Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 6

"Mr Tay? You asked to see me?" Linda said shyly from the entrance of the PE Teachers' office.

Mr Tay looked up from his paperwork and smiled, "Ah Linda! Yes, do come in..."

The only male PE teacher in the all girls school looked Linda all over as she slipped in through the door and walked over to his desk. The sunlight behind her silhouetted her long slender legs nicely through her short white skirt as she approached him with that sexy wiggle that she naturally had. His eyes quickly took in her slim waist and slightly bouncing braless breasts and the pokies in her thin white cotton school blouse. Finally, the teacher smiled broader as he took in her breathtakingly pretty face, looking a bit apprehensive about being summoned to see her PE teacher.

"Take a seat Linda," Mr Tay said, gesturing to the chair beside the table. He watched the 16 year old babe slide gracefully in the seat, noting the way her legs were kept spread as she lowered herself. He was a little sad that the soft skirt material did not allow an upskirt view of the teen but could not help wondering what panties she was wearing that day.

"Linda..." Mr Tay began, looking at her expectant face. "I'm afraid you aren't progressing fast enough for the swimming lessons. It looks like you might fail the swimming test next week," he stated, bringing his plan into action.

"Fail Mr Tay?" she echoed, her eyes adorably wide and her sexy lips slightly parted, "But.. I need to pass.. it's compulsory to pass!"

Mr Tay pretended to look sad, "Yes it is. And if you fail, we cannot issue you your 'O' Level results until you do." He paused before adding, "The only way to pass is to squeeze in another lesson or two but we have completed all the scheduled classes."

"Oh Mr Tay!" Linda nearly wailed, "You have to help me! I can't be the only girl to fail swimming and not collect my results!"

Mr Tay smiled to himself, "Wellll..." he made a show of thinking about a solution, "I suppose I could give you a personal lesson at my condo pool this weekend..." he left the suggestion open for Linda to pick up on, which she immediately did.

"Ooohhh! Thank you Mr Tay! That is sooo nice of you!" Linda gushed. "Can I ask Melissa and Victoria along?"

Mr Tay shook his head quickly, "In fact, Melissa and Victoria are too much of a distraction for you. When they are in the pool, you three spend more time splashing each other than practicing your stroking, I mean, strokes." he quickly corrected his slip. "In fact, I don't even know what they were doing in the class, it is obvious both can swim. It's best that they don't come along, you do want to pass don't you?"

"Oh yes!" the hot bodied teenager quickly replied. "I'll come on my own then," she nodded to prove her understanding.

Mr Tay smiled and nodded as well, "Oh, one more thing. I also suspect you strokes are not good because your swimwear is too restrictive."

"Do you have any other swimsuit at home that permits more freedom of movement?" Mr Tay asked.

Linda considered her wardrobe at home and thought of a nice pale yellow string bikini that she liked to wear while suntanning. The triangles covering her breasts were quite small and the g-string bottom should provide her plenty of mobility.

He then turned to Linda,.

Come hear linda.

When Linda waxed over wide eyed and apprehensively, he ripped off her bikini top and roughly started to fondle her boobs, mauling her and viciously abusing her nipples.

Linda moaned loudly and me tay smiled, yes this is the proper way to do the breast stroke. Looking at the other girls.

After Linda started to pant hard, he picked her up and waxed to the side of the pool where he yanked off her bikini bottoms and announced.

The breast stroke must also have a nice frog kick. The trick is to spread your legs nice and wide. He plunked the naked girl on the pool deck and forced her legs wide open before standing between legs and ramming his cock into her.

Linda looked at him with doe like eyes and better him.
Please mr tay don't rape my tight teenage cunt. your cock is too big, it won't fit!