Thursday, November 10, 2011

To Harbourfront to meet Vic and Mel

LindaMichelle has two best friends; Victoria and Melissa. These two girls were hot in their own right, although not as stunningly beautiful as Linda. They had fantastic bodies that they enjoyed showing off and like Linda, were netballers.

The two girls were the same age as Linda and they had been schoolmates since secondary school. While Linda joined netball because her daddy told her to, Victoria and Melissa joined because they liked running and jumping about in skimpy netball outfits.

They soon discovered that Linda did not deliberately go out of her way to tease (unlike them) but her sexuality was a combination of her natural self and her father's set of strange rules.

Being the naughty teenagers that they were, they soon found ways of exposing their best friend and putting her into situations where she had to struggle to keep to her daddy's rules while still trying to keep "covered".

Linda's latest adventure is a case in point.

Linda's handphone rang and recognising the ringtone, picked it up wondering what Melissa had in store for the weekend.

"Hey babe," came Melissa's chirpy voice, "dress for hot weather, the sun is blazing! Meet you at Harbourfront at 12!"

"Ok Mel," Linda obediently answered, "where are we going?"

"I'll tell you later!" Melissa responded, "Don't be late!" Then she hung up.

Linda thought to herself, "Dress for hot weather, hmmm..."

Linda went to her wardrobe and picked out a light yellow blouse with a plunging neckline that could be laced up (or down) for varying levels of decency and an extremely short denim skirt that was quite tight.

She looked at the time and quickly applied some light make-up, slipped into her tiny clothes, loosely laced up her top to reveal significant cleavage and put on her three inch yellow heels.

Linda arrived at their usual meeting point at Harbourfront Shopping Centre at 1150am, unintentionally exposing herself to dozens of commuters along the way.

People below her on the escalators had clear views up her tiny skirt, despite her attempts to stand at a demure angle.

Passengers sitting across from her in the train were also treated to a nice upskirt view, since one of her daddy's rules was that her knees must never touch. She tried to press the center of her skirt down to hide her pussy from view, but the skirt was too short and too tight for her to be successful.

Of course, her attention being on her skirt, she failed to notice the gentlemen standing above her enjoying the view of her nipples and firm tanned breasts, which were hardly covered by her flimsy yellow top.

As Linda stood there waiting for the girls, she recounted at least 7 times that she must have unintentionally flashed someone on the way there (the actual number was closer to 70!).

"Seven is not too bad," LindaMichelle thought to herself smiling, "Daddy would be quite happy, after all, he always says that trying my best is more important."

She continued to stand there, stunningly hot in her pale yellow top, her minuscule blue jeans skirt and her yellow "fuck me" heels, not noticing the men and boys walking past, staring at her body, her hard nipples and of course her gorgeous face.

"1155... they better be here soon or they'll have to buy me lunch!" Linda giggled.


  1. I think the ultimate fantasy would be to have all three of you at the same time. LOL.

  2. I Love The Way She Dresses :3

  3. why are you so hot Lin?>< hehe

  4. You should let us know where you hang out. So that we can 'check' your counts.

  5. I must be crazy. Even this get me horny..

  6. Can't wait to find out if Vic and Mel join in too. They should!

  7. Vic and Mel are so bad. But I like :)

  8. Good friends that keeps secret are imperative to great stories.

  9. Hi, I've only just chanced upon this blog of yours and I think it's fantastic so far ! keep up the good work, really enjoy reading all your little stories. and of course.. the pictures :D