Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Wedding Dinner: The Reception

LindaMichelle arrived at her cousin Angie's wedding wearing the beautifully sexy black dress that Timothy had picked out for her.

The top half the dress had a plunging neck line that was little more than two straps that started at Linda's waist and joined behind her neck. The narrow strips of cloth exposed Linda's perfect breasts both in the front and at the sides, showing off the hot 18 year old's proud cleavage. The material was also thin enough to clearly outline the two rock hard nipples that tipped Linda's firm tanned boobs.

The bottom half of the dress was a very short flirty skirt that was cut so that the centre part of the hemline, both in front and behind, were slightly shorter than the sides. This meant that when viewed from the side, Linda had a very short dress on but when seen from the front or back, the hemline was only centimetres below her bare pussy and she was in real danger of exposing her charms to the world, and certainly so if she were to sit down or climb some stairs.

As LindaMichelle entered the lobby of the Regent Hotel, there was a sudden drop in volume of the reception area chatter. Men stopped in mid sentence to stare at the epitome of sex on legs, sashaying her way to the reception table.

"Fucking shit! That girl is damned hot man! Look at those tits! Fucking skirt is damned short..." A middle aged man began to strip LindaMichelle in his mind, then blushing he recognised who she was. "Wait a minute, that's Linda my niece..."

Boon Tat was a cousin of the groom. He was manning the reception table, checking through one of the guest lists when he smelt a very feminine perfume, he looked up right into the eyes of one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.

In life there are girls who are blessed with good looks and they know it, the faces of these kinds of girls tend to be marked with certain trace of arrogance. On the other hand, there are also girls who are incredibly attractive, but not aware of it. These girls have a certain innocence to their beauty that make people desire them all the more.

Boon Tat was stunned speechless as he gazed into a face of porn quality Lolita innocence and his dick twitched in his pants.

LindaMichelle looked at him with some concern and asked, "Are you okay?"

Boon Tat was vaguely aware that the angel in front of him had said something but he did not hear it. He dropped his gaze down from her exquisite face and his dick went rock hard when he saw her incredible clevage.

Boon Tat's eyes roamed all over LindaMichelle's breasts, noting how perfectly tanned it was, how smooth and soft the skin looked, how the firm mounds of flesh were just the right distance from each other, forming a perfect longkang (lit. drain). He marvelled at how the dress revealed those fuck-worthy tits in the front and also allowed the side curves of the breasts to be admired.

"Hello!? Are you alright? You look abit dazed"

Boon Tat's eyes then went to LindaMichelle's nipples which seemed to be trying to get out of her miniscule dress. His eyes widened even further as he noticed a silver chain danging from between the two perfectly firm and obviously braless boobs.

Linda bent forward to wave her hands in front of the young man's face, her top accidentally fell forward to reveal her entire breasts to the stunned Boon Tat.

Boon Tat's nose nearly started bleeding as the angel in front of him bent down to show off her tits to him. His mouth went bone dry as he realised the fine silver chain was not there to prevent the blouse from opening up as he originally thought but rather it was attached by two silver rings to the teenager's erect nipples...

"Fucking hell... she has a nipple chain...", he whispered in awe.

LindaMichelle followed his glazed eyes to her chest and blushed as she realised that she had just exposed her hard nipples and nipple piercings to the young man at the reception table. She quickly covered her overexposure with her hand and stood up.

Finally Boon Tat snapped out of his reverie and stammered, "Excuse me miss, are you a friend of the bride or groom?"

Linda went through the rest of the reception process and accidentally flashed Boon Tat her nipples and chain again as she bent forward to sign the guest book.

Just as she finished her signature with a flourish, a pair of hands encircled her waist from behind, causing the hemline of her skirt to rise.

"Hello Tim," Linda greeted her cousin with a kiss on the mouth, "you may want to register at the other side, this lane very slow."

Boon Tat eye's were glued to the hemline of LindaMichelle's skirt as it rose up and he saw a single silver chain peek out from under the dress...

"The dress looks great on you Cuz, not too short is it?" Tim replied, lifting the the skirt up a bit more.

A drop of blood ran out of Boon Tat's nose as the hemline rose up to reveal a perfectly smooth pussy and an erect clit with a silver ring piercing and that delicate silver chain that he had just seen...

Boon Tat pushed his chair back and stumbled to the toilet to clean his pants where he had just ejaculated.

"I don't think he's feeling well, Tim" Linda said watching the young man push his way to through the crowded lobby.

Timothy just smiled.


Earlier that week:

"Primitive Art?" "What are we doing here?"

"Just trust me..." LindaMichelle's cousin grabbed her by the hand and led her into the dimly lit store.

A Eurasian man sat behind the counter and his face lit up as he saw Tim and Linda enter.

"Hey David, my cousin here wants Package X!" Tim greeted his friend.

David smiled with pleasure... "Sure.. I'll even give you a good price!"

Before long, Linda found herself lying on a doctor's examination table, her short skirt bunched up around her waist, her long slim legs spread wide open and her dainty feet held in place by gynaecologist stirrups.

David took in a sharp intake of breath as he realised that this slut had been walking around town with absolutely nothing on under her super short skirt. His dick hardened immediately...

Linda blushed a pretty pink as she watched David stare hard between her legs but relaxed as her cousin squeezed her hand reassuringly...

"I think I'll start with the nipples," David said, pulling down the top of LindaMichelle's dress to expose her tanned and perfect boobs.

Despite having years of experience and priding himself as a professional, David found himself extremely horny at the sight of this teenager's hot body.

"Your nipples need to be erect for this to work," David explained, massaging and fondling Linda's firm breasts... he watched in appreciation as the sexy girl's nipples hardened and grew even longer.

David couldn't help himself and started to pinch and twist LindaMichelle's sensitive nipples. Linda's slut body instinctively reacted to the stimulation of her nipples and she bit her lips to stifle a moan, her long legs spread open even wider...

David bent his head and took her left nipple into his mouth and started to expertly lick and suck and nibble on it, Linda arched her back in pleasure and her breasts rose up as if an offering to David.

Linda was nearly approaching an orgasm from the nipple play when David took away his mouth, expertly pierced her left nipple and quickly put his mouth back over it again...

Linda felt a slight shock of pain as if David had nibbled her a bit too hard and she threw her head back as she orgasmed from the stimulation.

Feeling her sexy little body tremble in the throes of pleasure, David quickly pierced the other nipple and sucked on that tit too.

Linda's hard breathing slowed and she came down from her orgasm induced high and she looked down at the two silver rings that now adorned her erect nipples.

"Hey, when did you do those?" She looked in puzzlement at David, "I didn't even feel anything!"

David laughed, "I told you I was good!"

David moved around to stand between her obscenely spread legs and announced, "I'm going to do your clit now!" before bending down and licking her little clitoris.

Linda's sexy mouth opened as she moaned in pleasure, David's skilful ministrations on her pussy causing her hips to buck, forcing his tongue deeper into her wet cunt.

Linda's cousin Tim watched in admiration as David smoothly replaced his tongue with his cock as he unerringly drove the entire length of his shaft deep into LindaMichelle's tight pussy.

Linda's hot body writhed in pleasure as her insides were stretched and filled with David's fat cock. David watched his dick disappearing inch by inch into the gorgeous teenager's wet cunt and he could almost feel his dick swell in size.

David began to slowly but surely bring Linda to another massive orgasm as he drove hard into her with long and steady strokes.

Just as Linda was about to cumm again, David gave her hard little clit a quick pinch and she went over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm. She didn't even feel the instrument as it pierced her erect clit and left behind another pretty silver ring.

David was so turned on by Linda's incredible body and the fact that he was fucking her, that he too needed to cumm. He quickly withdrew from her and pointed his throbbing dick at her pretty face and let it all go.

Ropes of hot cumm sprayed from David's cock and splattered all over LindaMichelle's exquisite features, David grunted in pleasure as he wiped his spent cock against the cheek of a now unconscious Linda.

"Is she ok?" David asked Timothy with some concern.

"Yeah, she sometimes faints from the force of her orgasm...", her cousin replied, "usually when she gets well fucked... so well done!", he grinned at David.

When Linda woke up, she looked in the mirror at her matching nipple and clit piercings, "Wowww, these are so sexy!!!", she cooed.

"And they are free too! The rings and piercing service are on the house, it was my pleasure to be of service to you!" David smiled.

Linda blushed prettily as David's words reminded her that she had just been fucked hard and given a "facial" by a nearly complete stranger.

"Thanks, I think you did a great job!," Linda said shyly, before blushing again.


Back at the wedding reception:

Timothy reached under his cousin's super short and sexy skirt and ran his fingertips quickly over her smooth slit.

Linda gave a little yelp and jumped in shock.

"Tim! What in the world are you doing?", she whispered, "There are people here you know!"

Her cousin laughed... "Just teasing you, babe"

Linda pretended to be angry, "You're always trying to expose me in public, ni zhen de hen huai (you're terrible)!"

Tim wrapped his arm around Linda's beautifully slim waist and kissed her soft upturned lips, "Come, let's go in, the dinner is about to start..."



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  10. Hey... all these stories are just my fantasies... I come from a respectable family and would never dare to dress or behave like this in real life. But in the safe anonymity of the internet, I'm sharing with you readers my secret self.

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