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The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 3

LindaMichelle, Melissa, Victoria and the rest of the netball team were at the Kallang Netball Centre for the critical 'B' Division semi-finals game against Dunman Secondary School.

The netball team was dressed in their all white blouse and skirt combination and the three long legged girls looked fantastic with their toned bodies and lightly tanned skin.

As they were changing, Melissa took out a tiny white g-string to show Victoria.

"Hey Vic, I got these off the 'net, gonna get Lin to wear them for the game..." whispered Melissa.

"Looks hot! But Lin is already wearing a g-string for the game."

"You know that Linda plays better when she dresses lightly and this pair of knickers is very lightweight... besides they have a special property..."

Victoria nodded, guessing that Melissa was up to some prank to expose their best friend again. "What special property?"

"It is water soluble... it melts upon contact with water... or sweat..." Melissa left Victoria to make the conclusion.

Victoria giggled and glanced at LindaMichelle to see if she noticed. "My gawd, you are crazy! You gonna make Lin the highlight of the game!"

Melissa stifled a giggle and walked over to Linda.

"Hey Lin," the netball team captain said, "today's game is critical and I need everyone to perform at their peak."

"I'll do my best, Mel. Score as many as I can!" Linda replied determinedly.

"That's good to hear," Melissa nodded approvingly. "Wear these today instead of your usual panties..."

Linda took the tiny scrap of fabric from her captain and held it up. "Goodness Mel, these are tiny... and nearly translucent!"

"They aren't much smaller than what you are wearing already, Lin... besides, you know that the cooler you dress the better you play, and we really need you on top form today." Victoria quipped.

Despite being exposed several times in the past by her best friends, the innocent teenager didn't suspect that the girls smiling at her were up to another one of their devious schemes.

"Ok Mel, whatever you think is best..." Linda said obediently.

The two girls watched as Linda reached under her short sexy netball skirt and peeled off her tight fitting g-string, lowering it down her gloriously long and slim legs and daintily stepping out of it.

Linda blushed slightly as the cool air of the changing room blew under her skirt to caress her bare pussy lips and her braless nipples tingled at the stimulation between her legs. Linda wriggled her hips sexily as she slid the new g-string up her lovely calves, past her knees and her soft thighs to settle it snugly against her tight teenage cunt.

"Let's have a look..." said Melissa.

Linda raised the ultra short hem of her netball skirt for Melissa and Victoria's inspection. The tiny piece of spandex was stretched obscenely tight against her crotch, clearing outlining her hard clit and the lips of her vulva.

The slightly translucent material also meant that the dark line of her slit was visible if one looked closely enough. The triangle of the g-string was also so narrow that it just about covered the entrance to her body and left plenty of silky smooth flesh exposed on either side of it.

LindaMichelle looked down at herself but couldn't see much from her point of view.

"How do I look? Am I exposing too much?" she said rather worriedly.

Melissa and Victoria shook their heads.

"No sweetie, you look fine, exactly like your normal pair, just made from a more breathable fabric... nothing to worry about." they assured her.

LindaMichelle smiled in relief, knowing how the team's flirty netball skirts tended to flip up during games to expose their firm teenage asses and tight young pussies, shielded only vulnerably from lecherous eyes by the single layer of their panties.

Linda knew that her daddy disapproved of people looking up her skirt, but made an exception to netball as it was, in his opinion, the only truly feminine team sport. Unlike the "basketball butches" as he would say.


Linda's team walked out onto the netball court, eyeing their opponents dressed in their red tops and black skirts, sizing them up and looking for signs of nervousness or overconfidence. On the Dunman side, the players glared back with equal intensity as both teams proceeded with their warm ups.

Mr Tan the netball coach loved "game days". The heady thrill of competition excited him as did the challenge of pitting his strategy and tactics against that of the other coach. But most of all he loved "game days" because his hot-bodied netball girls wore their incredibly sexy all white uniforms and in the heat of the game, exposed their young bodies in extremely erotic ways. After games, he would masturbate furiously, thinking about his favourite girls and the various images from the game burned into his mind's eye.

Mr Tan watched as Melissa led the team through the warm up routine and positioned himself carefully to look at LindaMichelle as the team moved into their stretching exercises. The coach's cock hardened as Linda spread her legs wide to stretch her inner thighs and hamstrings and her even tinier and tighter than usual g-string slid between her pussy lips to expose even more of her sex.

He closed his eyes to fix that image in his memory and opened them up again to see Linda bending over backwards to stretch her thigh muscles. In that position, the g-string went even deeper between Linda's pussy lips and the coach nearly went to the toilet to relieve himself right then and there.

It was Mr Tan's practice not to declare the starting line up and positions till just before the match to give opponents minimal time to adjust their game plan. This meant that the girls had not put on their pink position bibs yet and Linda's firm and braless teenage tits and hard nipples were very visible through her thin white netball uniform to everyone there. Indeed, the reporters and sports photographers who there had their camera lenses focused on her incredible body and barely concealed private parts, their fingers busy with the shutter release buttons.


The match soon started and Linda was playing her expected position as GS (goal shooter). While the perverts in the crowd were disappointed that the pink position bib now shielded Linda's hard nipples from view, they were elated that all the running and jumping that Linda did caused her super short and lightweight netball skirt to flip up constantly, mercilessly exposing her tiny white g-string, her bare teenage butt and scantily covered pussy to their lustful eyes.

Linda was a vision to behold. Lithe and graceful, her classic netballer's figure was in its prime, every single muscle was toned and silky smooth. Her face was beautifully angelic and her exertions made her cheeks kissably rosy even without makeup. The all white uniform and pink bibs made the 16 year old look so innocent and pure and girlish yet the immorally tiny thong she was wearing made every single man watching fuck her in their imaginations in every filthy and dirty way conceivable.

As the game progressed, the girls from Dunman Secondary School had the upper hand and were soon leading by 4 goals. Melissa, the captain called out a few encouraging words to the team and everyone redoubled their efforts to seize control of the match.

LindaMichelle was distracted during the game and was not shooting well as she could feel her tiny new g-string panties riding deep in between her pussy lips. She could also sense that she was exposing herself more than usual by the number of camera flashes firing off whenever she received the ball. Because of this, she had been avoiding actions that caused her skirt to flip up too much or that required her legs to spread too far apart.

Linda shook her head and berated herself, "C'mon Lin, you're not trying hard at all! You're hardly even perspiring!" With that, she thrust any thought of embarrassment from her mind and started to play much harder and better.

Linda sunk three shots without reply from Dunman to bring her team within 1 point of their opponents and soon her thin white uniform became soaked with sweat. Unbeknownst to the lithe teenager, below her tiny skirt, the obscenely miniscule thong also became wet and quickly turned transparent allowing the silky smooth lips of her cunt to become fully visible. The camera flashes and shutters went into overdrive but she shut out the noise and lights and focussed entirely on the game and not on the erotic display she was providing.

The whistle blew for the end of the first quarter but not before LindaMichelle scored yet another point to bring the teams level, Victoria and Melissa ran over and hugged their best friend.

"Told you that you'd play well with these new panties!" Mel encouraged her GS.

"Yeah babe," Victoria chimed in, "your conversion rate is fantastic today!"

LindaMichelle smiled happily knowing that she was doing a good thing for the team, but she still blushed slightly as she reached under her short white skirt to dig the g-string out from her pussy hoping no one would notice.

The second quarter was a closely fought affair with the lead exchanging hands several times though the main battle was in the mid court where Melissa was playing Centre and Victoria was playing Wing Attack. Dunman's defence was strong and although Linda scored from all her attempts, the teams finished the half level at 27 points each.

Mr Tan the coach gathered his team in for a half time talk, "Girls, we are playing extremely well! Dunman were last year's champions and we are level with them at half time... great job. Linda, you are playing very well, keep it up!"

Linda smiled gratefully at Melissa and Victoria knowing that it was because of their idea to let her play with as much ventilation as possible that she was converting all her chances. She resisted the urge to adjust her panties that had ridden up again and just left them wedged there in the cleft between her lovely thighs.

Disaster struck in the third quarter when Hui Ling, a tall long-legged girl who played Goal Defence, sprained her ankle after a mid air collision. Her replacement was only in Secondary 3 and was unable to cope with the superior pace and passing of the Dunman attack. Soon LindaMichelle's team found themselves trailing by 10 points and facing a knock-out at the semi finals stage of the competition.

Just as the girls started to despair and lose hope, LindaMichelle raised her game quite suddenly. Before she had been converting all her shot attempts but relying on her team mates to create the openings. However, now she was running about in the scoring circle creating chances and putting them away, mesmerising the Dunman Goal Keeper who was trying to keep her in check.

Just as Linda scored another goal, a flash of white caught Victoria's eyes. LindaMichelle's panties! They had finally melted enough and fallen off! Victoria quickly kicked the scrap of fabric away and giggled as her best friend jumped up and down after scoring that crucial point. Before Linda had been just wearing wet and transparent panties but now she was totally naked under her tiny, flippy skirt! An excited buzz started to spread among the spectators and the cameras resumed their pornographic work with new enthusiasm.

The whistle blew and the girls gathered at the sideline again. After the coach gave his instructions, Hui Ling spoke up, "Coach, I think Lin's panties have fallen off somehow, she's naked under her skirt."

Mr Tan turned to look at the surprised Linda, "Linda, lift up your skirt and let us see if what Ling said is true."

Linda raised the short hem of her white netball skirt and everyone could clearly see her tight teenage slit, totally bare and unprotected even by a single layer of fabric.

"Oh my gaawwdd!!" Linda gasped, her face turning bright red, "let me go to my bag and get a spare pair of panties!"

"No time, the interval is nearly up. You'll have to play like that." Mr Tan replied.

"I can't Mr Tan!" Linda begged, "everyone will be able to see my naked pussy! There are cameras out there! Pat can substitute for me while I go and change."

Melissa spoke up, "Lin, Dunman is still 7 points up. We need you out there for the final quarter, Pat is still too inexperienced. If Ling was okay maybe you could go. But we can't afford to have both you and Ling off the court at the same time!"

Linda looked around with tears in her pretty eyes and saw only encouraging expressions, then Victoria spoke up and sealed the decision.

"Lin, you are playing like a demon cos your panties dropped off. If we let you put on a pair now, we'll lose the semis!"

LindaMichelle swallowed hard and nodded, knowing she had no choice as she did not want to let her team down. Her team mates cheered and the whistle blew for the final period of play.

As the fourth quarter progressed, it did seem like the ventilation between her legs was working. The team rallied about Linda's scintillating performance and they clawed their way back into the game and were only trailing by 1 point with 2 minutes to go when Linda fell to the ground with a cry.

Mr Tan rushed onto the court, "What's wrong Lin?"

"My left inner thigh is cramping, Mr Tan!" Linda gasped in pain.

The coach immediately began massaging Linda's thigh while positioning her to stretch that muscle. "Here?" He asked.

"No higher!"

Mr Tan's cock went rock hard as he massaged the gorgeous teenager's left inner thigh less than three inches away from her exposed pussy. The men in the crowd of spectators also developed hard-ons as they watched the coach stretch the netballer's legs, unintentionally but unavoidably exposing her pink slit to everyone.

Mr Tan massaged LindaMichelle's leg for a minute more, enjoying the close up view of the pussy he always fantasised about. Linda blushed as she realised the show she was giving and quickly put a hand between her legs to shield her naked cunt from view.

"Okay, I think you are alright now." Mr Tan nodded.

"Thanks Mr Tan," Linda replied rather breathlessly.

The match resumed and although Dunman scored yet another point, Linda combined with her Goal Attacker Ivy to score 3, winning them the match by a single goal. The girls went wild at the final whistle as they had pulled off a great upset by dumping the defending champions out at the semi finals!

"Mr Tan, may I go put on my panties now?" Linda asked her coach.

"No, you all need to warm down first." He replied.

"But but Mr Tan..."

"No buts, you know that warm down stretches are done immediately after all games." Mr Tan was firm on his standards.

"Yes Coach.." Linda replied meekly.

The men who had rushed off to the toilet immediately after the match to jerk off missed a delightful show as the team of sexy 16 year olds went through their warm down routine, stretching their long legs and exposing their bodies once again.

Linda who had by now taken off her position bib was an incredible sight, the thin white fabric of her blouse clung to her firm breasts like a second skin, her brown nipples clearly visible and erect as usual, and her skirt had ridden up high during the stretches displaying her naked bottom and slit to everyone.

Several men ran for the toilet when the team did the butterfly stretch and LindaMichelle's pussy lips parted to reveal the inner pink entrance to her body before she could place a hand there to cover up.


Mr Tan closed the toilet door and pulled down his shorts and underwear. Never before had he been so turned on during a game. His balls felt like they were about to explode, so filled were they with cumm. How had her panties come off, he wondered as he closed his eyes and stroked his raging hard-on.

"Linda, today's game is critical. If we can beat Dunman, we'll reach the finals for the first time."

"Yes, Mr Tan I know.."

"The key to your performance is to be properly hydrated."

"Yes, Mr Tan I have already drunk 1 litre of water."

"Not good enough, I have a new hydration technique to teach you, take off your panties!"

Mr Tan watched as the incredibly hot bodied 16 year old wriggled her hips as she pulled down her tight white g-string from under her tiny white skirt.

"Okay, now get on that table and spread your legs wide."

Linda's beautiful face flushed a rosy pink as she obediently mounted the table and parted her long legs for the viewing pleasure of her coach. Mr Tan smiled as he stepped between her legs and inserted a finger into her tight teenage cunt and started to finger-fuck her steadily.

"This new hydration technique involves taking in the water not through your mouth but up your sex." He declared, "first we must get you wet enough."

Linda started to moan as her coach skilfully finger-fucked her with first 1 then 2 then 3 fingers. She started to feel her excitement build.

Mr Tan watched her gorgeous face as he pleasured her and said, "However, the key to this technique is for you not to cumm. The unrelieved sexual energy will help you to play better."

Mr Tan then removed his fingers and inserted the mouth of a 1 litre water bottle into Linda's pussy and supervised as the Linda's body drew in the fluids. "You see how thirsty your body actually is? Now in order for the water not to flow back out, we need to seal it in with some cumm."

The coach then dropped his pants and stuffed Linda's hairless cunt with his fat cock. He fucked her hard and fast, warning her not to orgasm. Finally he came deep in her womb, sighing as he fondled her braless tits through her thin blouse.

He patted her on her ass as she got off the table breathlessly, "You will play without panties today."

Linda played better than ever before but they were still trailing when she developed a cramp in her inner left thigh. Mr Tan rushed to her on the court and spread her legs as wide apart as they could go.

"Your sexual energy levels must have dropped." He announced before starting to fondle her breasts in front of all the players, the referees and spectators.

He pinched and twisted her hard nipples causing LindaMichelle to gasp and her pussy lips to part in response. The coach then inserted two fingers into Linda's wet snatch and finger-banged her in the middle of the court in full view of everyone.

Just as Linda was about to come, Mr Tan removed his fingers preventing her orgasm, "Now go and play!"

Linda was sexually charged after her coach's skilful touches and the embarrassment of being fingered in public and she played like never before and won the game for her team.

After the match, Linda walked straight up to her coach, ignoring her cheering team mates. "Mr Tan, please fuck me!" She begged.

The coach pretended to be uninterested and Linda begged him more, "Please Mr Tan, I need to be fucked by you, I need your hard cock. Please you can even fuck me here!"

Mr Tan smiled, relishing the thought of publically stuffing her, "Very well, take off your blouse, turn around and grab your ankles."

Linda blushed in embarrassment but did as she was told. She peeled off her thin wet blouse and displayed her perfect breasts and erect nipples to her shocked team mates and the people at the Netball Centre, she then bent over and offered her body to her coach.

Mr Tan smiled and stepped up to Linda's ass and impaled her with one hard stroke of his cock. He fucked her deep, his cockhead pushing past the tight folds of her pussy and into her cervix causing her to scream in pleasure.

He withdrew his cock till only the head was still embedded and rammed it in hard again. His hips pistoned as he fucked her senseless. After Linda orgasmed for the third time, he withdrew and starting fucking her ass while the spectators around him watched in awe. Mr Tan allowed Linda to cumm another two times before stuffing his long hard cock back into her cunt and covering the walls of her womb with white creamy cumm.

Back in the toilet, Mr Tan groaned as he unloaded his balls into a handful of tissue paper, his cock jerking as he spasmed again and again in the hottest of all his fantasies to date.

He sighed as he cleaned himself up and wondered if he would ever be able to fuck his favourite netballer for real one day.


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The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 2

Here we go. Writing it a second time!

*** The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 2 onwards will tell of LindaMichelle after she turned 16. ***

Mr Tay the PE teacher watched as his favourite class 4/5 started to assemble at the steps leading to the field. It was his favourite class as it had 3 of the hottest girls in the school; Melissa Chan, Victoria Lim and LindaMichelle Ling.

All three were in the school netball team and had the figures to show for it. Lithe and athletic, the three girls had lovely long legs and firm teenage asses that filled the skimpy FBT shorts that they wore.

(School team players had the privilege of wearing FBT shorts while the rest of the students in the all girls school wore the standard PE shorts)

The super short shorts also had the effect of revealing a lot of flesh and their sexy legs looked even longer, slimmer and more inviting.

Mr Tay let his eyes roam over Melissa's hot young body. The captain of the school netball team was the curviest of the three stunning teenagers. Mr Tay looked at the luscious breasts straining against the thin material of the PE T shirt and estimated her cup size to be a full C.

Melissa had the classic hourglass figure and her waist was very narrow and her hips were curvy and made the tiny shorts that she wore seem skin tight against her hot ass.

"Damned, that's a fine piece of ass. Boy, do I want to fuck her brains out!" Mr Tay thought.

Walking next to Melissa was the strikingly pretty Victoria who was the flirtiest of the three girls. As usual, the bra that she wore was very thin and the nipples that tipped her firm B cup breasts poked out of her PE T shirt. Mr Tay couldn't wait till the girls started running and their perspiration to drench their T shirts so that he could get an even better view of Victoria's nipples and breasts.

Victoria had a habit of flirting with the male teachers in the school and would often sit next to Mr Tay and "accidentally" let her svelte body be brushed against. Mr Tay looked at Victoria's super long and slender legs in those tiny shorts and decided that he would "accidentally" touch them later.

Just a step behind Melissa and Victoria was LindaMichelle, the hands down most gorgeous girl in school. Mr Tay thought back to that day 3 years ago when the Principal sent out an email to all the staff about Linda's particular circumstances and how they should not make an issue of her rather revealing way of wearing the school uniform.

Since that day, Mr Tay had watched LindaMichelle blossom into one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen with a wickedly perfect body that contradicted with her naive and innocent nature. Linda never wore a bra under her white PE T shirt and Mr Tay unconsciously licked his lips as he watched the gravity defying B cups and rock hard nipples jiggle under the thin fabric.

Mr Tay's cock twitched in his shorts as he looked down at Linda's legs. Long and silky smooth, Linda's slender calves led up to slim and toned thighs with just that right amount of feminine softness. What made his lessons so enjoyable was the fact that LindaMichelle's ultra short FBT shorts were altered with the inner lining removed. Mr Tay eagerly anticipated looking up her miniscule shorts to see the tiny g-string that she wore under that revealing garment.

Mr Tay's eyes continued to follow LindaMichelle as she gracefully lowered her tight ass onto the concrete steps at about his eye level. Linda was totally unaware that the lecherous PE teacher's eyes were just waiting to look up the leg-holes of her shorts to visually rape her tight teenage pussy barely covered by the tiniest excuse of a thong.

Mr Tay choked on the saliva gathering in his mouth as he saw that LindaMichelle was totally naked under her tiny shorts. She did not even wear a g-string and her perfectly hairless pussy was clearly visible to his hungry eyes. Mr Tay narrowed his eyes to better focus and saw that the oval opening of her vagina was even glistening wet.

"Fucking hot slut!" Mr Tay thought to himself.

"Linda, can I see you down here for a minute?" the PE teacher cleared his throat and called out.

Linda hopped down the steps, her firm tits bouncing. "Yes, Mr Tay?"

"Linda, why aren't you wearing panties?" Mr Tay whispered.

"What? You can see?" LindaMichelle gasped and blushed prettily, her eyes opened vulnerably wide.

"Yes. So what's the reason?" Mr Tay tried to sound stern.

"Well, I thought that since today is our NAPFA, I should dress as light as possible..." Linda replied, her lips trembling. (NAPFA is the standard physical fitness test in Singapore schools)

"Fuck I should conduct NAPFA every PE lesson!" Mr Tay mused to himself.

"Ok then, go back to your seat."

Mr Tay raised his voice and shouted, "Ok girls, today is your NAPFA test, let's begin by doing some stretching exercises!"


Mr Tay led the girls through the various static stations and was getting ready to conduct the sit ups component when he felt a touch on his arm.

"Mr Tay," began LindaMichelle, "we have odd numbers for the sit ups station. Melissa is pairing with Victoria and I have no one to anchor me down. Could you please hold on to my ankles while I do the test?"

"Of course I can." Mr Tay replied professionally.

Linda lay down on her back on the yoga mat and her legs spread apart naturally, giving the perverted PE teacher another glimpse of her tender honeypot. Mr Tay knelt down between Linda's sexy long legs and gripped her ankles firmly.

Linda put both hands between her legs and closed her knees slightly. "Mr Tay, you won't look at my pussy while I do my sit ups, will you?"

"Of course not, Linda!" Mr Tay lied, pretending to be shocked that she could even suggest such a thing. Linda nodded and took her hands away.

"Ok girls, hands by your ears, you have one minute, ready.... Go!"

Linda closed her eyes and began doing as many sit ups as she could, her buxom rising and lowering to within centimetres of Mr Tay's face. Mr Tay spent a delightful 60 seconds alternating between looking at her succulent braless assets, straining against the thin fabric of her T shirt and staring at her lovely panty-less cunt, wishing he could fuck her right then and there.


Immediately after the fitness test and dismissing the girls, Mr Tay went straight to the staff toilet and took off his shorts to stroke his raging cock. He closed his eyes and thought back to the lurid scene back in the gym just minutes ago. As Mr Tay wanked his dick, he began to fantasize about the hot bodied beauty.

"Mr Tay, I only scored 45 for my sit ups. Can I redo that station?"

"Sure Linda, come with me to the gym."

Linda followed her teacher to the gym and lay down on the yoga mat again.

"Mr Tay, can you teach me how to score better, I want to get an A."

"Well, firstly you need to spread your legs apart wider."

Linda opened her legs and placed her feet shoulder width apart. "Like this?" she asked?

"No wider."

Linda spread her legs into the classic missionary position. "Now?"

"No as wide as they can go."

Linda obediently stretched her legs as far apart as they could go and Mr Tay licked his lips as he saw her pussy lips part to give him a clear view of her most secret pink parts and the wet entrance to her hot cunt.

Linda blushed and covered her crotch with both hands again. "Mr Tay, you promise not to stare at my sexy, tight pussy while I do my sit ups?"

"Yes, of course I promise." and so Linda removed her hands.

Mr Tay took in the obscene image of the young teenager totally exposing herself and said:

"Linda, your problem is that you over heat when you do exercises. To do more sit ups, you need to take off your T shirt."

Linda's mouth opened in shock and Mr Tay wanted to shove his hard cock into it.

"But but, Mr Tay, then you would be able to see my braless boobs and my hard sensitive nipples!" Linda objected.

"Don't worry Linda, I'm a professional."

Linda nodded and peeled off her tight PE T shirt, exposing her glorious tits in all their teenage splendour.

"Good." said Mr Tay, kneeling down and grabbing her ankles.

"Mr Tay, you sure you won't take advantage of me and look at my hot little panty-less cunt?" Linda said in a little girl voice.

"Trust me..." the PE teacher assured her. "Ok, you have one minute and GO!!"

Linda closed her eyes again and began her sit ups. 20 seconds in, Mr Tay said:

"We're going to try something to make sure you do your best." And every time Linda rose up, Mr Tay licked one of her wonderfully thick and erect nipples alternating between left and right. Linda squirmed at the touch on her sensitive nipples but somehow increased her sit ups rate.

"Aaaand times up! Well done, you scored 60! That's a new record for you!"

Linda flopped down on her back in exhaustion, her legs still spread for Mr Tay's viewing pleasure.

"Since you did so well, I will now give you a reward!" Mr Tay announced, he took off his shorts and pushed the thick head of his hard cock past LindaMichelle's skimpy FBT shorts and against her tight pussy opening.

"No! Mr Tay! Please don't put your hard cock in me! I'm a virgin!!" Linda screamed. She tried to close her legs but Mr Tay was already in position between them.

"Virgin is good." grunted Mr Tay, plunging his meat stick deep into Linda's wet cunt.

Linda stifled a moan as Mr Tay fucked her pussy ruthlessly. In and out he rammed her hard, holding her firmly by her slim and narrow waist.

"Nono! Mr Tay, please stop! Please stop fucking me with your long thick cock!"

Mr Tay ignored her protests and enjoyed the view of her smooth hairless pussy lips stretched wide by his pistoning manhood. He grabbed her firm teenage breasts and started to fondle them and pinch her hard nipples while fucking her.

"Mr Tay, please don't squeeze my hot tits like that," Linda gasped. "Oh! Please Mr Tay, not my nipples! They are too sensitive! Don't play with my hard little nipples!"

Mr Tay increased his tempo and felt a mighty load of sperm build up in his balls. "Ooooohh! I'm gonna cumm!!"

Linda's eyes opened wide and she screamed, "NO! Mr Tay please! Stop! Don't shoot your hot sperm into my womb! You'll get me pregnant! No!"

"Too late!!" Mr Tay grunted and emptied his balls deep into her lithe teenage body. Load after load of cumm flooded into LindaMichelle, filling her up and leaking out past his cock and onto the mat.

LindaMichelle turned her head to the side and started to cry.

"Ahhh! That was good." Mr Tay got up and looked down at the quietly sobbing netballer, naked but for an obscenely miniscule pair of shorts, her pussy lips gaping wide open, cum flowing down her lovely ass on to the yoga mat. "Don't worry Linda, at least you got an A."


Back in the toilet, Mr Tay blurred as he stroked his cock as hard and as fast as he could. His cock erupted and he sprayed stream after stream of his cumm all over the toilet door. Mr Tay groaned loudly in pleasure as the images in his mind gave him one of the most satisfying orgasms he ever had. He filed the fantasy away in his mind so that he could jerk off again to it at a later time.

Leaving the toilet, Mr Tay saw LindaMichelle giggling as she chatted with her two hot bodied friends.

"Fucking slut," he wondered if she had any idea that he had just wanked off with her incredible body and teasing dressing as his inspiration. "I'm gonna fuck you again next lesson... and your slutty friends too!"