Monday, December 26, 2011

Meeting Victoria and Melissa Continued

Vic and Mel arrived soon after and the girls happily hugged and kissed as if they hadn’t seen each other in ages.

Victoria was dressed in a very short one piece sundress that was light pink with some dark pink flower motifs and matching platform heels, as the girls hugged, her dress rode up to expose the bottom curves of her ass.

Unlike Linda however, Victoria wore underwear… most of the time. Today she had a baby pink g-string bikini set on under her cute little sundress.

Melissa was the ring leader of the trio, and she was dressed in white Nike sneakers, a short flared black cheerleader style skirt and a white spaghetti strap top with a plunging neckline that exposed generous amounts of cleavage. Beneath she wore tiny black bikini.

“So what are we doing today, Mel?” Linda asked.

“We’re heading into to Sentosa for some cycling!” replied Melissa.

Linda frowned, “Cycling? But I’m wearing this…” Linda drew her hands down her body to indicate her laced yellow blouse and her indecently short and tight denim skirt.

“And you know what’s on under there!” she added in a whisper.

Melissa laughed, “Oh don’t worry Lin, we’re all wearing skirts, we’re all in the same boat!”

Linda bit her lower lip thoughtfully and finally nodded. Something wasn’t quite right with that logic but she couldn’t quite figure it out.

“C’mon! Let’s go! We’re wasting the weather!” Victoria pouted grabbing Linda by the hand and dragging her along.

They arrived at the bicycle kiosk at Siloso beach and approached the Uncle manning the stall to rent some bicycles.

The uncle looked at their faces, bodies and short hemlines and immediately got an erection thinking about their cute teenage booties on his bicycles.

“For you lang lois (pretty girls), my best bicycles for only 10 dollars for the whole day!” the uncle announced before carefully guiding each girl onto her bicycle.

He cupped his hands around their tiny waists on the pretext of supporting them and bent down low to adjust their seat height and pedal reach, using the opportunity to look up their short skirts and at their sexy bikini bottoms.

However, when he reached Linda’s turn he was shocked to see her perfectly smooth cunt on the bicycle seat instead of a pretty pair of panties.

“I’m sorry,” the uncle lied, “you can’t ride on my bicycles without panties, you’ll stain my seats.

Linda blushed furiously still mounted on the bike and Melissa came quickly to the rescue.

“Uncle, what nonsense, she won’t dirty your seats!” Melissa declared.

After some arguing, the Uncle made Linda slide her naked pussy repeatedly forward and backward and side to side on the seat, her tight blue skirt nearly bunching up around her slim waist, totally exposing her charms while he looked on closely. His erection was harder than ever before.

Linda could not help being turned on by the friction of the leather against her pussy and involuntarily she got wet. The uncle pointed this out with suppressed glee and when the girls threatened to bring patronize the other bicycle kiosk at Palawan beach, he stated that the other stall’s owner was his friend and would insist on the same rules.

As the girls pondered over their dilemma, he pointed at the totally humiliated Linda said, “Ok, tell you what, I’ll let you rent the bikes, whole day for free and forget about the seats, if this one gives me a blowjob.”

The girls opened their sexy mouths in astonishment and indignation but after more discussion, Linda reluctantly agreed to his demands so that their day would not be ruined.

The uncle, not believing that he actually pulled it off, led Linda to a back room in the kiosk and dropped his pants.

Linda grabbed his erection and started to lick and suck his cock. While she was disgusted with the blackmailing uncle, she sucked his dick in the only way she knew how, skillfully. She licked and nibbled the cock and cupped and massaged his balls.

He grabbed her head and pushed his cock deeper. Linda’s body was designed for sex and she did not have a gorge reflex, so she deep throated him without any discomfort.

“What a slut!” the uncle thought to himself, “she pretended to be so innocent and here she is sucking me like a world class whore and enjoying it too!”

The uncle fucked her face hard, enjoying her pretty lips stretched around his cock. He reached down and yanked her blouse open and roughly fondled her tits.

While this was not part of their agreement, Linda could not object with a hard dick stuck in her throat.

Before long, the uncle unloaded his balls down her throat and kept her face mashed against his groin as his cock softened.

He wiped his dick against her hot mouth as Linda swallowed his load.

“Fucking slut, no bra, no panties, even fucking swallow my sperm, what a whore!” the uncle sneered to himself, not knowing that Linda was taught only to swallow and that she had never spat out sperm before.

“That was fucking good, anytime you want free bicycle rental, just come to my kiosk.” the uncle said in satisfaction and he walked out, leaving Linda to lace up her thin yellow blouse, before joining the rest of the girls for their bike ride.