away the images of LindaMichelle's first swimming lesson for a later jerk-off. Mr Tay pulled up his track pants and left the toilet, his face thoughtful as he plotted how he could fuck the netballers for real.