Monday, May 7, 2012

The Wedding Dinner

When LindaMichelle and her cousin Timothy arrived at their table, she realised that she had a bit of a problem.

The skirt that she wore was very short and furthermore, it was designed in such a way that the sides of the dress were longer than the centre, and when she sat down, the flowy sides of the dress fell away and the centre part rode up.

LindaMichelle's entire satin smooth pussy was on display and the way the dress was made, there was simply not enough material in the right places to cover it at all.

To make matters worse, Linda's father had made a rule that her knees must never touch. So there she sat, with her knees a hand's width apart and the centre part of her hemline nearly at her waist, exposed for anybody close by to see.

Linda gasped loudly as she looked down and saw how much was on display. Tim who was seated next to her, looked down between her legs and clearly saw the pretty silver clit chain draped just nicely between her hairless pussy lips and his cock twitched in his pants.

"There goes the 'Don't let anyone look up your skirt' rule!" thought Tim.

Linda's eyes were opened vulnerably wide and her sexy lips were slightly parted as she looked up at her cousin and blushed.

Before she could reach for the table napkin to cover herself, another of Linda's cousins, seated to her left, looked down and saw the totally lewd display.

"Gawd Linda, you're such a fucking SLUT!" Allison said rather loudly.

"I'm not a slut! How dare you call me a slut!" Linda whispered back furiously.

"What else but a slut would so shamelessly display her fucking cunt for the whole world to see?! You not even wearing fucking underwear, you whore!" Allison retorted.

"Girls, keep it down! Allison, leave Linda alone! That's just the way she is!" Tim said warningly.

"Look, the fucking tramp can't even keep her legs together!" Allison appealed to Timothy. "Don't you ever cross your legs, you slut?"

"It's not my fault that I don't cross my legs!" Linda spun to face Allison, her dress opening up to flash her right nipple and the fact that she was wearing a nipple chain.

"Look at that! You don't wear bras and you have a chain linking your nipples together and you're telling me you are not a slut?" Allison sneered. "You probably flashed a billion people on the way here!"

"Gawd Allison, you're such a total BITCH! You just can't handle it that I'm prettier than YOU!" retorted Linda, barely able to keep her voice down.

"That does it!" fumed Allison. She turned to address the rest of the cousins seated at their table, "Everyone come check this out! Linda isn't wearing any panties, she isn't wearing a bra and she's just flashed me her nipple AND clit piercings and she tells me she's not a slut!"

To Linda's intense embarrassment, the other 5 cousins at her table, 4 guys and 1 girl, got up and came over to inspect Allison's claim.

Linda quickly covered her lap with a napkin but she could do nothing to hide the fact that her stiff, erect and braless nipples were trying to poke their way out of the thin black satin of her dress.

"Don't cover up like some virgin, Linda! Everyone knows what a whore you are!" Allison whipped away the napkin that stood between Linda's tight pussy and 5 pairs of very interested eyes.

The male cousins at the table had always secretly harboured sexual feelings for their fantastically hot cousin and eagerly stared between her legs at her suddenly exposed cunt.

"I don't really see anything.." one cousin quipped.

"C'mon Lin, spread those legs and give us a clear view!" said another.

Linda, red with embarrassment, closed her eyes and shook her head.

Just then the third female cousin at the table grabbed hold of Linda's nipple chain and tugged rather spitefully at it, "Is this really connected to your tits, Lin?"

The sudden tugging of her nipples by the chain had two effects:

First, the two straps that were already barely covering Linda's luscious breasts, shifted position and slid off to the sides, exposing her twin nipple piercings clearly to the awed cousins.

Secondly, Linda's natural (and uncontrollable) reaction to nipple stimulation was to spread her legs. The tug at her nipples sent a nearly electric signal down to her legs and she had to fight hard to keep from opening them.

The female cousin noticed this and slyly tugged at the nipple chain again and again.

Linda bit her lips to prevent a sexy moan from escaping but she could not prevent her long satin smooth legs from springing apart!

All the male cousins at the table nearly fainted at the incredible sight of Linda's perfectly smooth pussy lips, now parted and dripping wet and the delicate silver chain nestled between, all so obscenely framed by Linda's sexily spread-eagled legs.

"Guys!" Tim whispered urgently, noticing that some adults were beginning to wonder what was going on at their table. "This is Angie's big night! Let's not spoil it for her!"

The cousins reluctantly agreed and took their places, but not before one of the boys said, "Allison, you're right, Lin does dress like a slut. But Lin is even more correct, cos you REALLY ARE a bitch!"

Allison blushed in humiliation and anger and she stormed away from the table.


The wedding dinner progressed quite smoothly thereafter, with the cousins all talking quite happily even though Allison still had not returned to the table.

When the obligatory course of steamed fish arrived, LindaMichelle who wasn't fond of garoupa, announced that she was off to the ladies and left the banquet hall.

One of the wedding banquet waiters, by the name of Kevin, reached into his pocket, rubbed the two crisp $50 bills that he had received earlier that evening and quietly left the banquet hall too.


Linda had just entered one of the spacious Regent Hotel toilet cubicles and was about to lock it, when someone pushed open the door.

"I'm sorry this cubicle is t...." Linda didn't finish her sentence when she realised that the person who had just entered her cubicle was a man!

Before Linda could utter a scream, Kevin reached out and grabbed hold of her nipple chain and yanked on it.

Pain suddenly washed over Linda's hot body and she drew a sharp intake of breath. The waiter kept up the pressure on the stunning teenager's breasts even as the thin black satin covering them slid off again.

Within moments, Linda's slut body totally gave way to the stimulation on her nipples and each of Kevin's tugs on the chain drew soft moans from the half naked girl in front of him.

Kevin pulled the chain downwards like a leash and snarled, "Suck my cock, you whore!"

Linda, totally controlled by her nipples now, slid down to her knees and unzipped the waiter's pants to free his raging hard-on.

Linda's sexy red lips parted and Kevin's cock slid in smoothly. Before long, Kevin's balls were slapping away at Linda's chin as he face-fucked her brutally. Linda's slutty body did not have a gorge reflex and she took the entire length into her throat without any discomfort.

The abusive waiter then dragged Linda to her feet by her nipple chain and turned her around to face away from him.

Kevin lifted the skirt that barely covered Linda's perfectly firm ass and cursed as he saw the beautiful sliver chain dangling from between her slender thighs.

"Fucking chee bye (local slang for cunt)!" he snarled, admiring how sexy her pussy looked with the jewelery.

Kevin reached around and pulled at the nipple chain till Linda was bent over at her waist, then he slid his saliva lubricated cock into Linda's tight wet pussy.

The waiter groaned as Linda's hot cunt enveloped his dick and he started to fuck her hard and fast.

Linda couldn't help herself and moaned loudly as the fat cock stretched her pussy wide. Her vagina naturally contracted and squeezed tighter in response to the cock thrusting in and out of her.

Before long, this 'milking effect' of Linda pussy drove Kevin over the edge and he emptied his balls to the last drop, filling Linda's womb with sperm.

Linda orgasmed automatically when the sperm flooded her cunt and she trembled as Kevin thrust into her a few more times.

Kevin zipped up his pants and said, "You want to dress like a whore, you get treated like one!". He quickly left the ladies toilet and returned to his serving station before the banquet supervisor could notice.


Linda gently massaged her sensitive nipples that had just been so brutally abused.

"My nipples always betray me," she thought to herself. "How many times have I been this situation because someone managed to get hold of my nipples?"

Linda sighed and rearranged her dress. She tidied herself up in front of the mirror before heading back to the dinner, her pussy leaking the dirty waiter's cumm.


Allison was back at the table by the time LindaMichelle got back, still slightly flushed from her toilet adventure.

"What took you so long Lin?" Timothy asked.

"You know her Tim," Allison replied. "She probably couldn't even sit through one dinner without getting her nasty cunt filled with cumm! Why, I'll bet the little slut went outside, found some waiter and fucked him!"

"Allison!" the other cousins all admonished her, shocked by the venom in her voice. "Surely Linda did no such thing!"

Linda blushed, wondering how Allison managed to get so close to the truth of what happened. Tim noticed a trail of sticky white cumm running down LindaMichelle's left thigh as she retook her seat, and he glared fiercely at Allison so that she would not take it any further.

Back at home later that night, Linda told Tim over the phone what had really happened in the toilet. Tim commiserated with her and silently promised himself that Allison would one day pay the price for so cold-heartedly organising her own cousin's raping.


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  7. Bet I can make amends then. Standard's my way of life. In AND out of bed, that is. ;)

  8. hi...i noticed you refer to yourself as a third person most of the time?

    Is that how you detach yourself?,to make some sense of whats going on?


  9. LindaMichelle,

    Your stories are very hot.

    You are very brave to wear high front cut skirt with no panties in public! People see your new clit piercing and your clit! Wow!

    You faint often after a hard fuck! You must enjoy fucking more than I. I've never fainted. Even after gangbang!

    -Hot Wife LamBi

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  19. Can't wait for the next post!

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