Friday, February 3, 2012

On the Way Home from Sentosa

Victoria and Melissa waved goodbye to LindaMichelle as she entered the MRT train headed for Jurong East Interchange.

While the two girls were dressed in extremely revealing clothing, their best friend Linda was dressed in even less.

Earlier that day:

Linda had had her clothes and money stolen while in Sentosa and had only been clad in a micro bikini. Some nice boy that they met while on the beach offered to buy her a dress to cover up.

Difficulties finding clothes to that fit led to Linda getting dressed in a thin white top and wrap ensemble that was meant to cover up a bikini while at the beach. The material was rather translucent and very lightweight.

Linda however, had a "two articles of clothing only" rule her father set when she graduated from junior college.

This meant that her sweet teenage pussy was totally naked under a ridiculously short and translucent skirt and her hard and erect nipples were poking out quite visibly against the semi sheer fabric of her top.

Although they were her best friends, Victoria and Melissa enjoyed putting Linda in situations that would expose her gorgeous young body to public view. When the shop did not have a changing room or mirror, the two girls did not mention to Linda how sheer and how short her outfit was.

Linda had to squeeze to get in to the crowded train at Outram Park Interchange. As the doors closed and the train started moving, Linda caught sight of her reflection in the glass of the train windows. She caught her breath as she realised how scantily she was dressed.

While the glass did not give a totally mirror like reflection, it was still quite clear to the teenager that her lithe sexy body was barely covered by the material of her outfit.

Linda looked at her reflection and blushed slightly. She wasn't too worried about her nearly exposed breasts - she never wore a bra, and to her having "pokies" were quite natural.

However, the fact that her nipples could be seen through the top was a little disconcerting. Visible nipples were actually not a new experience for Linda as the blouses of her secondary school and junior college uniforms were also white and thin and in certain lighting meant that her nipples could be seen.

However, this particular top was far more sheer than those she had worn in school. Still, her daddy had raised her believing that her beautifully firm breasts were meant to be appreciated and not covered up and she relaxed slightly.

Her tiny skirt however, was definitely worrying. Her daddy had told her to be careful that no one looked up the short skirts she wore. This sarong-style wrap around was one of the shortest she had ever worn and her satin smooth slit could be seen when the light was right. She blushed harder as she realised that people would not just be looking up her skirt but also through her skirt.

The thought of being so exposed caused Linda's sensitive nipples to unconsciously harden and Linda blushed even more as she watched them poke even further out from her blouse.

Because she was so intent on her reflection she did not notice that the man standing behind her had maneuvered himself right up behind her. The man started to fondle her hot ass through the thin material of her skirt and was surprised that she did not spin around to slap him.

"What a slut!", he thought to himself, "dressed like a prostitute, blatantly displaying your hot little body and pretending not to notice while being felt up in a crowded train! You fucking whore!"

Encouraged by the lack of resistance, the man lifted up the short hem of the skirt and started to fondle her bare ass.

Linda was startled to suddenly realise that she was being touched by someone behind her. The train was too crowded for her to turn and confront the man and she just stood there helplessly as she was molested.

Her eyes opened vulnerably wide and she took in her breath softly as the fingers moved between her legs and started to probe her soft pussy lips.

Now a couple of hours earlier, Linda had been unwillingly fucked by the owner of a bicycle kiosk and her pussy was still wet with his fluids. Despite how tight her cunt was, the man's fingers slipped in easily because of the lubrication.

"Fucking hell!", the molester thought to himself, "she fucking wet!" "Fucking slut is turned on by being finger-fucked in a train!". He inserted another finger and fucked her harder.

Linda's firm teenage breasts began to jiggle slightly as the man increased the tempo of his finger fucking. She bit her lips and stifled her moans as the pervert behind her forced in a third finger.

She was just about to orgasm when the train pulled into Jurong East Interchange and the man behind her withdrew his fingers. Linda thankfully adjusted her clothes and quickly crossed the platform to the catch the Northbound train.

The trip to Woodlands was quite uneventful for Linda, but was thoroughly memorable for the men in the carriage. Linda was one of the first into the train and managed to get herself a seat. This meant that everybody seated across from her had a good look up her super short skirt.

LindaMichelle's knees were not allowed to touch under any circumstances so she could not cross her legs to protect her modesty. She sat there with her long slim legs slightly parted and her smooth young slit exposed. Linda had lost her purse too so she had nothing to cover herself with.

As Linda squirmed in her seat, she did not notice a couple of schoolboys staring down her blouse from above. Their hormone charged bodies were nearly sent beserk by the view of Linda's long stiff nipples, exposed by the low cut top.

As the train pulled into Woodlands MRT station, it jerked rather abruptly to a halt and Linda had to spread her incredible legs wide to maintain her balance. The suddenly unhindered view of her wet and tight pussy almost caused the elderly man (who had been pretending to read his papers) to faint.

Linda caught sight of at least 5 pairs of eyes glued to the spot between her legs as she hurriedly tried to close them and she blushed prettily. She quickly got up and left the train and the awestruck passengers.

Linda lived quite close to the MRT station and decided to walk home instead of taking the feeder bus as she was afraid that she might expose herself to even more commuters.

As she walked back to her block, she mentally counted the number of people who had looked up her skirt that day. The number was alarmingly high and she was sure that her daddy would be displeased that she was so unsuccessful in preventing zaogengs.

Suddenly, as she was passing through a dark stretch of road near the Mandai Tekong Park, someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the forested area by the pavement.

LindaMichelle let out a small scream that was quickly cut off by a strong hand clamped over her soft pink lips and a low voice growled, "I'll kill you if you dare make any noise!"

Linda's eyes opened vulnerably and adorably wide in fear and she could only nod in assent.

The stranger's hands started to run all over Linda's body and he began fondling her all over her hot barely clad body.

Linda's thin white outfit provided minimal resistance and in seconds his hands were in direct contact with her soft tanned skin, pinching, rubbing and squeezing her firm breasts, her sensitive nipples, her long smooth legs and of course fingering her tight but wet pussy.

Now LindaMichelle was no stranger to being molested. Since she was a young girl, the inappropriately sexy clothes her father dressed her in had always drawn attention from perverts and lechers and well, even normal people.

In crowded areas like public transport, "human jams" along Orchard Road, at clubs and at events like the Great Singapore Sale or IT Shows, Linda would occasionally feel a hand briefly touch, rub or fondle a part of her tight sexy body and she would not think much of it.

But being grabbed and thrown to the ground in the middle of a dark deserted park and thoroughly molested was a totally new thing for her and she began to fear that the "R" word would happen to her.

"You slut...", growled the man ramming his fingers into her, "How dare you dress like this in public! You deserve to be punished for your slutty behaviour! You're just asking to be raped aren't you? You want it, don't you, you fucking whore?"

When Linda realised that the man intended to rape her, she began struggling with him and being quite fit from her netball training, she managed to push him away and stumble a few steps towards the main road.

Unfortunately, the man was much bigger than the slim petite teenager and he grabbed her, flung her down onto the grass and started to slap her.

Linda was no match for the man's strength and he forcibly spread her long slim legs wide open and forced himself between. The man grabbed Linda's thin white top and tore it off exposing her perfect breasts and he pinched and twisted her nipples so viciously that she started to cry.

"Shut up bitch!", the man slapped her again.

Linda bit her lips and tried hard not to moan even as he pulled so hard on her nipples that she was almost lifted up.

The man reached down and tore off Linda's tiny, ultra short skirt and before long, Linda was softly crying as the man raped her smooth teenage pussy and called her all types of nasty names...

Linda's slutty body betrayed her of course and her pussy unconsciously responded to the hard cock driving in and out and the rapist had the fuck of his life as he emptied his balls into her snatch, filling Linda up for the second time that day.

The man twisted Linda's nipples and cursed her a few more times before disppearing into the forest, leaving Linda sobbing, naked, her legs wide open with cumm leaking out from her pussy and her clothes all torn and ruined.

Linda gathered her clothes and put them on as best as she could and walked the rest of the way home, folding her arms to cover her breasts that were exposed by the rip in her blouse.

Thankfully her daddy was not home yet and she took a shower, had a long cry and never ever montioned the incident to anyone...



  1. So sad =( My heart broken LM

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    Is the story really???

  3. best best blog ever!

  4. Is just a fantasy story created by yourself right ? am i right ?

  5. Hi readers!

    Thanks for all your comments and emails!

    Yes, these are just my fantasies. As I've explained in other posts, LindaMichelle dresses and acts in a way that that I don't dare to in real life and writing here is a way to express my innermost self.



  6. I see...
    But thanks for all the stories...
    Really cool & exciting....

    Love it a lot... Always make my day...
    Please keep up the good work...
    How old r u???

  7. Been regular reader over this corner ... is a nice blog .... but pity her ...

  8. Its fake story...
    So no worries man....

  9. Nice to reveal that it a darker side of u. Guess every human deep down in them there is a darker side. But i guess most have it buried for fear if being label as "SLUT" Or "Pervert". I guess blogging it out is another way to release. Glad to and happy to read your new enteries Cheers keep it going.

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    I wish i could have seen Linda Michelle.. =(
    I live in woodlands but didnt ever got a chance to see such a chio bu... XD

  16. For some reason this made me tear up just a little..i dunno maybe iam just getting too old for this.


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