Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 4

Linda's netball team got off the bus at the Kallang Netball Centre for their National Schools 'B' Division Finals match.

The svelte-bodied girls made their way to the "Away" changing room to get ready for the biggest match of their lives, while their coach, Mr. Tan proceeded to complete the paperwork with the officials.

In the changing room, LindaMichelle peeled off her sleeveless white top to expose her firm braless breasts, bouncing slightly as she carefully folded it so that her school's name emblazoned in red Chinese characters faced up.

She then put on her thin white spandex netball top, wriggling her body sexily as she pulled on the skin tight material, her breasts and nipples clearly outlined, showing just a hint of her light brown areolae.

Linda then pulled down her school skirt, altered way above regulation length. The fabric pooled at her feet and as she bent over to pick up the skirt, her tight white thong panties stretched tight against her smooth hairless pussy lips.

Next the gorgeous 16 year old lowered her tiny panties down her long slim legs, wriggling her hips as she did. Linda carefully put away this pair before taking out an even tinier, more translucent g-string which she began to put on..

"LINDA!! WHAT are you doing!?" Victoria yelled.

LindaMichelle froze, her skimpy panties halfway up her soft thighs, inches from her hairless slit. "What do you mean what am I doing?" she replied looking puzzled.

"You're putting on panties!!" Vic said, waving her hands about.


"So?! We're playing in the Finals today! Against RGS (Raffles Girls School)! You can't wear panties!"

Linda blushed at the thought of going naked (again) under her ultra short netball skirt. "I'm not playing without panties again! You know how many pictures there are of me circulating on the 'net since the last game?"

Melissa the captain who had been listening to this exchange spoke up, "Lin, it's RGS we're up against, the defending champs, we haven't a hope if you don't perform like you did against Dunman. We need you to go commando again!"

Linda pulled the panties up the rest of the way, the thin white fabric snug against her pussy lips. "No way!"

Linda's two best friends then started begging her to play without panties and the rest of the team joined in but the goal shooter remained unconvinced until Victoria came up with a brain wave.

"Tell you what Lin, the WHOLE team will play without panties too!" she announced.

There was a sudden silence in the changing room as all the teenage girls looked at Victoria with wide eyes and mouths agape. Even Melissa looked stunned. Then the room erupted in a chorus of refusals.

"No way! My parents will kill me!" "Are you kidding? You think we are playmates ah?" "There's no way I'm playing without panties!"

Victoria ever the sluttiest of the trio looked with disdain at the rest of the girls,

"Fine. You call yourselves team mates, you ask Lin to flash her virgina to the crowd but you yourselves refuse to. Nevermind! If you won't, Melissa and I still will! Won't we Mel?"

Melissa's eyes widened, she loved exposing Linda and was often the mastermind behind Linda's public exhibitionism but didn't think that she too would one day be on the receiving end. However, Victoria made it impossible to say no, so she just nodded, rather dumbfounded.

Just then Mr Tan the coach entered the changing room.

"What's the commotion? I could hear you girls screaming and yelling from the outside!" he frowned.

"Oh Mr Tan! We're trying to convince Linda to play without panties again today," Victoria replied, "Mel and I are going to play commando too!"

The netball coach's cock immediately stiffened as he imagined the three hottest girls in the team playing naked under their short, flirty netball skirts...

Mr. Tan then cleared his throat, his mind still abuzz with images of slender teenage girls running around giving people panty-less upskirts.

"I'm sorry girls, the match officials just informed me that they received complaints about Linda's attire in the semis. While they are going to let the results of the game stand, they have ruled that all players must wear panties for the finals, Lin included..."


(2 hours later)

"Mr. Tan, thanks for giving me a ride home." Victoria smiled.

"Oh no problem, you live close to my place anyway" the coach replied as he turned on to the KPE.

"Mr. Tan... are you very sad that we lost?"

Mr Tan was silent for a few moments before speaking.

"You know Vic, you girls are the best team I've ever trained (and the sexiest, he thought to himself) and this was my first time taking a team all the way to the National Finals. I'm disappointed that we didn't win, yes, but I'm so proud of the way you girls played, we came very close."

Victoria looked at him from the passenger seat, her body turned towards him.

"Do you think we could have won if Lin had played without panties?"

Mr. Tan's cock twitched in his shorts at the mention of one of his favourite masturbation fantasies. He coughed a little uncomfortably and tried to be professional.

"Well... I do admit that Linda seems to play better.. ehem... dressed more cool-ly, but I'm not sure if that would have been enough.."

Victoria licked her lips and glanced down at Mr Tan's crotch.

"What if Mel and I had gone naked under our netball skirts too?"

Victoria watched as Mr Tan's erection swelled against his shorts and giggled to herself for teasing him.

The coach's face turned red, "W..w..well.. umm... maybe that could have made a difference too.." he stammered, a little flustered that the hot bodied 16 year old next to him was talking so openly about nudity.

Victoria giggled again and she unclipped her seat belt and turned even more in her seat, laying her left hand on Mr Tan's cock, resting it there.

"Why Mr. Tan!" she exclaimed, pretending to be shocked, "You have an erection! Are you turned on by your netballers exposing themselves in front of you?!"

"No! NO! Of.. of course not!" Mr Tan tried to deny the obvious truth.

"Don't bluff Mr. Tan... You had a hard-on just now too in the changing room when I mentioned the three of us playing commando!"

Mr Tan's face went even more red and he found himself at a loss for words.

Victoria suddenly felt very turned on by her hunky coach and reached down under her short skirt and took off her satin underwear. She held it up in front of her coach's face and asked,

"Do you like it when your sexy girls take off their panties? Do you like looking at their teenage pussies?" she said in a little girl voice.

Mr Tan could only swallow very hard as he watched her take off her panties, flashing him her shaved slit and dangling her pink thong in front of his nose.

Victoria then dropped the soft fabric onto the coach's erection. "I don't understand why men like to see us girls go without underwear... I mean they are so pretty. Take my panties for example... they are so soft.. so smooth..." She started to rub the satin thong, rubbing his erection at the same time.

Mr Tan groaned and tried to concentrate on the traffic in front of him.

Victoria, unzipped Mr Tan's shorts and took out his raging hard-on, rubbing it with her panties.

"Why Mr Tan! Your cock looks so angry! Maybe my underwear isn't soft enough for it? Maybe it wants something even softer?" she breathed into his ear and then brought her head down into his lap and engulfed his cock with her soft, warm and wet mouth.

The coach groaned again as his cock stiffened even more, he performed a miracle right there in the traffic as he managed to filter all the way to the expressway shoulder where he switched on his hazard lights and stopped the car.

Victoria moaned and sucked his cock even harder as she felt his hands start to fondle her breasts, kneading the soft pliable flesh roughly. Mr Tan reached his left hand behind her and pulled up her skirt and started to finger her tight wet cunt and Victoria the teenage slut responded by cupping his balls and massaging them gently as she licked his shaft up and down.

Mr Tan couldn't take it anymore and flung Victoria down onto the passenger seat, he reached out and pulled the lever, lowering the seat to a horizontal. He was so hungry for her toned slender body that in two seconds, he had unclipped his seatbelt, taken off his shorts and positioned himself between her long slim legs.

"You slut," he growled as Victoria giggled under him, "you're gonna get fucked real good now!"

Victoria opened her eyes adorably wide and pretended to be shocked, "No! Mr Tan, you can't fuck me, you're my coach!" she said with insincere innocence.

This turned Mr Tan on even more and he thrust forward, easily entering the 16 year old's soaking wet opening. "And you my girl are a little tease!" he grunted as he started to fuck her as hard as he could.

Victoria bit her lower lip as her coach's thick hard cock ploughed into the soft wet folds of her pussy again and again. He buried himself up to his balls and she moaned loudly as she felt his cockhead push hard against her cervix.

Mr Tan usually closed his eyes as he fucked his wife, but today his eyes were wide open, taking in the beautiful creature under him, he savoured her pretty face and her parted pink lips as he took his pleasure.

Mr Tan then pulled Victoria's spaghetti strap top off and nearly tore off her bra. He bent his head to kiss those firm B cups and he sucked on her hard nipples, eliciting another set of loud moans.

Finally unable to bear the pressure in his balls anymore, Mr Tan, gave a series of violent thrusts, causing Victoria to scream in orgasm, before pulling out and straddling the lithe teenager and shooting his hot cumm all over her lovely breasts.

As both coach and student caught their breaths, Mr Tan leaned over and took the bra and panties. "I'll keep these. Since you like going commando so much, I'll help you." he said laughing.

Victoria giggled and started to look for some tissue to wipe the jism off her breasts.

Mr Tan stopped her, his hand on hers, "No Vic, I want you to leave my cumm on your tits all the way home."

The hot bodied teenager laughed, "Okay, Mr Tan..." and pulled her top back on, the already tight material turning slightly translucent and clinging to her curves.

"You feeling happier now Mr Tan?" she asked.

"Yes, much better!" Mr Tan smiled as he turned the steering wheel, pressed on the accelerator and continued on their journey North towards Hougang.