Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting ready for school...

The alarm rang at 7am and Linda sleepily hit the snooze button. When the alarm sounded again, she hit the "off" button and lazed for a few minutes in her soft cotton sheets.

As she lay there, she absently toyed with her sensitive nipples, bringing them erect to their full length. Her pussy spasmed at the gentle tugs and tweeks on her nipples and her legs spread naturally apart...

Linda allowed her left hand to drift down between her legs to rub her hard little clit while she continued to pinch and twist her nipples with her right. Her slutty body immediately responded to the erotically lewd touches and her lithe tight teenage body was soon on the edge of an orgasm...

As she felt herself approaching the edge, Linda gave her nipples a good hard pinch and twist and her legs spread apart as far as they could go and she allowed herself to climax. She bit her lower lip to stifle her moans as wave after waves of pleasure washed over her and washed away the last vestiges of sleep...

Feeling fully awake, she hopped out of bed and sashayed to the shower, her firm B cup tits bouncing softly.

After her shower, she put on a pair of pink 3inch heels and walked naked out into the dining room where her father was having breakfast.

"Good morning Daddy!" Linda sang in her musical voice.

Linda's father, Tom looked up from his newspapers at his precious daughter and his face lit up in a smile as his eyes took in her unblemished naked beauty and physical perfection.

"Good morning to you too, sweetheart!", he replied, "Some cereal?"

"No thanks Daddy, I'll grab a bite later in school."

Linda hopped into her daddy's lap to give him an open mouthed kiss as he fondled her firm teenage boobs the way he did every morning since she was 13.

Linda sat with her back against her daddy's chest as he expertly massaged her breasts, he toyed with her nipples, rolling them about between his fingertips, causing her to arch her back and thrust out her boobs.

LindaMichelle closed her eyes and savoured the sensation of those large, rough and strong hands on her sensitive breasts. As if they were somehow connected, each pull, pinch, or twist of her nipples caused her long slim legs to spread further and further apart.

Tom looked down over his daughter's shoulder and heaving bosom at her perfectly smooth cunt and wondered who would be lucky enough to have a glimpse of it today. As if suddenly remembering something, he gave her nipples one last hard twist that caused her to stifle a yelp and said;

"Ok sweetheart, that's enough for today",

Linda gave her daddy another open mouthed kiss and with a smile they said in unison, "A fondle a day keeps the bra away!,

LindaMichelle giggled and her father patted her pert bottom saying, "Now why don't you change and show daddy what you'll be wearing to school today?"

Linda happily agreed and with her heels clicking on the parquet floor, she skipped off to her room where she had laid out her sexy outfit for the day.

Linda put on some light makeup onto her breath-takingly beautiful face then walked to her bed.

"I'm sure daddy would love this skirt," she thought to herself as she picked the tiny piece of pink fabric up from the bed, "he always loves the way my legs look in such skirts!"

Linda carefully stepped into the skirt and pulled it up her long slim legs and zipped it up around her tiny waist. The light-weight flared skirt was a soft pink that was slightly translucent in the right light and was no more than 10inches long. From below that insanely short skirt, her perfectly tanned and slim legs glowed with satin smoothness.

Linda did a twirl in front of her full length mirror and noted how the skirt would fly up to expose her naturally hairless pussy,

"Oops! I better be careful today with this skirt!"

She then slipped on a sleeveless blouse made of thin white cotton that clearly showed her hard brown nipples beneath. The blouse's style was short and ended just below Linda's rib cage to show off her firm stomach and tiny waist. Linda then buttoned 2 out of 4 buttons (her daddy said she could do a maximum of two buttons on any article of clothing), exposing a generous amount of her beautiful cleavage.

Linda looked at herself critically in the mirror and shook her shoulders slightly to see if her tits would pop out of her top. No, it wouldn't be too easy to expose herself in this top, "Unlike some others..." she thought to herself, smiling.

Linda dressed in her thin white top, super short flared pink skirt and pink 3 inch heels and nothing else, sasahyed out to the dining room to show her father her outfit for the day.

Tom looked up again at his daughter as he heard the clicking heels announce her approach.

He smiled as he noted how the skirt flipped up to afford occasional glimpses of her bare pussy and how her firm braless breasts jiggled ever so slightly in her sleeveless top. Tom nodded approvingly at how his daugther never failed to stick to his "Only 2 articles of clothing" rule, ever since she entered university.

"Well daddy? How do I look? You like my outfit?" Linda spun around for her father's judgement.

Tom's eyes opened slightly wide as he saw how easily that skirt could flare in the lightest breeze and how easily his daughter could expose herself today.

"Turn around and bend over." Linda's daddy instructed.

LindaMichelle obediently bent at the waist and grabbed her ankles.

Her daddy noted how her ass and pussy were totally on display in that position and smiled. He walked around to the front and looked at her firm breasts which had spilt out of her blouse. He gave her exposed nipples a quick tweak and said,

"Ok darling, very very nice outfit. Perfect." "The skirt flares quite easily so remember to be careful not to let anyone look up your skirt."

"Ok daddy!" Linda replied, happy that her father approved of her dressing choice. "I'm off to school then!"

"Have a good day Sweetie!" her daddy said smiling fondly.

Linda grabbed her purse and happily left the house, not before flashing her father again as she closed the front door.


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