Thursday, November 3, 2011

At the Bus Stop.

Linda waved goodbye to Mr. Lee her neighbour and walked off to the bus stop, the mild breeze causing her skirt to dance about at the very top of her thighs.

Linda thought back to the day she told her daddy what Mr. Lee did to her everytime they were in the lift together alone.

"Darling," her daddy had replied, "you have beautiful breasts that you shouldn't be ashamed of."

"It's only natural for people to want to look at them or touch them. After all, that's why we spend quality time massaging them every day don't we? So that they will never sag and will always remain perky and you won't ever have to wear those ugly bras."

Linda had nodded at her father's wisdom, happy that he did not have a problem with Mr. Lee touching her tits, after all, it did feel pretty good.

"But Daddy," Linda asked, "what if he wanted to touch me in other places too?"

"Sweetie, every part of your body is as beautiful as your breasts. Inevitably, men and women alike will want to touch you. Just remember the two golden rules; they musn't look up your skirt and they will have to have your permission before touching your pussy or asshole."

"So Daddy, I just push them away and tell them off if they tried?"

" That's right Darling." Linda's father had confirmed.

Linda was so caught up in her recollections that she did not notice that her skirt was flying up as she walked along to the bus stop. Drivers speeding past, turned to stare at the luscious girl, wondering if that was a bare pussy they saw or just some skin coloured panties.

Linda reached the bus stop before she finally realised what the wind was doing to her outfit. She blushed slightly and held her super short skirt down demurely. She cast her eyes about to see if anyone had noticed and she saw a young man in office wear staring at her legs and skirt, as if willing it to fly up again.

"Oops, I guess he did look up my skirt!" Linda thought to herself, mentally counting off "1".

Linda's mind went back to the past again as she remembered her daddy's first golden rule.

"Darling," he had said, "You must always do your best not to let any man or boy look up your skirt, it's terribly rude. If they look up your skirt, they will know that you aren't wearing any panties. However, there is a proviso to that rule; your knees must never touch, whether you are standing, sitting or lying down."

"But Daddy," LindaMichelle had replied, "my skirts are so short! It'll be so difficult to prevent myself from being exposed!"

"Sweetie, that's the challenge. It's not the results that matter, it's the trying. You just do your best and don't make it too easy for them."

Linda smiled at the memory and continued to hold down her 10 inch long skirt against the playful breezes that morning.

The office worker looked at the incredibly sexy body in front of him and thought;

"Fucking tease! You want to dress like a slut and still want to hold down your skirt like a virgin? I'll fuck you one day! I'll tear that fucking short skirt off and fuck that hot pussy of yours!"

The man looked up from the skirt and at LindaMichelle's thin white blouse.

"Fuck man, she's not wearing a bra either! What a fucking slut! Check out those nipples man!"

His eyes rose further up to contemplate her face.

"Wah laaan... fucking chio lahhh." (My dick! She's damned pretty) "Fucking hot man! Perfect body, perfect legs, perfect cunt, perfect tits AND a perfect face!" "Why the hell can't I get a girl like that?"

As the feeder bus approached, Linda took her hands off her skirt to take out her EZ-link card and the lightweight material of her skirt flipped up again. She quickly held it down with one hand.

The office man's eyes narrowed; "A real fucking tease, want to hold down then dun wear so short lah!" he thought to himself.

Suddenly an idea formed in his head and he quickly took out his mobile phone and switched it to video mode.

The feeder bus came whooshing to a stop, causing Linda's hot pink skirt to expose her firm bottom, although she gamely held down the front.

The office guy quickly took up position behind her as the bus door opened and he placed his mobile phone at the best angle to film up her tiny skirt.

Totally innocent and unaware that guys were capable of such antics, Linda took a big step up to the bus, her pussy lips parting as she did so.

Later, the office guy would review his video and masturbate to the wonderfully hot image of her shaved slit.

The bus door closed and the bus moved off to the regional interchange where Linda would catch an MRT train to her university.


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  2. well... its still an entertainment read.

  3. Love ur story =) cant wait for another chapter..

  4. Hi readers,

    thanks for your comments.

    my apologies if the stories aren't appealing to everyone,

    i'm sure there are blogs out there suitable for those who don't like my stories!

  5. i really hope those are fantasy stories..
    if not, thats a really dysfunctional father!

  6. Girls often fanatsise about their daddies... usually the first male figure in their lives.

    Carl jung called it the Electra Complex!

  7. The Electra Complex? hahaha anyways great read Linda. Do try and check out my blog as well if you have the time!

  8. i agree with jonathan. haha. it would be weird for a father to raise and treat his daughter that way.

    but ur fantasies are one hell of a fantasy. lol! its great entertaiment =)

  9. I studied about Electra Complex in uni ;)

    And I do have fantasies about my dad too sometimes haha.

  10. wow. this is definitely different

  11. Everybody loves voyeur stories.. or at least I do!
    great work!

  12. Can I take the same bus as you?

  13. this is interesting... would love to see that video! ;)

  14. mmmm another sexy story...I like your rules of no underwear and never getting on your knees. But i would want to look up your skirt so bad. Keep the great stories coming

  15. I almost got in trouble once when I saw a sexy girl at the bus stop. I took a picture but I forgot the flash was on. I just pretended nothing happened.

  16. mmmm yummy! oh my private is standing at attention fr you linda XD

  17. How about Ling being in a crowded bus and fucked silly. XD

  18. This reminds me of the few times i managed to get some nice upskirt views sans camera taking. all kept in my brain. lol..great story!

  19. I wish every girl behaved like you in real life, every man's fantasy come true.

  20. every guys dream to meet an innocent girl with hot body and something missing under

  21. How come she didn't get arrested wearing that type of dress everyday.......police also enjoy the view...ha ha....

  22. "Sweetie, that's the challenge" what a punchline!
    tells alot abt the dare-to-flash mentality...what a turn on!

  23. I wish this type of girls did exist. Would be much more interesting

  24. nice but its so hard to meet a girl so hot at the bus stop..

  25. May I ask of why the reason your dad stipulates not to allow anyone to peek your panty-less skirt? What real life experience led you to incorporate this into your stories?

  26. Dear Lin, I have been enjoying revisiting some of the stories here.
    I think that you need to revise this part towards the end:
    "Later, the office guy would review his video and masturbate to the wonderfully hot image of her [[[shaved]]] slit."
    Since LindaMichelle is naturally hairless.

    "Sweetie, every part of your body is as beautiful as your breasts. Inevitably, men [[[and women]]] alike will want to touch you."
    Will we ever read about that? *blush*

    Stay beautiful ^^

  27. I bet she'll be counting up to at least 20 times of her being exposed everyday. #Hot