Monday, October 29, 2012

The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 1 (Repost)

The Jailbait Chronicles Chapter 1

Mr Tomas Ling was ushered into the Principal's office by one of the General Office staff.

"Please, Mr Ling. Have a seat." The Principal said.

LindaMichelle's father lowered himself into a plush leather chair, "Thank you Mrs Lim."

"Mr Ling, I'm rather concerned about a meeting I had with your daughter last week..." Mrs Lim, the Principal began.

"Is that so?"

Mrs Lim nodded, "Yes, it concerns the way your daughter wears the school uniform..."


Last Wednesday:

Mrs Lim raised her eyebrows as the Secondary One student walked into her office.

LindaMichelle's body had already started to take on the nubile appearance of a young woman and her sweet and pretty face clearly showed that she would grow into a breath-taking beauty in a couple of years.

But what really caught the Principal's attention was the fact that LindaMichelle was clearly not wearing a bra. Her budding breasts and hard nipples were poking out quite obviously from the thin white material of her school blouse.

The Principal's eyes widened further as she took in the lower half of Linda's teenage body. Linda had shortened her white school skirt way past the regulation length and the hemline was just slightly above mid thigh. Although the skirt already flouted the "knee length" requirement, it seemed even shorter because of LindaMichelle's long slim legs.

The Principal waved to the seat in front of her and watched as Linda slid gracefully into the soft leather. The Principal nodded imperceptibly in approval as Linda carefully pressed down the centre of her skirt to avoid flashing anybody her panties.

"Good Morning, Mrs Lim. You asked to see me?"

Mrs Lim looked down at the report lying on her desk that had been submitted by the Discipline Mistress.

"Linda, your student dossier tells me you are a rather intelligent girl. You scored 252 in your PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations) placing you in the top band in school."

Linda nodded, "Yes Mrs Lim, thank you.."

"How old are you Linda?"

"Thirteen Mrs Lim, my birthday was in March."

"Thirteen..." The Principal repeated, "I know you are not meant to take Biology until Sec Two, but do you know what puberty is?"

"Oh yes, Mrs Lim. That's a period of physical changes in which a child's body becomes an adult body capable of reproduction."

"Your teachers in primary school taught you well," the Principal was impressed, "Tell me Linda, what are some of these physical changes you mentioned?"

"Well..." Linda said thoughtfully, "in general, it is a period of intense growth, so one gets taller and body hair starts to grow... in females, the breasts start to develop and the hips widen and in males, the voice deepens, the penis gets longer and the testicles get larger as well."

"Very good. Have you noticed any of these changes in your own body?"

Linda nodded again. "Yes Mrs Lim. My breasts have started to fill out and I have grown a couple of cm in the last year. I don't have any pubic hair though. My daddy said that my mum had very smooth skin and that it runs in her side of the family to have little or no pubic hair."

"I see. Linda, I asked to see you because many teachers have complained that you are not wearing a bra. Most girls your age whose breasts have begun to develop have already started wearing bras."

"Oh! You can tell?" Linda looked down at her chest, "But my daddy says I'm not allowed to wear bras..."

Both the Principal's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Your daddy told you not to wear bras??"

"Yes Mrs Lim. He said bras are bad for health."

Mrs Lim's eyebrows went even higher. "I suppose he told you to wear your skirt so short too?"

LindaMichelle nodded earnestly, "Yes Mrs Lim. Daddy said I'm not allowed to wear skirts below mid thigh because it is unhealthy."

"I see... it looks like I'll need to have a word with your father," the Pricipal frowned, "Ok Linda, you are dismissed."

"Thank you Mrs Lim!" Linda said musically. The Principal watched as the young lady glided out the door, her hips already swinging in a womanly way.


"Mr Ling. I'll have to come straight to the point. I understand from your daughter that you have instructed her not to wear bras?"

"Why yes..."

"And you had her school skirt altered to be mid-thigh length?"

"Why yes.. yes indeed."

"Mr Ling, do you not think that is rather inappropriate? Your daughter has already reached purberty and her body is fast developing into that of a very curvy young woman. Surely you should be more concerned about her modesty!"

"Yes, of course I understand your concerns," Thomas Ling nodded solemnly and drew out a file from his briefcase, "I suspected that this topic would crop up eventually."

Thomas Ling opened the file and slid it across the desk to the Principal.

"This is a doctor's report from the National Skin Centre. Linda has a very severe form of Miliaria Rubra called Miliaria Profunda. Normally, Miliaria Rubra or heat rash as it is commonly known, is a mild problem, but in Linda's case, it has developed into Profunda and can be life-threatening."

Mrs Lim blinked in surprise and picked up the specialist's report and read from it.

"The patient has the most severe form of miliaria, miliaria profunda, sometimes referred to as "wildfire" due to the rapid spread and severe burning sensations and generally occurs as a complication of repeated episodes of miliaria rubra.

The rash tends to be flesh-coloured as opposed to the prominent redness of miliaria rubra, and the risk of heat exhaustion is larger.

The patient is advised to wear extremely lightweight cotton clothing, as minimally as the situation will allow and ensure that there is constant of air against the skin. Failure to do so will likely result in a sudden onset of heat exhaustion, unconsciousness and possibly death."

The Principal looked up from the report. "My goodness and she has had this condition since she was four?"

Thomas Ling nodded soberly. "Yes, she kept on fainting and we did not know why. The rash was the same colour as her skin so we did not notice anything unusual. Since the diagnosis, I have made sure she wears the most lightweight fabrics I can find. I went back to the Specialist last year to ask about wearing a bra and he said it would be very dangerous and constrictive."

"My goodness..." Mrs Lim let out a long breath, "from her explanation to me last week she did not seem aware of her condition."

"Yes, her mother, before she passed away and I agreed that if we told her it would affect her behaviour and prevent her from growing up normally and playing as any other child would. The only difference is we were very careful to teach her not to wear anything that would cause her to overheat."

"Overheat?" Mrs Lim pursed her lips, "but she does PE (Physical Education) just like all the other girls. Won't PE be dangerous for her condition?"

Thomas Ling shook his head. "No, it is not the body heat that is the problem. It is the availability of circulation. As long as her PE shorts are really short and she doesn't wear a bra under her PE T-shirt, she will be ok because she gets enough air against her skin."

Mrs Lim looked down at the Discipline Mistress' report and noted that the PE teachers had indeed highlighted that Linda's shorts were "inappropriately revealing".

"Anyway," Linda's father continued, "that is why I sent her to an all girls' school. So that her attire will not be an issue."

Mrs Lim nodded. "Ok, I understand. I'll send out a memo to all the staff explaining Linda's situation and will instruct them not to pursue the issue of Linda's attire and to be discreet about the reason."

"Thank you Principal, I appreciate it."

"Out of curiousity, may I ask the prognosis?"

"Not good I'm afraid. The miliaria profunda will only get worse as she gets older."

"You mean to say...."

"Yes, her skirts will get even shorter, her tops skimpier and in the future, she'll have to stop wearing even panties..."


A footnote from Linda:

Hi readers, some of you have wondered how Linda got away with her ultra slutty attire while in school and I hope this first installment of the Jailbait Chronicles has shed some light on the reason.

As the faithful readers amongst you know, Linda stopping wearing panties after JC. Her daddy gave her these new instructions after she complained of feeling faint during her 'A' Level exams. The need to have a good flow of air against her skin is also the reason why Linda's knees never touch and explains her slutty way of sitting and standing and the numerous upskirt shots she gives to people each day.

Now, the question is: Was the skin specialist's report real? Or was it just a cover up for Linda's daddy's strange ideas...?

What do you all think?

P.S. Sorry there's nothing very sexy in this first TJBC installment but it is setting up for some really exciting adventures to come.