Monday, January 30, 2012

Sentosa: The Conclusion

With their faces still blushing, their nipples still inflamed and their cunts still dripping, the three teenagers walked away from the scene of their humiliation.

"I can't believe we just let that old lecher fuck us!" lamented Melissa.

"Hey! At least you two got off lightly! I'm the one with my pussy filled with his cumm!" Linda replied.

"Why didn't you tell him not to shoot inside? You can get pregnant you know!" Victoria joined in.

"I dunno... no one has ever cumm outside of me before, I guess I'm not used to it..."

"Another one of your daddy's rules?"

"Well... not really... He just said a girl's pussy is prettiest when it is dripping with a man's cumm. I just drew my own conclusions from that... I don't tell anyone to shoot in me or outside me, I just let them do what they want. So far it's always been inside..."

The girls pondered Linda's words for a few moments as the walked along.

"Is that slutty?", asked Linda, "cos people are always calling me a slut... does it mean I'm a slut if I let boys cumm inside me?"

"Oh no! No such thing!", Victoria and Melissa assured her best friend, "you're not a slut at all!"

Linda smiled and nodded in relief... "Where to now?"

"Well, we can't go home in just our tiny bikinis... we'd get stared at and maybe molested on the way home... not to mentioned getting raped in some dark alley!" Victoria replied.

Melissa came up with a idea, "I know, let's meet up with the boys and get them to buy us some clothes from the beach shop that we can wear home!"

"Sounds good", agreed Linda, "and they owe us dinner too!"

The girls called the boys who were only too delighted with the plan. They met at the beach shop at Palawan to get the girls some clothes.

Melissa picked out a thin spaghetti strap top with a short yellow Roxy skirt which Benjamin duly paid for and Melissa put on.

Victoria managed to find a nice pink dress to match her pink bikini and HM gladly paid for it noticing how short it was on her toned, athletic body.

Linda however had problems finding clothes that would fit her and had to settle for a very short sarong style wraparound and a matching white top.

As the beach shop was too small to have a changing room, Linda ducked behind a rack of clothes and whispered to Noon, "Cover me! I've gotta change!"

As soon as she changed, it soon became apparent that her new outfit designed to "cover her up" was hardly better than her micro bikini.

Linda of course had her "two articles of clothing only" rule and was totally naked under her new crop top and wraparound skirt.

The top's material was so thin, it was nearly sheer and her perpetually erect nipples could clearly be seen, the short skirt was made of a similar material and her pussy lips were quite visible especially when lit behind by the setting sun.

On top of that, the skirt was even shorter than the denim skirt she wore earlier. No doubt this was classic beachwear and was designed to compliment a bikini rather than cover up a naked young girl.

"How do I look?" Linda asked in all innocence, twirling about for her friends' inspection.

She did not notice that as she spun, her already ridiculously short skirt floated up flirtatiously to tease the boys with a glimpses of her silky smooth vagina lips.

The boys told her that she looked absolutely perfect and Linda beamed.

"Vic, Mel, what do you think?"

"You look just gorgeous, sweetie!", they responded.

Noon happily paid for the most lousy "fabric to dollar" ratio clothes he had ever bought and the couples walked off for dinner hand in hand.

Over dinner, the boys had plenty more opportunity to oogle at the girls' luscious bodies. The seating at Sakae Sushi was Japanese style and required the patrons to sit at a table that was only knee high.

The girls sat as demurely as they could, especially Linda, who was always trying minimise her zaogeng (upskirt) views, but they were mostly unsuccessful because of the table's configuration.

Anyone looking up Melissa's short white skirt could see the sexy black "vee" of her g-string bikini bottoms and at times could clearly see where the thin black string disappeared between her lovely ass cheeks.

Victoria's pink g-string was also flashed plenty of times throughout the dinner and the view between her legs was alluringly framed by the short hem of her light pink singlet dress. Victoria made sure she shifted about a lot in apparent discomfort, to draw the boy's attention to her soaking wet pussy, only half hidden by tight spandex.

Linda, as usual was the focus of most of the boys. They could hardly tear their eyes away from her nipples which strained so hard against the thin white fabric of her crop top that they seemed aching to be touched.

They constantly fought a pleasant dilemma as their eyes were also locked on to Linda's long shapely legs and the spot where they met. Despite her best efforts, the skirt simply could not cover anything and her private parts were blatantly displayed throughout the evening, especially when she had to use her hands to eat.

The combination of exposed nipples, tit, pussy and ass and the distinct sense of Linda's innocence made the boys almost delirious with lust. Benjamin and HM especially envied Noon who was seated beside LindaMichelle. Although he did not have the clear view up her skirt that the other boys had, he did see plenty even from his angle.

Noon especially liked sneaking peeks at her stiff nipples that were visible from his angle. As the sake flowed, Noon even started to casually fondle Linda's firm young boobs.

Despite the boys' most ardent imaginations, the dinner disappointingly ended without an all out gangbang with the three girls in the middle of a Japanese restaurant.

The girls promised to meet up with the boys again and the boys promised that they would call soon.

With that, the 6 young people parted ways. The boys headed home to masturbate with the incredible images of hot sexy girls etched into their mind's eyes that day.

The girls headed home too, saying good bye at Outram Park where Melissa and Victoria headed East and LindaMichelle headed West.


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    LindaMichelle's stories are my fantasies... something I wish I had the guts to do in real life.

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    Meanwhile, enjoy the stories... I'll write soon.. been really busy!

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