Monday, January 30, 2012

Sentosa: The Conclusion

With their faces still blushing, their nipples still inflamed and their cunts still dripping, the three teenagers walked away from the scene of their humiliation.

"I can't believe we just let that old lecher fuck us!" lamented Melissa.

"Hey! At least you two got off lightly! I'm the one with my pussy filled with his cumm!" Linda replied.

"Why didn't you tell him not to shoot inside? You can get pregnant you know!" Victoria joined in.

"I dunno... no one has ever cumm outside of me before, I guess I'm not used to it..."

"Another one of your daddy's rules?"

"Well... not really... He just said a girl's pussy is prettiest when it is dripping with a man's cumm. I just drew my own conclusions from that... I don't tell anyone to shoot in me or outside me, I just let them do what they want. So far it's always been inside..."

The girls pondered Linda's words for a few moments as the walked along.

"Is that slutty?", asked Linda, "cos people are always calling me a slut... does it mean I'm a slut if I let boys cumm inside me?"

"Oh no! No such thing!", Victoria and Melissa assured her best friend, "you're not a slut at all!"

Linda smiled and nodded in relief... "Where to now?"

"Well, we can't go home in just our tiny bikinis... we'd get stared at and maybe molested on the way home... not to mentioned getting raped in some dark alley!" Victoria replied.

Melissa came up with a idea, "I know, let's meet up with the boys and get them to buy us some clothes from the beach shop that we can wear home!"

"Sounds good", agreed Linda, "and they owe us dinner too!"

The girls called the boys who were only too delighted with the plan. They met at the beach shop at Palawan to get the girls some clothes.

Melissa picked out a thin spaghetti strap top with a short yellow Roxy skirt which Benjamin duly paid for and Melissa put on.

Victoria managed to find a nice pink dress to match her pink bikini and HM gladly paid for it noticing how short it was on her toned, athletic body.

Linda however had problems finding clothes that would fit her and had to settle for a very short sarong style wraparound and a matching white top.

As the beach shop was too small to have a changing room, Linda ducked behind a rack of clothes and whispered to Noon, "Cover me! I've gotta change!"

As soon as she changed, it soon became apparent that her new outfit designed to "cover her up" was hardly better than her micro bikini.

Linda of course had her "two articles of clothing only" rule and was totally naked under her new crop top and wraparound skirt.

The top's material was so thin, it was nearly sheer and her perpetually erect nipples could clearly be seen, the short skirt was made of a similar material and her pussy lips were quite visible especially when lit behind by the setting sun.

On top of that, the skirt was even shorter than the denim skirt she wore earlier. No doubt this was classic beachwear and was designed to compliment a bikini rather than cover up a naked young girl.

"How do I look?" Linda asked in all innocence, twirling about for her friends' inspection.

She did not notice that as she spun, her already ridiculously short skirt floated up flirtatiously to tease the boys with a glimpses of her silky smooth vagina lips.

The boys told her that she looked absolutely perfect and Linda beamed.

"Vic, Mel, what do you think?"

"You look just gorgeous, sweetie!", they responded.

Noon happily paid for the most lousy "fabric to dollar" ratio clothes he had ever bought and the couples walked off for dinner hand in hand.

Over dinner, the boys had plenty more opportunity to oogle at the girls' luscious bodies. The seating at Sakae Sushi was Japanese style and required the patrons to sit at a table that was only knee high.

The girls sat as demurely as they could, especially Linda, who was always trying minimise her zaogeng (upskirt) views, but they were mostly unsuccessful because of the table's configuration.

Anyone looking up Melissa's short white skirt could see the sexy black "vee" of her g-string bikini bottoms and at times could clearly see where the thin black string disappeared between her lovely ass cheeks.

Victoria's pink g-string was also flashed plenty of times throughout the dinner and the view between her legs was alluringly framed by the short hem of her light pink singlet dress. Victoria made sure she shifted about a lot in apparent discomfort, to draw the boy's attention to her soaking wet pussy, only half hidden by tight spandex.

Linda, as usual was the focus of most of the boys. They could hardly tear their eyes away from her nipples which strained so hard against the thin white fabric of her crop top that they seemed aching to be touched.

They constantly fought a pleasant dilemma as their eyes were also locked on to Linda's long shapely legs and the spot where they met. Despite her best efforts, the skirt simply could not cover anything and her private parts were blatantly displayed throughout the evening, especially when she had to use her hands to eat.

The combination of exposed nipples, tit, pussy and ass and the distinct sense of Linda's innocence made the boys almost delirious with lust. Benjamin and HM especially envied Noon who was seated beside LindaMichelle. Although he did not have the clear view up her skirt that the other boys had, he did see plenty even from his angle.

Noon especially liked sneaking peeks at her stiff nipples that were visible from his angle. As the sake flowed, Noon even started to casually fondle Linda's firm young boobs.

Despite the boys' most ardent imaginations, the dinner disappointingly ended without an all out gangbang with the three girls in the middle of a Japanese restaurant.

The girls promised to meet up with the boys again and the boys promised that they would call soon.

With that, the 6 young people parted ways. The boys headed home to masturbate with the incredible images of hot sexy girls etched into their mind's eyes that day.

The girls headed home too, saying good bye at Outram Park where Melissa and Victoria headed East and LindaMichelle headed West.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back at the Bike Kiosk

The bike kiosk Uncle looked up from adjusting some brakes to see three nearly naked girls standing in front of him.

He took his time to oogle at their bodies especially LindaMichelle's still damp (and translucent) white micro bikini before asking them where the bicycles were.

"Well uncle", began Melissa, "they got lost or stolen I think..."

"What do you mean lost?", the Uncle demanded.

"Well... we parked the bikes at Siloso Beach near where we were suntanning, and when we looked up, they were gone!", Melissa explained.

The devious uncle started to formulate an idea:

"I rented you my best bicycles at good rates because you girls seemed so nice, now you steal them and pretend they got lost?!" He raised his voice, "Is this how you repay my kindness?!?"

The girls took a step back, frightened by the uncle's reaction.

"But but..", stammered Linda, "we didn't steal them!"

"Sure you did!", insisted the uncle, "those bicycles were so new and expensive that you had to keep them for yourselves!"

"No no..."

"I'm going to call the police, I have your ICs right here!"

"No! No! Please! Don't call the Police", begged Victoria.

"If you pay me back, I won't call the Police"

"How much are the bicycles?", ventured Melissa.

"They cost me $800 each, but I'll be kind and you only need to pay me $500 for each of them."

"$500?!?!" The girls protested, "we don't have so much money!"

The dirty uncle looked at their hot young and tight bodies and said, "Or you can let me fuck each of you once, you girls look like you are worth $500 each."

"Are you fucking kidding uncle?!" Linda replied rather bimbotically, "we have to be worth at least $1000 each!"

The uncle nodded and replied, "Ok... then I'll fuck one and a half of you."

"No way!"

"Then I'll call the police. Either way, you still have to pay me back $1500."

The girls gathered to discuss their options while the uncle stared hard at Linda's firm butt and at her pussy which was only partially covered by the tiny strip of bikini bottom.

Finally, the girls realised they had no choice but to agree.

"What do you mean by "one and a half" of us?", asked Melissa.

The uncle couldn't believe that these girls would fall for his ploy.

"I'll fuck this one..." he pointed at Linda and then indicating Melissa and Victoria, he continued, "and I'll thrust my cock into each of your hot pussies four times... four strokes each, that's all."

After a few more whispered words, the girls agreed to the humiliating settlement.

The uncle led them into a back room in the kiosk and lined them up in a doggie position on an old leather three-seater sofa.

The uncle fondled Melissa's lithe body before releasing the strings of her bikini top and g-string bottom.

The dirty old man massaged her breasts and pulled at her nipples causing her to gasp. He aimed his hard cock at her tight and smoothly shaven slit and rammed his cock in up to his balls in one stroke.

Mel screamed at the sudden invasion of her tight cunt. The uncle grunted and fucked her hard, his balls slapping against her clit, causing her big tits to rock back and forth.

After his 6th or 7th thrust, Mel protested, "Hey! You said FOUR strokes!!".

The uncle quickly rammed her another 2-3 times before withdrawing.

"Sorry! I couldn't help myself...", he lied.

"Hmmph!" Melissa fumed.

The uncle then lined up his cock with Victoria's pretty cunt and started to touch the teenager all over her sensitive body.

Victoria bit her lips and stifled her moans, refusing to give the uncle the pleasure of knowing that she was aroused. However, when the uncle rammed his cock hard into her tight schoolgirl body, she couldn't help letting out a very sexy moan.

The uncle sensed that he could get away with more than 4 strokes with this hot little minx and proceeded to fuck her deeply.

Vic had been so turned on by the fingering she received at the beach by HM that after only 12 strokes, she felt herself approaching an orgasm. She couldn't let the uncle have the satisfaction of bringing her to a climax and shouted for him to stop.

The uncle of course, drove hard into her wet pussy a few more times before slapping her on her bottom and withdrawing.

Vic flopped onto the back rest of the sofa panting, her dripping cunt suddenly empty.

The uncle's erection grew larger and harder as he approached the hottest of the three girls.

He took his time to fondle her perfect tits through the flimsy swimsuit before releasing the strings. He continued to squeeze her now bare breasts and roughly twist her nipples.

Linda's nipples were super sensitive and any touch on them would cause her to lose control to her inner, subconscious slut and she moaned loudly and her legs spread naturally wider apart.

The uncle soon turned his attention to the gorgeous pink pussy barely hidden by the g-string bikini. he rubbed her slit and engorged clit through the thin, transculent material and fondled her cute ass.

One by one and very slowly, he pulled at the strings holding the bikini bottoms together, finally revealing the hottest, tightest, most perfectly smooth cunt he had ever seen (even compared with his rather extensive porn collection).

Grabbing a handful of tit in each hand, the disgusting uncle shoved his cock deep into Linda's wet pussy. He fucked her deep and hard with long steady strokes.

Linda was totally humiliated by her situation and she blushed red, but her body was responding to the cock stretching open her tight teenage vagina.

The uncle having now lubricated his dick fully, withdrew it from LindaMichelle's pussy and forced the cockhead into her tight asshole.

Linda screamed in pain as his cock pushed deep into her bowels. The uncle fucked her ass with great enthusiasm, slapping her ass and verbally abusing her, causing her to be even more humiliated.

"Fucking bitch! You like this don't you?! You filthy slut! You swallow my cum and now you let me fuck you up your shithole? You whore! You dirty fucking cheebye!", He ranted at her.

Before long, the uncle felt a tremendous pressure building up in his balls and quickly withdrew from Linda's tight asshole and rammed it back into her hot wet cunt.

The blackmailing uncle fucked the sexy naked teenage beauty as fast and as hard as he could before shooting streams of hot sperm deep into her body.

Linda already on the verge of an orgasm, went over the edge into a shattering climax as she felt the white-hot cumm hit the walls of her tight pussy. The waves of pleasure washed over her causing her to black out and lose consciousness.

The disgusting uncle continued slamming his cock into her body until it was soft.

"What happened to her?" He asked the other two girls.

"Sometimes she faints when she has an orgasm.." Melissa replied, "she'll be ok."

"Well, I have a business to run, so wake the slut up and get out of here." He said rudely, tossing them their ICs.

The uncle walked out of the back room, leaving the girls to gently revive LindaMichelle.

The girls retied their bikini tops and bottoms. Linda had sperm running down her long sexy legs and her g-string was soon totally soaked and made transparent again by the uncle's fluids.

15 minutes after the humiliated young girls walked away, a group of Caucasian tourists came by wheeling the three "lost" bikes.

"We found these bicycles behind some bushes, are they yours? the angmohs said.

"Yes, they are...", replied the grinning bicycle kiosk uncle, "thank you, thank you very much indeed..."

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sentosa, the bike ride and some beach fun

Still humiliated from the hard face fucking the Bike Shop Uncle gave her, Linda mounted her bicycle carefully, trying her best not to expose her sweet young pussy as she did so.

However, her short denim skirt was so tight and so tiny that her attempt was an utter failure. Already a few passers-by had stopped to observe her the moment they noticed that a hot girl in a short skirt was going to ride a bicycle.

The more daring ones who "casually" maneuvered themselves to a frontal view were delighted to see a moist pink slit rather than the expected panties! It was like jackpot for them!

Linda suspected that many eyes were on her and wanted to change her mind about riding but Melissa encouraged her and soon they were coasting down the cycling path.

The lightweight material of Victoria's pink sundress kept flying up as they cycled along to expose her tiny dark pink bikini bottoms. She giggled as she noticed boys checking out her netballer's lithe figure and staring at her sexy underwear.

Melissa too had her share of appreciative looks whenever her short cheerleader style skirt flared up from the stronger gusts of wind. Her black bikini bottoms were not as obvious but her plunging neckline and long smooth legs more than made up for it.

Linda on the other hand, earned not just "what a babe" glances but open mouthed stares. Pedestrians and cyclists coming from the opposite direction could hardly believe what they saw.

An extremely pretty teenager with honey blonde hair and the most incredible figure was pedalling past them on a bike. Her thin yellow top was plastered to her firm braless tits by the force of the wind, accentuating every curve and making her erect nipples even more obvious. Her short skirt by now had grown even shorter as the pedalling action of her long slim legs pushed the hemline higher and higher up. Her tight teenage pussy was pressed against the leather grain of the seat but her clit and a bit of her slit were still visible to awed onlookers making it clear that she had gone totally commando.

After about half an hour of cycling and flashing, Melissa stopped her bicycle at Siloso Beach and the girls leaned their two-wheelers against a nice palm tree.

"Why are we stopping Mel?" LindaMichelle asked.

"We're gonna go sunbathing, silly! This is a beach after all!" Melissa replied.

"That's right, I'm gonna work on my tan!", giggled Victoria who was already peeling off her light pink sundress.

"But I didn't bring a bikini!", protested Linda, "Don't tell me you two are gonna make me go naked!?"

Melissa laughed and winked, "Oh no! Would we do that to you? Of course we brought you a suit too!"

Victoria grinned and handed Linda a few tiny scraps of white fabric. "Here you go Lin darling, we ordered this for you from Australia!

Linda's gift from Australia

Linda held up the bikini and examined it critically, "It's cute but rather tiny, don't you think?"

"It's not much smaller than the bikini your daddy gave you last X'mas, besides, you know your daddy always says "if you have a good body, don't hide it" ?

Linda nodded and smiled thinking how her daddy would appreciate the gift her friends just gave her.

By this time, Victoria and Melissa had already changed into their swimwear. Both girls were wearing g-string style bikini bottoms which showed off their firm teenage asses, which were kept in great shape by their netball training. The suits they wore were totally unlined and their hard nipples could be clearly seen. Equally outlined was the shape of their vulva as their g-strings were a nice crotch-hugging fit.

A few metres away was a trio of boys from NTU who had been observing the two girls stripping into their tiny bikinis. They now held their breath as the hottest of the three was about to change into the most miniscule excuse for swimwear they had ever seen.

Linda was faced with a challenge. The nearest changing room was "miles" away and she could only have two articles of clothing on at one time. Other girls would have slipped on their bikini bottoms under their skirt before taking it off but Linda had some "restrictions".

Being quite used to (accidentally) bearing her beautiful tits, Linda shrugged and peeled off her thin yellow top, exposing her gorgeous firm young breasts to the eyes of the three boys. Her permanently excited nipples grew even stiffer as the cool sea breeze caressed her naked torso.

Linda struggled to put on her bikini top and took a couple of minutes, much to the delight and excitement of the three undergrads. When she finally got it on, it covered so little that it made her look even sexier than when she was totally topless.

Now Linda had to put on her bikini bottoms. She took a deep breath and quickly pulled down her skirt. Unfortunately for her, her denim skirt was so tight that she couldn't do a "quick one" and it instead turned into quite a hot striptease show with her slowly wriggling her hips to get her skirt off.

This of course left her smooth cunt exposed for a good minute before she could get her obscenely tiny micro bikini bottom up her legs and over her glistening pussy.

Soon the girls were happily playing and running about in the sand playing with a Frisbee and for 50 metres around, every eye was glued to their perfect bodies, bouncing and jiggling with schoolgirl charm.

Before long, the three boys joined Victoria, Melissa and Linda and introduced themselves. Benjamin, HM and Noon were all Business Studies undergrads and NTU and spent enough time in the gym and on the beach to "match" the three girls quite well.

About 15 minutes later, HM suggested that they go play in the water, as he was anxious to get the girls' suits wet and clingy.

Everyone agreed and soon they were splashing about in the water. Unknown to Linda, the suit that her friends bought her became transparent when wet and soon she was as good as naked from top to toe as the 6 young people frolicked in the water.

As usual, the ringleader Melissa suggested that they pair up and have a waterfight with the girls perched on the boys' shoulders, the winning pair getting to decide the forfeit.

Melissa partnered up with Benjamin and Victoria paired up with HM, leaving Linda to mount up on Noon's shoulders.

Noon's erection grew painfully big as Linda climbed aboard and her hot pussy lips pressed up against the back of his neck.

The girls were soon enthusiastically clawing away at each other, each trying their best to pull of each other's bikini top with great success. The boys were driven almost crazy by the sights of breasts popping out of bikinis and three hot girls fondling each others bodies.

The boys also struggled to hold on to the slippery smooth legs of their partners and had a great time groping the girls whenever they could under the pretext of supporting them or helping them up.

The water fight ended up with Melissa and Benjamin winning 4 rounds to the Victoria and Linda's 2 each.

After a brief consultation, Mel and Ben pronounced the terms of the forfeit:

Ben gave a theatrical drumroll and Melissa stated in her best gameshow host voice: "The losers must massage suntan lotion onto every part of their partners' bodies, and I mean EVERYYY part!"

"Oh my gawdddd!! Are you kidding me?!?!" Victoria and Linda protested.

HM and Noon dutifully echoed their partners' sentiments though with much less vigour.

Melissa held firm on her decision and soon the girls were squirting suntan lotion onto the backs of the boys who were hiding shit-eating grins.

Victoria and Linda did fantastic jobs on their respective partners, rubbing the oil on them from top to toe, even fondling their balls and giving their erections a brief handjob.

Victoria being the tease that she was, went one step further. As she was massaging HM's ass, she "accidentally" slipped her oil-slick middle finger into his asshole.

"Oops! I'm so sorry! My hand accidentally slipped!" Victoria lied.

HM of course responded in the only possible way, "Haha! Wait till it's your turn!"

Melissa giggled knowing what Victoria was trying to do and she whispered in Victoria's ear, "Gawd Vic, you're such a slut! Lin only looks like a slut but you are the real one!"

Victoria giggled and winked at Melissa.

Benjamin announced the change over and soon HM and Noon were happily fondling Victoria and LindaMichelle's gorgeous curves.

Noon being the slightly shy boy that he was, only focused on Linda's beautiful tits, he massaged and squeezed them, pinching her long sensitive nipples, causing her to moan softly. He did rub oil onto her pretty pink pussy lips but did not spend too long there as he did not want to take advantage of her.

HM on the other hand had no such qualms and wanted "revenge" for Victoria's finger up his ass. He roughly fondled Vic's firm boobs and twisted her nipples rather savagely, noting how her lips would part in a breathy sigh each time he did so. But he saved most of his attention for the lower half of Vic's body and after loudly announcing the need to oil her thoroughly, he started to finger fuck her pussy and asshole.

Victoria being the slut that she was, pretended to resist feebly, punctuating her insincere protests with quite audible moans. She even pretended to close her legs together so that HM would roughly push her legs wide apart.

The scene turned on Ben and Melissa and soon they too spent some quality time lubing each other up with suntan lotion.

After HM brought Vic to an orgasm with his fingers, the girls got up and adjusted their bikinis to cover their private bits and announced that they had to return the bicycles.

The boys begged the girls to stay and eventually the girls gave them their handphone numbers and agreed let the boys buy them dinner later.

The girls giggled all the way to their bikes where they left their clothes with Melissa teasing Vic for her shameless display.

Their laughter was cut short when they reached the palm tree where they had left the bicycles, only to find that the bicycles AND their clothes had been stolen.

After some fruitless looking about, the girls resigned themselves to the fact that they had lost the bikes and their clothes and now had to walk all the way back to the Bicycle Kiosk in nothing but their wet, translucent and clinging micro bikinis to explain themselves to the nasty uncle there...