Friday, June 22, 2012

Swimming at a friend's condo

Robert knew that LindaMichelle had a habit of coming into tutorial class late. She would arrive looking mildly flushed and a little out of breath as if she had just rushed to class.

Robert would look at her as she caught her breath- her rosy cheeks, her slightly parted lips and her perfect breasts gently rising and falling - and he would fantasize that she had been well fucked just before coming for the tutorial.

Robert's imagination would then cause his eyes to stray towards Linda's gorgeously long legs, barely covered by an indecently short skirt, hoping to see perhaps a trace of semen running down insides of her soft thighs.

This thought would usually coincide with LindaMichelle gracefully sliding into the empty seat closest to the door, inevitably exposing even more flesh to all the hungry male eyes in class.

Robert also noticed that Linda had a strange habit of never crossing her legs. In fact, he thought to himself, no matter how she sat, her knees never seemed to touch. With this in mind, Robert came into the Political Science lesson 5 minutes early and settled into a chair positioned strategically opposite LindaMichelle's usual seat.

True to form, Linda came into class about 5 minutes late, apologising to the Assc. Professor. She was dressed in a pale yellow outfit that really looked good against her lightly tanned skin.

The thin material did little to hide Linda's erect and braless nipples and as she moved to her seat, her firm teenage breasts jiggled mesmerizingly.

"Fucking shit! Look at those tits, man. Fucking hard nipples lor!" Robert thought to himself.

Robert forced his eyes away from Linda's chest and down to her skirt where he immediately developed a hard-on.

Linda's pale yellow skirt was sheer enough that her legs and crotch were clearly silhouetted by the sunlight coming through the door. But what really excited Robert was the ridiculously short hemline. Linda had never worn such a short skirt to class before.

"Geee... it can't possibly be more than 2 inches below her pussy!" Robert thought. "My lucky day!"

Robert watched LindaMichelle closely as she took her seat, oblivious to the eyes stripping her.

Linda gasped slightly as her bare ass made contact with the cold hard plastic seat. Her skirt was so short today that there wasn't enough material to sit on, she blushed prettily, hoping that she wouldn't leave any of her honey on the seat.

Robert nearly shot his load as Linda sat down. Just as he suspected, Linda sat so that her lovely thighs were parallel, her knees about a fist apart. Whether or not her skirt was short, Robert would have had a clear look right up between her legs.

To his surprise and delight, Linda was not wearing any panties!

"Fucking hell, she's not wearing any panties under a skirt that short?"

Robert spent the rest of the class staring up LindaMichelle's skirt, at her perfectly smooth pussy, the little silver clit ring and swearing to himself that he would fuck that hot little hole one day.

He would also fail the next class test.


"Ring Ring!" Linda picked up her handphone, recognising the number on the caller ID.

"Hello?" Linda answered in her sweet musical voice.

"Hey Linda? It's Robert."

"Hi Robert, what's up?"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go to watch a movie or get some lunch or something, since we don't have classes today."

"Oh I don't know Robert, the weather has been so hot recently. I can't imagine going anywhere in this heat..."

"Yeah the weather is scorching. How about coming over to my condo for a swim? Lovely hot day for a cooling dip!"

"Hey! That actually sounds like a good idea!" Linda sounded pleased. "You live at Rosewood right?"

"Yep! I'll be at the pool. See you in a while?"

"I'll be there in about an hour then!"


Linda arrived at the Rosewood Condominium dressed in a tiny white sundress, thankful that her dress was cooling under the hot sun.

The hemline of the dress was no more than 3 inches below her naturally hairless cunt and the light material flipped about in the breeze to afford tantalising glimpses of the very top of her legs.

The slightly rough cotton material of the dress kept up a constant friction on LindaMichelle's nipples as she walked, sending a buzz down between her legs with every step. Linda blushed as she felt her pussy moistening and knew her nipples were poking out against the thin sundress material.

Robert saw Linda walking to the edge of the pool and swam over. From his vantage point shoulder deep in the water, he could see right up her skirt. The thin white material of LindaMichelle's sundress allowed plenty of morning light in to illuminate her sexy pussy and clit ring and Robert's cock stiffened despite the cool water of the pool.

Linda noticed Robert looking up her skirt and she quickly pressed down the hemline that was dancing in the wind.

"Robert! Are you looking up my skirt?!" Linda demanded in a shocked voice.

"Oh no! Not at all, I was just admiring what fine legs you have!" Robert quickly answered.

"Really?" asked Linda, removing her hand.

"Yes," replied Robert. "You have beautiful legs... could you stand with your feet further apart so that I can see them better?"

"Umm... ok..." LindaMichelle shifted and stood with her feet wide apart for Robert's viewing pleasure.

"My goodness, I don't believe she actually fell for that! She's so naive and innocent!" Robert thought to himself.

Robert took his time and looked up and down Linda's long sexy legs and of course at her sweet pussy too.

"Really nice legs, Linda!" Robert smiled. "Did you bring your swimwear? You can change at the changing room just behind you.

Linda agreed happily, not realising that the boy had just spent a couple of minutes mentally fucking her cunt while pretending to be looking at her legs. She went to change into her new favourite bikini, a tiny white g-string style outfit that barely covered her important bits.

Robert's eyes nearly popped out of his head when LindaMichelle came out of the changing room. Her bikini was so small that he believed she would get arrested for indecent exposure at a public beach. The tiny triangles of spandex hardly did little to cover her firm breasts and in fact her hard nipples were in danger of coming into view. The piece of material at her crotch was no better. It was so narrow that it only covered her slit and generous amounts of pussy was still visible to either side of the g-string. To top it off, the material was slightly translucent and Robert could make out the light brown of her nipples and the silvery flash of her clit jewelry.

LindMichelle gasped as she hopped into the pool, the water cold relative to the scorching air. Her nipples hardened immediately and she could feel them tightening and poking hard against the thin material of her bikini top.

Robert gasped too as she came up from the water, her bikini material had turned transparent from the water!He stood there a few moments staring at her beautiful breasts and hard nipples and could hardly believe that the object of his sexual fantasies was standing in front of him in waist deep water, as good as naked.

After a few minutes of swimming around in the pool, LindaMichelle asked Robert if he could help her apply some sunblock lotion. Robert happily agreed, eager to get his hands on some of her skin.

Linda lay down on a deck chair and untied her bikini strings so that Robert could oil her back. From his viewpoint, Linda's sexy teenage body was only covered by a thin string at her waist and another that disappeared into her ass crack, she looked almost totally naked. Robert proceeded to oil her back, occasionally brushing the sides of her tits and when she did not protest, continued to massage the lotion onto her ass and then her long silky smooth legs.

"Ok! I'm done!" announced Robert.

"Great, now help me do my front..." Linda replied flipping over onto her back. The moment she lay on her back, Linda's legs naturally spread apart and a man passing by choked on his drink at the sight of her hot pussy covered only by a tiny scrap of wet, transparent spandex.

"Are you sure, you can do your front on your own right?" asked Robert disbelieving.

"Oh no. My daddy said I'm not allowed to oil or lotion myself. He says that touching oneself is unhealthy." Linda casually replied.

Robert needed no further encouragement and squirted generous amounts of the white sunblock onto Linda's breasts, imagining that it was his sperm.

Robert massaged the lotion into Linda's tits and she stifled a moan as his fingers brushed her nipples. Noticing her reaction, he paid more attention to her sensitive nipples and was rewarded with a few more quiet moans and the sight of her legs spreading further apart.

"Your pussy too?" Robert enquired. Linda nodded wordlessly, the sensations on her nipples rendering her unable to reply.

Robert could hardly believe his luck as he gently rubbed her smooth hairless pussy, watching her legs part further and her buxom rising and falling.

Finally, reluctantly Robert admitted that he was done with the lotion-ing and the two young people continued their swim.

Robert thought hard, trying to come up with more ideas to get his hands on Linda's extremely erotic body and of course to fuck her brains out.

"Hey Linda, I'm tired of swimming. Do you like to play pool games?"

"Ummm.. like what?"

"Have you ever played 'Head to Toes'?"

Linda said no and Robert explained that each player had to take turns to stay under water and the player who had to surface for air fastest lost a point and the overall loser had to do a forfeit. Linda thought it sounded fun and agreed.

"Ok, the game starts with an underwater kiss the winner gets to choose who to go first for the subsequent rounds." Robert announced.

The couple each took a deep breath and ducked under water and started to kiss each other. Robert held Linda around her slim and narrow waist and she put her arms around his neck. Robert stuck his tongue into Linda's mouth and some of her air escaped as a result. In order not to lose any more air, Linda pressed her lips hard against Roberts to seal the gap. After nearly a minute of frenching each other, Linda broke the kiss and shot to the surface gasping for air.

Robert surfaced too, laughing that he had won the first round. Linda tried to laugh but was busy gasping for air, her hot tits rising and falling as she breathed deeply.

"Ok, what's next?" Linda asked when she had caught her breath.

"I kiss your neck then you kiss mine."

"Haha! I'm going to beat you this time!" Linda said, determined to win the next round.

Robert submerged himself and proceeded to give LindaMichelle a lovebite at the base of the left side of her neck. Linda's pussy grew wet and her nipples ached to be touched and she gasped as Robert clamped his mouth to her graceful neck for a good 40 seconds.

When it was Linda's turn she managed to hang on to him for 45 seconds, winning the second round. The two young people laughed at each other's hickies.

"Ok, what's next?" asked Linda.

"This!" replied Robert before diving underwater. Linda felt Robert pull aside the right side of her bikini top and his warm mouth clamping over her hard nipple. Linda gasped at the sensation and her legs unconsciously spread wide apart. Robert fondled and played with her left nipple while sucking and nibbling on her right nipple before switching over. In all, Robert teased Linda's sensitive nipples for over a minute. Linda failed to suck on Robert's nipples for as long and she went one down.

The next round involved kissing each other's backs and Linda was totally turned on by Robert's butterfly kisses up and down her back. Linda was unable to beat Robert again and went two down.

For Round Five, Robert went under and yanked off Linda's tiny g-string, leaving her totally naked from waist down. He spread her legs and proceeded to lick and suck on her pussy. He flicked his tongue over her erect clit and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. Linda almost orgasmed as he did this, but Robert could only keep it up for 30 seconds.

"Your turn, Linda" Robert announced, hiding his excitement.

Linda was determined to win this round to narrow Robert's lead and she submerged herself and took Robert's hard cock deep into her mouth. Linda was a natural cocksucker and she teased his cock head, massaged his balls, licked the underside of the shaft and when she felt she was running out of air, she allowed Robert's dick to push right into her throat and she mashed her face into his pubic hair and held on hard to his butt. Robert nearly fainted from the pleasure. When Linda surfaced she had beaten Robert by a large margin and had given him over a minute of fellatio.

Round Six consisted of kissing the sensitive erogenous zone at the back of the thighs and knees and Round Seven was a foot fetish lover's dream come true. Linda won Round Six but lost Round Seven which meant the score ended 4-3 in Robert's favour.

"Ok, what's the forfeit?" Linda asked, realising that she had lost.

Robert didn't reply but turned her around and pushed her her so that she leaned against the pool side. Robert's cock easily pushed into Linda's tight but soaking wet cunt as he took her from behind. Linda was unable to stifle her moans as Robert built up a rythmn, fucking her hard right there in the condominium swimming pool.

Robert pulled aside her bikini top so that her lovely breasts swung freely in the water, he squeezed her boobs and twisted her nipples and fucked her harder.

Feeling the pressure build up in his balls, Robert increased his tempo to hammer the sexy young teenager as hard as he could. The force of his ramming caused the water to swirl around Linda's clit and her clit ring danced about in the turbulent water and added to Linda's own mounting excitement.

Finally, Robert came hard, shooting rope after rope of white hot sperm deep into Linda's lithe body. As usual, Linda's slut body responded to the sperm by orgasming. The intense underwater foreplay, the preceding full body lotion-ing and the hard fucking caused Linda to have an almighty orgasm and as wave after wave of pleasure overwhelmed her senses, she fainted and collapsed against the side of the pool.

Robert carried her up and laid her onto a deck chair and put her g-string bikini bottom back on and rearranged her transparent bikini top to recover her still erect nipples.

Linda came to in a couple of minutes and looked up at Robert shyly, blushing a little, knowing that she had just been fucked and creampied in public, in the middle of a condominium pool. She wondered how many residents had been watching from their units high above the blue waters of the swimming pool.

That evening, several photos and video clips of the couple's lewd and shameless public fuck were uploaded onto the internet and quickly became top hits.



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